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Although we had planned to stop taking in dogs on 1stDecember 2014 we have decided to keep the Rottweiler Rescue Trust open. We are not sure for how long, for various reasons.


The kennels we use are very kind to us and the dogs. The facilities are excellent (field, lots of parking, open seven days a week). Unfortunately, the owner has put in for planning permission to have the site developed for housing. Although the permission hasn’t yet been given the go ahead, it is likely that permission will be granted in the next 6 months or so.


To find another kennels that has those kind of facilities is very difficult. However, the trustees are all visiting kennels and looking for somewhere else that would “fit the bill”. We already have an emergency kennel to use should we have to leave our present kennels, but it doesn’t have the facilities we need for walking, training etc.


Even if we do have to stop, we will ALWAYS take back any RRT dog if needed.








Rottweiler Rescue Trust (incorporating Beached Rottweiler Rescue) founded in 2000 by a small group of people with many years experience of owning and rescuing Rottweilers.



We are based in Kent, but cover most of South East England and the Home Counties.



Please phone  01689 855 33401689 855 334



Over the past few months, we have been asked if we need any help. We always need help, and have now got together a list of people willing to transport dogs and do home checking. It is on the fundraising side that we still really need some help. If you would consider giving us a regular donation, it would really help us to help more dogs, or perhaps do a car boot sale or think of another way of raising some money for this lovely breed that is in so much trouble. If you do decide to make a regular donation, please  either phone or e mail us to let us know, so that we can thank you, and also please fill in and send us a Gift Aid form, as this increases your donations by 25% if you are a taxpayer.


Our Bank Details are:






ACCOUNT NUMBER    91401106


SORT CODE 40 20 35




If you would like to buy the dogs some treats, or one of them a toy, then please phone our local pet shop, Bradfords of Edenbridge on 01732 863 15301732 863 153. They are happy to accept debit and credit cards on any purchase over £5.


Please Note - If you are already supporting one of the other Rottweiler rescues please continue to do so. We all need support as there are so many dogs needing help, but there is no point in "robbing Peter to pay Paul"


  • To rescue and rehome the Rottweilers we take into our care, having carefully temperament assessed them, and having done a home visit to check the suitability of any applicant.
  • To ensure all dogs are neutered either before or after being rehomed. This will depend on the age of the dog - generally our dogs are neutered before they are rehomed.
  • To match a dog with its new owners, to ensure that both owners and dog are happy.
  • To give advice and help to anyone who is either thinking of owning a Rottweiler, or who already has one.
  • To promote responsible dog ownership
  •  The photo is of a dog named TINY who came into our care in 2003. At three years old, he was quite an aloof dog, who had had very little in the way of training and socialisation, as is often the case. After five months with us he was very happily rehomed to a very kind man who owned a smallholding. When we went to do the follow up check a couple of months later, Tiny had shown that he was still eager to please and learn. Sadly, Tiny has passed away but we will always remember him for his wonderful nature (Yes, that is a real lamb!)
  • We had a phone call from someone who took a rescue dog from us a couple of years ago- during the conversation she said that "when you take on a rescue dog it is important that you realise that you will be starting from scratch".
  • A rescue dog is very rewarding if you have patience and understanding.



A recent survey showed that 40 percent of people drastically underestimate the cost of keeping a dog.

Most people have a fairly good idea about the cost of food and with the wide range of choice available there is a food to suit most people’s budget. The price range is from about £60 per 12 kilo sack for a Hill’s Science diet down to about £18 for a 15 kilo sack of one of the lower end of the market foods, such as Bakers or a supermarket own brand.

The cost of veterinary cover varies dramatically. Supermarket insurance would certainly seem to be the much cheaper option than one of the big pet insurance companies, but will probably not give the best cover. It is difficult to give an estimate of prices, as insurance quotes tend to be given individually according to breed, age and history plus your postcode. You should also remember that you will have to pay an excess on any claim which can vary from £30 to £90.

Many dog owners do not realise that insuring a pet does not cover the cost of routine treatments such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and neutering. The average cost of a consultation varies countrywide but is generally in the region of £18. The cost of a course of vaccinations is around £80 (including the cost of consultation).

The cost of a six month course of a good “spot on” flea treatment is about £30 and worming tablets are about £1 each – the average rottweiler needing about 5 at a time. The cost of neutering, although a one off cost varies from about £150 to £250, depending on sex and weight of the dog.

So, the monthly cost of keeping a dog works out at approximately £80 per month – WITHOUT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT NEUTERING COST OR PET INSURANCE.

If you go on holiday and need to put your dog in kennels you should also be aware that kennels charge between £12 and £16 per day, depending on the area in which you live

For further information on common health conditions please go to our links page, go to Rottweiler Welfare site and then look at their health issues page.


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