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News 2015 – April – June

PLEASE NOTE: From April 2016 it will be a criminal offence to have an unmicrochipped dog. The keeper of the dog must have the microchip details in their own name. This means that many RRT dogs, who still have the microchip in our name will have to be transferred to their keeper. Please go to your vet, get the dog scanned, and then phone the microchip company, give them the chip number and ask for the dog to be transferred into your name. There is a fee for this, but it is way less than the £250 fine you will get if the chip is not in your name!

News 2015 – January – March



Hayley_28012015 HAYLEY is a sweet and friendly fourteen month old girl who came into our care today. She was understandably stressed coming into a strange situation, but within half an hour, a few laps of the field and many, many treats, she had relaxed enough to enjoy a tickle and a stroke. Being only fourteen months, we know she will ramp up to her normal ball of energy, but as yet, she is still getting to know everyone.

Her kennel is next to young Gibbs, and they have spent a fair amount of time next to each other and seem to be developing a lovely friendship.

Watch this space for more news, as and when we have it.



Gibbs_26012015GIBBS is a delightful three year old who came into our care over Christmas. He was left without food for two weeks before he arrived with us, and as a result is very thin and is quite timid around new people.
I was lucky enough to take him out for a walk by myself earlier this week, and found him to be a very happy, playful dog, once he had learned to trust me. He enjoyed playing fetch, but his favourite game was to drop the ball in front of me and grab it and run away when I went to pick it up.
He has a very soft and gentle nature, and prefers to keep his distance until he is comfortable with new dogs and people. All in all, he is a beautiful boy, and will make a fine addition to a quiet, loving family.


Many thanks for the wonderful donations we have received !

Thank you Claire for the donation of a bag of Arden Grange.

Many thanks for the donation in memory of Maisy. This will go a long way to helping us find homes for our rescues.

Thank you Sara Hale for the fantastic Halti leads. We use these daily while taking the dogs out for their walks.