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Laura, who came into rescue as her owners were working long hours, has been rehomed to Natasha and her family. Lovely Laura was incredibly stressed in kennels, but the day Natasha and her husband and children came to meet her, she took one look at the children and relaxed. Natasha says Laura is the most perfect dog ever!!!

Bo, who came into rescue as the owner’s landlord would not allow the family to keep a dog, has gone to live with Jax and Tim. Bo has settled in very well, and loves to work and train with his mum!




Saffy, who came into rescue at the tender age of 15 weeks, has now been rehomed to Mitch and Mick. Mitch has already started training classes with saffy, and is thoroughly enjoying working with our dear little girl.


Max_20150318_1Max has now been happily rehomed with Dave and Claire and their rottie bitch Lexi. He is enjoying his new life, with lots of fuss and long walks.





Evie has had a couple of false starts in her search for a loving home, but has now landed very firmly on her paws. Alex, Jim and Connor all adore their new addition to the family, and the feeling is most certainly mutual! Evie is continuing her training, and the difference in her after just a few weeks is amazing!




Cooper has gone to live with Jay and Di Armstrong, who recently lost RRT dog Ronnie at the age of 11. Cooper has settled in well and is enjoying his walks on the beach with his new adoring Mum and Dad!



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Abbie has been rehomed to Michelle and Stuart. Abbie has firmly taken charge of the family’s other two dogs…a husky and a spaniel. She tells them off if they get too playful, then kisses them to say sorry!





Hayley has been rehomed to Suzy, who already has RRT dog Cookie. Hayley has settled in very well and loves everyone she meets. Hayley is learning about horses, as Suzy has a horse!







Zevah is 6 years old and came into rescue with her 4 year old daughter Abbie. They come into rescue as the child they lived with was very allergic to them. Zevah is a small, docked girl who is an absolute sweetie with both people and other dogs. When she attended our training class, she was the star of the show. She has now gone to live with Peter, Francis and her new brother Arthur. 



Gibbs is a delightful three year old who came into our care over Christmas. He was left without food for two weeks before he arrived with us, and as a result was very thin and quite timid around new people. He enjoys playing fetch and has a very soft, gentle nature. As such, he prefers to keep his distance until he is comfortable with new dogs and people. Gibbs has gone to live with Laura, Richard and his new sister Poppet. He’s settled in well and loves his new home and  family !


  Rusty is an old boy who  came into rescue as his owners were moving abroad. A very friendly lad, he has lived with children of 9 and 14, and a cat and a cavalier. Rusty has gone to live with Dee, who has already fallen under his spell! This lovely old lad has really fallen on his paws!




 Lottie is a 1 year old spayed bitch who came into rescue as her owner was allergic to her. Lottie was with us for some time, until Christina and dave took her to live in the new Forest with them. She is enjoying long treks with the couple, but would prefer it if there was less mud!




 Lily has who came back into rescue through no fault of her own. has now been rehomed to Sid and Jackie. She has settled in very well and is enjoying her new family. Our  thanks to Rachel, Steve and family for fostering her while we found her a new home.