Dog to Human Aggression



For this programme to work, all the other programmes must be followed. (Pack Leadership, Guest Arriving, Nutrition, Training, Neutering etc.) Once your dog has adjusted to the other programmes and you feel you have significant control over him, then you can start the desensitisation programme. For indoors, use the Guest Arriving programme to teach him that people can enter your house upon your invitation and not be bullied by him. He also learns that guests are non-threatening and at the same time a pleasant experience. Once you are succeeding indoors, then you can extend this to outside your property. Walk him on a lead and preferably on territory that is not familiar to him. Arrange to meet various people on a pre=set route and who are armed with treats and toys. As you see the person approaching, tell your dog to leave it in a firm voice and break any eye contact by using a Gentle Leader and a half check collar and changing the direction you are walking in. Really praise him if he responds well and keep walking, telling him to leave it if he does not. Gradually walk him past the people, who can gently throw him his toys or a tit bit, but they must not look at him, touch him, speak to him or make sudden movements. They should also keep to a distance that your dog is happy with. You are teaching your dog that people can be a non threatening and a pleasant experience and that he can look to you for direction and be confident that you as Pack Leader can protect him. He also learns that you are in control so will respond to your commands better. Remember that you must protect your dog from getting into an inappropriate situation where he may make the wrong decision. It is unreasonable to expect him to like everyone he meets, and you should never let people invade his space or go to touch him. You must insist that people respect your dog, as you respect them enough to control your dog and not allow him to bite them.