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Before looking at the dogs in our care, pleasetake a few moments to read the following: We are often asked for : Dogs under a year. Dogs that are fully trained. Dogs that have German lines. Dogs that have a big head. Dogs that are docked. Dogs that are good with cats. Dogs that do not pull on a lead. Puppies that don`t chew WE ARE A RESCUE. WE TAKE DOGS THAT NEED OUR HELP. NOT DOGS TO SUIT A PARTICULAR HOME. Of course we appreciate that if you have children, other dogs or cats, it is important that all members of the family get on together. We will do our best to ensure that any dog is suitable and a good match for the home. We always take older dogs. If we only take dogs under one or two years then the older dogs will be euthenaesed. What kind of rescue would we be if we did that? We do not take only good looking dogs….. WE ARE RESCUE. Our phone is often very busy and you may have to leave a message, but we will always return your call – so leave a message or keep trying! PLEASE UNDERSTAND We have these dogs in rescue at the moment. We have always taken older dogs as we feel they deserve a second chance at a happy life. Is there no one left out there with a heart?


Louis is a two and a half year old uncastrated male who has come into rescue due to neighbour complaints. Louis has lived with young children and was very good with them and the male dog he lived with. Louis  has not lived with cats. Louis needs a lot of training, plus neutering and vaccinating, so will not be available for rehoming for a few weeks.


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Kia is an 11 year old spayed bitch who is friendly and loving, but a bit slow nowadays! Kia came into rescue as her owner was unable to rent a property that would allow pets. Kia is fine with steady male dogs, but does not particularly enjoy the company of other bitches. Kia needs a retirement home to see out her days in the comfort she so very much deserves. She sometimes sleeps so heavily that she has a little urine incontinence. As you can see, she loves a cuddle!