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                                 OTHER RESCUES


Any rescue who would like to put one of their dogs on this page is very welcome to do so, provided that their dogs are neutered , vaccinated, temperament assessed and that the rescue does home checks and follow up visits. We do not put individual owner's dogs on this page. We would ask that the rescue informs us once they have rehomed the dog so that we can remove the dog's details from the page.


Please note that the dogs on this page have not been assessed by us, and we do not personally know their temperaments. The staff of these rescues will do heir best to determine whether the dog in their care is suitable for your home or not. All these rescues will do home checks and follow up visits, and are looking for sensible, loving pet homes.



 This is Bonnie who has just arrived at our rescue centre. She is a lovely natured girl who is 7 years old. Unfortunately it appears she was born with a hip abnormality resulting in a pronounced bowing of the back legs and is significantly overweight. She needs to lose approx. a third of her current body weight to reach a healthy level. In consultation with our vets we have put her on a regime of healthy eating and little and often exercise.
Although her knees are creaking due to her weight her ligaments are intact but it is possible that she may need some form of operation in the future. Obviously this would not be claimable on insurance and as such we are looking for a new home for her where her medical needs will always be met.
If you feel you could offer this really friendly girl the care and attention she deserves into her older age please give us a call for further details at Borders Pet Rescue, Craigsford, Earlston, Scottish Borders, TD4 6DJ,
Tel. 01896 849090.
01896 84909001896 849090