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 Peter Beach founded Beached rottweilers in 2000. Beached Rottweilers was the forerunner to the Rottweiler Rescue Trust. Peter has owned rotts for 34 years (he is old) and always takes to live with him the dogs that are not easy to rehome. At present he owns Ted, a 6 year old male who was a stray. He also has Polly, who is not good with other dogs, Cleo a 12 year old bitch who spent the first 8 years of her life in a kennel, and Duchess, a 7 year old blind dog. He also has Cassie, about 6 years old who was in a terrible state when she came into rescue. Peter runs a small wholesale food business. He is semi retired, so walks the dogs 5 or 6 days a week, answers the phone,   does home checks and does the housework too! Peter also has a keen interest in wine! Peter is a fit, young 64, but his feet are 364! Peter has tried desperately to find a photo of him when he was young - and they say women are vain! All he has come up with are these two - both very nice but bearing very little resemblance to the guy we all know and love!

 Wasn't he a cute baby? And don't  you think he looks a bit like Tony Blair in the other one?











 Shelley Worth has owned rotts for  30 years and has been involved in rott rescue for 27 years. Shelley ran her own rescue, rehoming the rottweilers that went into Battersea Dogs Home for 16 years.

  Shelley is an animal behaviourist who walks the rescue dogs every day.Shelley lives with Peter, Ted, Cleo, Cassie Duchess and Polly. You can see photos of Polly on the Happily Rehomed 2009 page. Cleo, is on 2010, Duchess and Ted on 2011, and Cassie on 2012.


 Lorraine Day has been owned by rottweilers for 23 years, and at present has two rotts. Lorraine has just taken on her second RRT dog, Lulu, and an old male from another rescue, Freddie. Lorraine is very interested in training and socialisation and spends most of her spare time walking her dogs (and the rescue dogs) doing home checks and fostering some of the dogs in our care. Lorraine earns her living teaching ballet - so it just goes to show you don't have to be big and butch to have your rottweilers under control and nicely behaved. Our Lorraine also runs our Sunday training class - we are all improving with her help.










  Diane and Michael Rogerson are owned by Dozer and Audrey -  RRT rescue dogs. They live happily with the family's two cats and the twenty to thirty rabbits in the rabbit rescue that Diane runs. Diane and Michael have always helped out with fostering and home checking, and will always take in one of our "Golden Oldies" and give that dog love and care for the rest of its life.



  Frances and Peter Reynolds own Kaiser,an RRT dog . Frances and Peter come to  the kennels and walk the dogs two or three times a week - and bring their own dog with them to help keep the kennel dogs socialised with other dogs. Peter has also set up a Facebook site for Kaiser, and regularly updates it with little videos of the kennel dogs and photos of

his own dog, and all the other four legged friends Kaiser has made.











Vicky Spooner has two rotts - Murphy and Tess - both RRT dogs. Vicky helps out with walking the dogs and doing home checks and collecting dogs whenever she can. 










Judith Walker lives with with Taz -aged 12, and Sadie, both  RRT rotts, several Cavalier King Charles spaniels, 2 cats and some guinea pigs! Judith works as a practice manager at a doctor's surgery, but manages to juggle looking after her husband and the dogs as well! Judith is one of our Trustees.