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I have been struggling to write something for most of the afternoon. perhaps I am just cold from walking the dogs in freezing weather, or perhaps I am just at a loss to understand why the beautiful dogs we have are still in kennels, still needing good homes. I watched them play, jump up with excitement to see us, saw their faces as they went back into their kennels. I remember why each dog came in - so many pathetic, stupid excuses, but some very sad stories too.

 I feel so sorry for these people - the genuine cases, who cry their eyes out because they have to let their dog go, and also for the stupid, lazy people who didn't put the time, effort and thought into owning a dog and who will spend their lives "off loading" anything that does not blend in with their lives with the minimum of effort from them. They don't know what life is all about. It is almost Christmas - the season of goodwill, and mine is disappearing under a blanket of phone calls from people who do not want their dogs. How many of these people will spare a thought for the dog they so easily abandoned over the Christmas festivities? Very few, I fear. Most will be so wrapped up in their own world they will not even spare a thought for the dog that they once wanted, spending Christmas in kennels.

 I am tired of breeders not taking back the dogs that they created - they chose to breed and bring these creatures into the world, they chose the home that no longer wants the dog. The problem is theirs - but they make excuses for not taking their dogs back. They breed another litter, and everyone "oohs and aahs" about how beautiful the puppies are. Do any of them spare a thought for how beautiful these adult dogs in kennels are? Do they think that these dogs were once beautiful puppies, bred by someone for a few pounds (or many hundreds of pounds)and now on the scrapheap. These dogs are not on my scrapheap - the owners and breeders are on mine.

What we need to find now is homes - good, kind, understanding homes who do not feel a rescue dog is second best, not quite as good as a show dog, or a cheap option. They are just beautiful dogs.








A woman rang us asking us to take her 8 year old male as it had nipped her 2 year old child. Peter asked her how long she had had the dog. She said she had had the dog from a puppy, and it has always lived outside. Peter asked what had triggered the dog to nip the child. She replied that her child had thrown half a brick at the dog's head.



 A lady rang from a Housing Association. In one of their properties is a 4 year old male rottweiler who is extremely aggressive. Could we take it away as the owner is too frightened to take it out of the flat. 


A lady rang asking us to take a nine week old puppy bitch as she has had it for a week and it is too boisterous and keeps play biting her and her partner. They have bought a puppy book, but the advice in it has not worked. 



A lady rang asking us to take her four year old uncastrated male. She explained that the dog was her ex partners dog and that she was having to go into witness protection. I asked a few questions about the dog and she said that it is so aggressive that even the Police Dog Handlers will not go near it.



A lady rang enquiring about one of our dogs. I asked her a few questions. She already had an unneutered dog (she doesn't believe in neutering) and wanted another dog of the opposite sex. She then said the dog would rarely be left as both she and her husband are unemployed.



A man rang from Manchester. He has a three year old entire male. His parents have been looking after it for him for a year but now they are divorcing. He cannot have the dog as his new girlfriend is expecting twins. I asked if the dog was good with kids. He replied that it is very good with kids, but it is very boisterous. I asked if he has taken it to training classes -  not since it was a puppy. I explained that we have a waiting list, and also that we are in Kent. He asked if we would pick the dog up!



A man rang and said he needed to get his bitch rehomed. Peter asked what the problem was. He replied that he and his wife are splitting up, and that the dog is too strong for her to walk. Peter asked if the lady could take it to training classes, or if the man could. He called Peter an idiot and put the phone down.


A very kind lady rang us last night to ask where she should bring her old sofa. Fortunately, I clicked in to what she was talking about very quickly. Last month, we had put Grace on the site with the heading "Has anyone got a spare sofa?" The lady had scanned the page quickly and did not realise that we meant a spare sofa in your own house for Grace to sleep on! I explained and we both chuckled. She then said that in the near future she will be approaching us about getting a dog. So I told her to keep the sofa!


A lady rang to ask if we could take her dog into care as she has M.S. peter explained that we have a waiting list, but he would be happy to put the dog down on the list.The lady obviously misunderstood, as she started shouting at Peter about not wanting her dog put down. He calmed her down, and explained that he had said"put her down on the waiting list", not put her down.She then asked how long it would take, as she is going to Tenerife next week and could do with the dog out before then.

A gentleman rang and asked if we could take his 4 year old male rottie. He had bought it for his wife when it was a puppy, but she did not want it any more as it is peeing around the house. Peter asked if the dog was castrated. The guy replied that it was not as it would ruin the dog and make it fat - his vet had told him so. Peter asked how much the dog weighs. 60 kilos was the answer. Peter said he felt that the dog was already overweight, that exercise and diet was all that was needed to control the weight of a castrated dog, and that the dog needed castrating. The gentleman said he did not want to castrate the dog, or put it on a diet, and he did not really want to get rid of it - he just wanted it to stop peeing around the house.

A lady rang and left us a message. She was very distressed on the phone. She said she had bred a litter, and she felt that one of them was not being looked after properly. She asked for advice about how to get the dog back without leaving herself open to legal action. When I phoned her back, she explained that her bitch had had 6 puppies. 2 had been rehomed to her best friend, one to another friend, one to her brother, she had kept one and the one she was concerned about she had rehomed when it was six moths old. I asked how old the dog was now - 18 months old. She explained that she had had trouble finding homes for the pups, and that is why he was six months old when he was rehomed. I asked for some details of the person she homed the dog to. He is 21 years old, lives in a flat with a communal garden, and is unemployed. She has now heard that he is arguing with his girlfriend and that the dog does not get taken out for walks. She explained that she has a home for the dog to go to. Her brother, who already has the 18 moth old litter brother to this dog. I said I did not feel that that was a very sensible idea. She said they would have the more dominant one castrated (any behaviourist will tell you to castrate the more submissive one, so that you widen the gap between them). I explained that there was no legal way she could get this dog back. She has very kindly offered to help us in her area if we should need it.


What do you think of our new look? Peter Reynolds designed it, and our Xmas cards and also works very hard walking the dogs and taking photos and responding to the Facebook comments.

I have stopped putting individual dogs on the Reasons For Rescue page as apart from being very time consuming, it was making us so dispirited about the future of our breed.

We have had 79,000 hits in exactly three years - that is apparently quite high for such a specialist website. If everyone who looked at it sent us 50 pence each time, we would be able to take in and help many more dogs.....



1.  Shouting at me for barking. I'm a dog - that's what I do!

2.  Taking me for a walk, then not letting me sniff and check out the local news. WHOSE WALK IS THIS ANYWAY?

3.  Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose - STOP IT!

4.  Anything that involves bows, ribbon or a scarf tied round my neck - now you know why I chew your things up.

5.  That trick throw you do. The one where you pretend to throw something, I go running after it and then you stand and laugh. Well, HA HA HA. The so called top of the food chain just fooled a dog!

6.  Taking me to the vet for the snip, then wondering why I don't want to go back ever again.

7.  Getting upset when I sniff your guest's private areas. Sorry, I haven't managed to learn the art of shaking hands yet.

8.  How you get annoyed when I lick myself. You are only jealous!

9.  Dog coats. I am a dog. I have my own coat already.

10. When you blame your farts on me. It is just not funny.