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News 2012 - April - June

Latest News 2012

This is the lovely Ollie, who won his class at the Higham Dog Show. His owner Laura, has written the following:
Dear all at RRT,
We thought we would write in about our rottie (Ollie) after his big win on  Monday! He's not an RRT dog but I think it's always nice and refreshing to read about positive rehome stories! 
Have attached a couple of piccies of him looking very proud of himself!  I think the show knocked him out - he's been sleeping ever since!
We really enjoyed the show and look forward to coming next year!

 We first saw Ollie "advertised" on RAIN rescue's website in the Spring of 2011 and there was something about his face that made me pick up the phone and call them.  He was looking very bedraggled and sorry for himself as it was taken just after he was picked up by the dog warden! We visited him that weekend and took him for a walk and it wasn't difficult to fall in love with him. We had had rotts before and knew instantly that this one was special! Even so, we visited him a few more times after that before deciding that we wanted him.  We weren't in a position to take him straight away as I was in the middle of my finals so we asked if we could put a "reserve" on him. Thankfully RAIN were brilliant and agreed to kennel him for a few more weeks before doing the normal home checks and letting us bring him home. We visited him every weekend and took him for walks which he loved! Finally we brought him to his new home in July 2011 which he now shares with our rescue cat Cookie and his little Labrador sister, Nala. Ollie is a true ambassador for his breed and were it not for his poorly back would had made a wonderful therapy dog. He now spends his days plodding through the woods with his jack russell and beagle buddies in the morning and then snoozes the afternoons away on his brand new (and very expensive!) orthopaedic bed.... not a bad life!
I've attached my all time favourite photo of my crew!
Warm wishes
 I think I can safely say a fabulous time was had by all who came to the very well run Higham Dog Show on Bank Holiday Monday. Although the sun wasn't out for us, the weather stayed dry and people came in droves. Rachel, Steve, Val and their family worked tirelessly, as did the two judges. Our stall was mobbed for raffle tickets and tombola, and Pete did a grand job selling drinks, crisps and sweets! Our helpers were there in force - all turning their hands to whatever needed doing. We had 5 rescue dogs there who need homes - Ebony, Noo Noo, Sidney, Lily and Tizer. All behaved beautifully and were very much admired. We may even have got a couple of homes as a direct result of people seeing dogs at the show.If you attended then you will know how very well behaved the rotts were. Peter Reynolds has put a lot of photos on Kaiser Therots Facebook page, but here are just a few of the rotts...


For Pete and I the day was made even more special when our lovely old lad Samson won the runner up prize for Best Rottweiler. The rottie parade at the end of the show was very touching - I had a lump in my throat seeing so many of our rescue dogs in the ring, behaving nicely and so loved by their owners. Thank you everyone.

Today we got this email from a lovely lady who has had several rotts from us over the years.....she is so lovely, and will always take an old dog if she can. Thanks for the update on our old boy Teddy ( he was called Jack when he was with us, but as their son is Jack and still lives at home it got confusing. Their Jack refused to answer to anything else, so our jack became Teddy!)
Hi Shelley
Sorry been meaning to  mail you for ages, but thought I would give you an update on all the gang.  firstly both Eva and Teddy are fine, Eva as you know, could not be a more delightful friend and dear Teddy, although he has had quite a few health problems is still doing ok, I honestly can't believe my luck at having found such a lovely loyal boy, I just can't believe anyone would give him up for any reason.  Sadly he really hates walking now but I always get him out every day (with a bit of bribery) even just for a few trees, then when he thinks he can get home agiain he perks right up. 
Eva plays with several other dogs every morning over the rec.  Yesterday a man in the distance had a rottie on a lead and was looking a bit hesitant.  Eventually he let her off to join in the bonkers doggy fun, turns out it was Teresa, who was in your care, told the guy to say hello to you both.  Teresa was a bit overwhelemed by all the dogs at first, but then had a little play,  I think she will soon have a new set of doggie friends and the guy was well chuffed to know that Eva had been one of yours.
Family news - we are all fine, boys all good and David working as hard as ever. I just turned 50, 2 weeks ago, I asked for a puppy but one was not delivered to me so Im guessing I pushed my luck a bit there. Would have been a bit much for Teddy anyway.
Hope you are both well,   
Lots of love,






We have started doing some agility with our rescue dogs, and also those dogs that come to our free training classes. They are all really enjoying it, but we could do with some sturdy agility equipment as what we have is very flimsy. Does anyone have any agility bits that they no longer use? Please call us if you can help - it really does make kennel life a bit more fun for the dogs.




This year there will  be a large wagon selling food at the show, but the organisers have agreed that RRT can sell soft drinks, crisps and sweets.Last year the catering facility was mobbed - so we expect to be really busy selling drinks/crisps etc. RRT will have a stand, selling RRT merchandise, toys and also a raffle and a tombola.The show is very well attended, and is always a great family day out. Please come along and bring your dogs (especially rotts) and support RRT. There will be 20 stalls there this year, including a wine wheel, a dog cake stall and many other great attractions. The rottie parade at the end is a sight to see! Come along and support your breed!



At our Trustees meeting in April we reluctantly decided to increase the donation for an RRT dog to £125, for a trial period of 6 months. In our 11 years we have never raised the donation, but feel with ever increasing costs we have no alternative. We will always be open to suggestions if anyone would like to comment, or come up with a better solution so that we can keep going. The cost of veterinary treatment has soared, and dogs are staying longer as good homes are harder than ever to find.

April - We have had some super photos of Samson, who we rehomed at Xmas. Samson was 10 years old, the subject of an RSPCA cruelty case. Samson has neurological problems. Duncan and Sarah fell in love with this charming old gentleman, and decided to take him on. They already have a 7 year old male, Buddy. Below are the photos - we are so pleased to see him looking so well and obviously enjoying life for the first time in many years....thank you Sarah and Duncan, and, of course, Buddy!













What a very sad week.........

 This week has seen two RRT dogs have to be put to sleep. The first is Red, who was not pure rottweiler, but had all the characteristics of one. He came in with Fred and Grace, his half brother and Mother, having lived for two years in a shed. All three dogs were traumatised and very aloof. None knew how to trust people any more. Eventually Red was rehomed to Ann and Rob, who adored Red and gave him his last few years with love and comfort. Red was about 8 or 9 when he died. He had prostate cancer.


 Lulu came into rescue from a drug dealer. She was about a year old. She had the most wonderful temperament despite having so many health problems. She had severe allergies - the tests showed she was allergic to trees! We had a vaccine made for her to try and counter the worst effects of her allergies, but this didn't work, and nor did anything else really. It was kept under some control by using anti-inflammatories, but never did get completely resolved. She also had to have two major operations on her ears. This involved wearing an Elizabethan collar for months, and a great deal of pain. At this time I was fostering her, and she never showed any aggression - just gave everyone love.

She was rehomed to Di and Mike, who have several of our dogs and who loved her very much - despite her chewing habits! My lasting memory of Lulu will be that even years later, whenever she saw me she would pee on my feet with excitement! Over the last few months her behaviour had changed, she was obviously very unwell. She had a brain tumour. She was about 7. Di and Mike made the difficult decision to do the right thing for her.Here is what Di has written in tribute to Lulu :

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for letting us have Lulu.
How many words can be used to describe her? I think the first thing you think of would be how happy she always was, having almost like a toddlers view on life, laying down to have her tummy scratched anywhere there was attention. Outside the school gates or in the middle of a field she cared not. She did so much to help change people's views on Rottweilers. She had such a simple outlook on life despite having gone through so much.
I don't have to tell you both how complex though she was and i'm not going to dwell on her faults now, all of which we tolerated and dealt with because we loved her (Michael though will tell you how many electric shavers he has lost to her!). For the last 6 months or so she had been changing, the existing behavioural problems that she had were escalating steadily. We tried everything we could think of but she couldn't remember anything past 24 hours and so we had to start again each day. Looking back at it now it was almost comical, the look on her face was like ooh this is fun why haven't we done this before?
She lost the ability to remember the simplest things and began going to the toilet indoors (she had always been the cleanest of dogs), she had to eat everything, not chew it but eat it, stones, screws, tools, toys, furniture anything she could find which led to her having to be watched all of the time, taking it in shifts if we had to go out of the room. At night she would eat her way through her bed. We even tried a muzzle, which was ridiculous on Lulu, but she managed to get it off and eat that too! To this day i don't know how she did that!
Even on her walks she had stopped running and was just eating as she went, head constantly down. She was being sick and there was constantly blood when she went to the toilet.
She became even more neurotic than was usual for her, alternating between neurotic hyperness and then a split second later she would just sit and stare at a wall, completely shut down mentally.
The reason I'm telling how bad it was is purely my way of telling you both and everyone else that knew Lulu that the heartbreaking decision was not made lightly but it was the right thing to do for her, and sometimes if that is all you can do to help them then that is what you have to do.
I miss her so very much at the moment, and it is still very raw. How a house can feel so empty with 3 Rottweilers in it is amazing, it just goes to show what a character Lulu was. As its been said recently she was one in a million.
Thank you both again for everything you did for Lulu before we were lucky enough to have her.


            GIFT AID FORMS


RRT has recently become eligible to claim Gift Aid on donations from taxpayers. Despite emailing lots of people who donate to us, we have had very few forms back. Filling in one of these froms gives the dogs an extra 25% of whatever you have donated. Please please please contact me if you would like a form - we have several very regular donators who have not signed up. Please email me on



Hi Peter and Shelley
Just a quick update with some pictures of our Ern' doing some of the things he likes doing best. He is very well and enjoying life, having now sampled things like a Shampoo and Blow Dry at a local centre where he was very well behaved as long as mum wasn't out of sight!! He has also discovered that he can swim, which with his general love of water is a real pleasure for him. He now submits readily to Val cleaning his teeth & ears and still really loves a good brush. Other dogs present no problem for him as all he wants to do is play with them, although some don't seem too keen!! in which case he justs wanders off with a quick shrug of the shoulders (am I bovvered?). The only failure so far is at the vet's where he is more than happy if the vet stays the other side of the table. I think as he lost some of his prized bits on a previous visit he is mightily determined not to lose anything else and therefore to coin a phrase you used Peter, at the vets he is still a real GIT.

We're still visiting the RRT website regularly and look forward to Kaiser's pictures, the three of us are looking forward to visiting the rescue again once I'm home in late June.