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Over the years we have seen many people  bring their dogs into rescue, sometimes for genuine reasons, sometimes just because they have tired of the dog or have not put in the work to ensure that the dog is a happy member of their family. I wonder if several days/months/years down the line they ever wonder what happened to their once much loved pet, or whether they prefer to pretend they never had a dog and that they let it down. I know this probably seems rather unkind, but i really believe that most just forget all about the living creature they bought with little or no thought and gave away with just as little thought or consience.


 There is a facebook page called Rottweiler Welfare Auction site - please join and either put on items for donations to rott rescues or bid on items The link is below:





Peter and I have decided to keep Cassie. This has been a very difficult decision to make. Cassie has been fostered with us for 6 months, has undergone three large operations, and has been an absolute joy to have around. The reason that this has been a difficult decision is this - it will impact on the help we can give to dogs coming into rescue.

We already have four dogs. We both work part time, and also walk the rescue dogs (and our own) every day. Pete is 65, I am 57 - so not as young as we were.

Cassie came into rescue (our decision) via a concerned dog warden who had been called in by a local authority to remove the dogs (there were 5 of them).The five dogs were all in a terrible condition, but all had nice temperaments. We agreed to take only one as we did not have space for all five. Another rescue(Gail, of Fife Rott Rescue) has taken one of the other dogs but we do not know what happened to the three left there - that is one of the realities of rescue.We do know that Gail also still has Molly - who also has health problems.

As soon as we saw Cassie we realised she had long term untreated entropion. She went into the vet the very next day to have her entropion operation done, as she could hardly see and was obviously extremely uncomfortable.In fact our vet operated on her on his day off as her eyes were so bad. She was spayed at the same time, having been used as a breeding machine. She had probably lived like that for three or four years.

I picked her up from our vet to be given some more bad news - Cassie needed major surgery on her ears - once again the result of years of neglect. That evening we brought her home - as kennels is no place for a dog to be after an eye operation.The second operation was done a week later, as both operations required her to wear an Elizabethan collar, and we felt it would be better to get it all over and done with as quickly as possible for Cassie's sake.

Cassie howled all night, every night for a week. Pete and I took it in turns to sleep (?) downstairs to try and reassure this poor, confused, disorientated dog. During those first days she would whine and cry if there was no one in the room with her even during the day! Within a fortnight Cassie had settled. Within 8 weeks she was ready to be rehomed - but unfortunately we noticed a little growth on her eye - which had grown in about 8 weeks and was starting to irritate her - so back to the vet we went for another operation, and yet more time with an Elizabethan collar on (which she hates).She has dry eye  which means she doesn't produce enough tears in one eye - so she needs eye drops every day for life. That done, we were all set to find her a home - but then her thyroid decided to give up on her!  Fortunately this is just a tablet a day to keep under control, but it is for life. Now, having done everything possible for Cassie we put her on the website as ready to rehome - and said we would pay any veterinary bills relating to any of the eye/ear/thyroid problems she already had. Not a single enquiry.

Many of you who read this site will have sent a donation, or a kind email expressing disgust/concern about the treatment of Cassie before she came into rescue - but no one has offered her a home....This is also true of Duchess, our blind girl, for whom you raised the magnificent sum of £4,000 to restore her sight - which unfortunately could not be done. It is also true of Cleo who came in at 8 years old having been used as a breeding bitch at a kennels all her life.

Most people who ring us want something young, fit, and healthy even if they are not! They also want the dog to be good with children, other dogs and fact, perfect! The only people who have taken old or sick dogs from us have been our other Trustee, and a regular volunteer. We live in a 3 bedroom house with neighbours both sides - we are at saturation point. We cannot take in old or sick dogs to let them rot in kennels.

So, we now do not feel we can be a "real" rescue - as we have no more space in our home to take in the dogs that no one else wants.







27th MAY 2013


This wonderful family day out is really not to be missed. The full schedule is on our Events page. We shall all be there, and would love to see some of our old "rescues". Come on, come along and support RRT! This year, we are really spreading the love for rotts with some extra special classes just for rotts. These include the following:

To start the fun the rottie parade will be held in ring 2

during the lunchbreak. This parade is open to all rotts

and rott crosses. We aim to show everyone how well

behaved and loving our breed can be.                                


Class 1 - Best youngster Dog or Bitch (Rosettes 1st to 6th places)

Class 2 - Best Dog any age (Rosettes 1st to 6th places)

Class 3 - Best  Bitch any age (Rosettes 1st o 6th places)

Class 4 - Best Veteran (over 6 years) Dog or Bitch (Rosettes 1st to 6th places)

Class 5 - Best Rescue or rehomed Dog or Bitch (Rosettes 1st to 6th places)

These classes will be judged by Anthony Skordis, whose dog Scarlett was a runner up in Top Dog Model, and whose fabulous temperament has changed the opinions of so many people who watched the programme.


Class 6 - RRT RESCUE DOG OF THE YEAR. The winner receives a large rosette.



     This class is open to any dog or bitch rehomed by RRT.

                Shelley Worth to judge. 

The winner of this class will also go in to the Best In Show judging.


Then on to Best Rottweiler in show, to be judged by Anthony Skordis.

The winner receives a large rosette and a sash.     



Please do remember that your rott is representing our breed. Please ensure your dog is under control at all times.








Natalie Watson, who has two RRT dogs, is doing a charity marathon run in aid of RRT.(The Brighton Marathon on 14th April) If you would like to sponsor her the link is below....Good Luck Natalie!


Christine Smith has just visited Zeb, the puppy we rehomed recently. Here is her report.....


Just an update for those of you who had dealings with Zeb the puppy. Did the follow-up visit today and he's gorgeous. He follows Tracey around like he's glued to her leg and he is learning some basic commands, as well as some others, such as digging.... but he gladly gave me his bone and his toy and was delighted to see me, even though I'd not met him previously. He's really settled in well with his sister and she can tick him off without too much hassle, so he just wanders off to find something else to do... typical puppy behaviour, a sheer delight and a credit to you all at RRT. Thank you. xx