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Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who have braved some truly rotten, freezing, miserable weather to ensure that all the rescue dogs got a walk every single day whilst Shelley was on holiday. We couldn't have done it without you!


Please don't forget the Higham


Show on 27th May 2013..........


it's a great fun day out for


people and dogs.....................


just one of the prizes/rosettes


to be won on the day is shown






I took a call today from a very nice young lady. Her friend's parents have divorced. Both parents have moved out of the family flat (which has no garden), leaving their young adult daughter there. The daughter works full time (shift work)and is struggling to walk/look after the parent's 14 year old rottie. I did explain that we cannot take this dog - we simply could not fid this old boy a home for the couple of months he has left. The dog is actually very much loved by the daughter - she will keep him and struggle on. I suppose my point is this - I thought parents were supposed to be the responsible ones.




Today is the 30th January - and to date we have only homed two dogs. Where are all the good homes? If you have lost a rott and are thinking about getting another please don't wait too long. There are so very many beautiful dogs in rescue that just need love, time, patience and understanding. THEY NEED YOU.




We have now put a download button on the site (at the top of the side bar) to enable our supporters to make their donations worth 25% more. If you are one of our supporters and have not already filled in one of these forms (you must be a UK taxpayer) please download a form and send it back to us.I know there are at least a dozen regular supporters who have not sent me back a form. You can either download it and email it back (signed) to or post it to

The Greenwood, 22, Forest Ridge, Keston Park, Keston, Kent. BR2 6EQ.

Thank you for your support. In these hard times, every penny counts. 


Well, as you may have noticed, we have several new dogs in our care. Lets hope the New Year brings a better understanding by owners of the needs of this breed, less ignorance, more patience and most of all, more thought before getting a dog......but I doubt that will happen!