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WHAT SHOULD WE DO?..........


We have got some really nice dogs in our care and one difficult dog whose name is Rolo. Rolo is being taken care of in a different kennels to the one we usually use, and is being very well taken care of. Kelly (the lady who runs this kennels0 has 4 rotts of her own and is very experienced with the breed. She walks Rolo 4 times a day (more than he would get at our kennels). About a week ago Rolo developed a limp. On Wednesday, Kelly, Shelley and I took Rolo to our vet to investigate the problem. Rolo was very badly behaved at the vets and was extremely difficult to handle. Eventually we managed to get him under anaesthetic and x rays show he has a partially ruptured cruciate ligament which ideally needs repairing.

The operation costs around £2,000.  We feel that we need a foster home as the aftercare on this operation determines the success or failure. We do not have a foster home for this challenging boy. If we do the operation and put him back into a kennel environment we would simply be throwing money down the drain.

We understand that Rolo is not the easiest dog to work with if he had a cruciate operation done, as he is energetic and very wilful. We had a very hard decision to make…..and NOT all three of us agreed.

We have had him in our training class with lots of other people and other dogs. He is so eager to please and to learn but he is clever….and will take the mickey out of anyone not strong and consistent enough.

So, back to the vet situation. We were all in the surgery and Kelly was stroking Rolo’s tummy and he was laying there like a lamb. BUT where do we rehome this dog? Kelly cannot keep him as she has 4 dogs of her own, we cannot keep taking dogs that no one else wants as we already have 5 of our own….

So, a decision had to be made. I know a lot of people would have said while he was under anaesthetic “put him to sleep”, and I know a lot of people will disagree with what I have done. I brought him out of the anaesthetic and took him back to kennels – without having the cruciate operation. Our vet has said he can be managed with pain relief (which he is getting) but will develop arthritis in later life…… but the problem remains who will take Rolo?

I do expect to take some “stick” for this. This particular job started at 9am and didn’t finish until 4pm, so it was not a “quick” decision.

In between all this, our own dogs and the rescue dogs were all walked and looked after.

Whilst I was waiting in the surgery I was reading the local free ads paper, which has always in the past had several litters of rott pups for sale. There were none, but there were so many pup adverts for other breeds. Obviously rott pups are getting harder to sell, and the breeders can’t make money out of them any more ,but my heart goes out to all the breeds that are being so overbred.

Please do let me know your opinion….have I just condemned Rolo to kennels for the rest of his life?

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Although the sun didn't shine down on us, the show raised an incredible £1,247! Our thanks to the loyal few who turned up and made it a nice day,our hard working volunteers, all at Lingfield Lodge and to our super judge Mrs Kay Barton who did us proud, along with Val Pascoe, who judged the rott parade.





Judge -  Mrs Kay Barton.
















and to Lingfield Lodge vet Clinic and farm for allowing us to use the farm as our venue.


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Here at RRT we are all very sad at the loss of dear little Bumble. Bumble came into us at 8 months old, having had a front leg amputated. Bumble was not doing very well on three legs, so our vet did a myelogram (injecting a fluid into the spine and taking x-rays) . The myelogram showed that Bumble had neurological problems and also severe hip dysplacia. There was no alternative but to put this lovely young dog out of his suffering.