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Rescue Review is a website which allows you to review a rescue if you have had dealings with them, or find out more about what other people think of a rescue you may wish to get an animal from. Here are the reviews we have had!




Excellent rescue organisation run by kind, dedicated and highly experienced people. Dogs kept in 5 star kennels with daily walks or with fosterers. Non destruct policy and all dogs are trained by dog behaviourists and experienced volunteer handlers. RRT offers a weekly FREE training class for any Rottweiler not just their own dogs which is brilliant and some remarkable results are achieved. Friendly advice always available along with practical help. New owners are carefully vetted and dogs matched expertly with suitable homes. Would highly recommend the Rottweiler Rescue Trust as their first consideration is the dogs well being and future.


Review by: R Hodges

On my initial contact with Rottweiler Rescue Trust, I found my interview process to be very thorough (without being interigational) and also extremely informative, I had owned Rottweilers in the past but now had children therefore needed extra guidance.On our visit to the kennels, I had explained to the children that not all dogs were suitable for all people or family situations, I need not have worried the Rescue Trust I think, have an uncanny skill in matching people to dogs and our love affair with Wallace began right there and then. In conclusion I cannot speak highly enough of Rottweiler Rescue Trust, the tireless work, specialized extensive knowledge and genuine love that is clearly on display for all their dogs both resident and re-homed is truly awe inspiring. We will always be so grateful to them.


Review by: L Long

Adoption: 25th Nov 2011

·         It was a few years ago I went and rescued my rotty,,and went back again and rescued another who had been badly set on fire and beaten,I have had constant help and advice from then on in ...they also have a chat forum with all the rescues and foster parents can chat about how their dogs are doing and get advice as soon as its asked for still giving me help ,,very nice people Review by: Sanditroy

Adoption: 14th Jun 2014

All the team at the RRT are dedicated people for the breed they love....All my dogs 4 of the 5 have come from the rescue. They are a credit to the rescues and they are a pleasure to meet with a very relaxed atmosphere and a thorough meet and greet. They spend all their time in helping the dogs and the dogs welfare is their up most importance for the dogs. All the dogs given their own individual needs if its training or medical care nothing is too much for them! They are all a pleasure to meet and have involvement with.


Review by: Freddie

RRT found us for Mia and it was a perfect match from the beginning. We get along terrifically and couldn't be happier together. She is a wonderful dog and we're blessed to have her in our family. Shelly, Pete and Rachel were very helpful, knowledgable and kind. We couldn't ask for more.


Review by: Traci

Adoption: 15th Jun 2014

Absolutely amazing people with loads of knowledge and ongoing helpful advice. I have adopted two dogs from them now. We attend the weekly training class and know that they are always there if needed with advice and help. All the dogs that come into the rescue are very well assessed and homed with suitable owners. I have never seen such happy, well cared for rescue dogs in a kennel environment before, they truly are a first class rescue. wish I had found out about them years ago.


Review by: jackie mcphail

Adoption: 5th Jun 2014

this is the 2nd dog we have had from rottweiler rescue trust I could not fault their home check and assessment of the dogs and suitability of the new owners and the after care if you need any advice at all they would be there for you would not get another dog from anyone else use this rescue you will not be disappointed


Review by: tony green

Adoption: 12th Apr 2014

  • I lost my old rotti back in February and looked on the rrt site they seemed friendly and honest and you could see they really cared for the rescue dogs ,I rang and after chatting to Pete for a while arrange to go to them , know I have Danny .the RRT are fantastic they put the dogs in there care first and are so dedicated to the welfare of the Rottweiler they take in ,the on going support I have had from Shelley and Pete is fantastic nothing is too much for them either being on end of phone or working with you and your new dog on a one to one bases, one great rescue


Review by: julie


Adoption: 19th Feb 2014

  • The Rottweiler Rescue Trust works tirelessly for every Rottweiler that comes into their care. They complete an extensive pre-adoption assessment of every dog ensuring that the right home is selected first time. Every rescue dogs attends a weekly training session and has daily socialisation with people and dogs.

    You can't get much better than these guys and we are grateful to them every day for letting us have Luther.

Review by: sbonnett76

Adoption: 8th Jun 2014

  • The trust and staff was very helpful & supportive & still remain so. Assessments are made on all dogs & possible owners to ensure that a match is available. The dogs are very well looked after & only rehomed once fully assessed, giving vital information and background for new possible owners. Follow up visits are also carried out to ensure both dog & new owners are happy. I would recommend this trust for anyone considering rehoming a Rottweiler.


Review by: Gillian McCandless

Adoption: 26th Apr 2014

Rottweiler Rescue Trust. always put the health and welfare of their dogs first. The staff and volunteers are extremely kind and knowledgeable. All dogs are health checked, vaccinated, chipped and spayed and assessed. Potential adopters are assessed for their suitability to adopt and given as much information and help, as possible. This rescue does everything, it can, to make sure that dogs and owners are right for each other and will do all they can to help with any post adoption problems. I have nothing but praise for the ethos and professional but caring approach. They treat each dog as an individual and get to know them. This is evident in their write up and by the care they take to rehome each dog with the right forever family. This is a small in size rescue but very big in heart, they are so careful and caring. I would recommend them to anyone & without hesitation. The best rescue ive ever known. Sandy


Review by: Sandy

Adoption: 5th Jun 2014

I have had many rescued dogs and indeed worked in a few rescue centres myself, and I can, hand on heart, say I think the RRT is THE best charity to adopt a Rottweiler from. The people who run this charity know the breed inside out, but more importantly, they take their time to make sure they know and get to understand every dog they have in their care - thoroughly, so they can make a suitable match for the dog and a prospective home. Unlike some charities, the RRT have been known to take on the more "challenging" dogs and worked with them to find a suitable home as well as poorly dogs, dogs needing major surgery and dogs that have been so shut down, it's taken months to repair these dogs, but the RRT have done it, have loved doing it and it shows. They are, without doubt, a very special charity indeed.


Review by: Christine Smith

Adoption: 4th Jun 2014

THIS RESCUE IS SECOND TO NONE. We first came into contact with the RRT before we had a rescue dog. We were invited to bring our rottie to their excellent free training classes and were given loads of helpful advice, support and guidance. I know the rescue is dedicated to keeping dogs happy, healthy and in homes, and freely help ANYONE seeking advice about any dog.
We later fostered and subsequently adopted one of the rescue rotties. A thorough assessment and home check were conducted. The rescue helped us introduce and socialise our existing and new rescue rottie. We received (and continue to receive) outstanding support from the Trust. Shelley is a qualified behaviourist who has worked for rotties for many years. She is ALWAYS available for advice, guidance and/or hands on support. (And I admit I have called both Shelley and Pete many times to seek their invaluable advice!).
While in our care, our rescue rottie received a cruciate ligament repair operation which was arranged by the Trust. Pete and Shelley took us to the vet to get our dog used to vet visits before the operation, and attended appointments to help us manage his care. I simply cannot imagine ANY other rescue devoting quite as much time and energy to their dogs.
Pete and Shelley offer LIFETIME support for ALL of their dogs and will always take their dogs back, if the need arises. In the past few months I have seen them take back a number of their old dogs who had to be given up for various reasons. My parents adopted one of these lovely rotties and were similarly impressed with the rescue.
I will continue to support the RRT based on their outstanding dedication, support and care for these wonderful dogs.


Review by: Kim

Adoption: 5th Jan 2014

We saw a photo of a male Rottweiler on the website and decided to go down and have a look at him. We contacted the lady who arranged a home check for the same day,. We already have 2 Rottweilers and are aware of the breed. When the lady from Rottweiler rescue trust telephoned us the following day to let us know we had passed the check she explained about the dog in her care and also about where he had come from and where they were situated. She gave us advice on the free feeding of our dogs and explained that the male Rottweiler may have issues with this. we then changed our way of feeding our 2 current dogs and we arranged to go down to the trust on the following Monday and arranged for all of the dogs to meet on that day to see how they got on together. On arrival at the kennels we were welcomed and shown around and chatted about the dogs. great advice was given to us throughout the visit and we spent time in the field with all of the 3 dogs getting to know each other. We were given tea and offered biscuits and further advice was given about the gentle leader which we then purchased 2 from the trust. We then left for our 2.5 hour journey home and was advised to think about it before we decided to go ahead. We was extremely grateful for all of the helpful feedback and knowledge from the lady who runs the trust. That evening after a long chat we decided to go ahead and rescue the dog we had gone to see and telephoned again to let the lady know and we arranged to return on the Wednesday to fetch the dog. On our return to the rescue centre we were greeted as friends and more helpful knowledge was given to us. Our questions were answered quickly and with knowledge of the breed. We were told the rescue is always at the end of the telephone should we have any questions or need help at any time.
We left with the dog and headed home safe in the knowledge that help was there should we ever need it. The rescue centre are also keeping in contact to check on the dog we had from them.
The dog has settled in well with our 2 girls.
We cannot fault the staff who dealt with our enquiries from start to finish and the knowledge that they gave us to help us in our quest to rescue our dog from them.
We would recommend anybody who wants to rescue a dog to the Rottweiler Rescue Trust as we found out ourselves how friendly, knowledgeable and helpful they all are.
A great team of like minded people who only have the best interests of each dog they rescue at heart.

  • Review by: Cathryne Doughty

Adoption: 26th May 2014









 Taz is 13!





So, you have decided (hopefully after careful thought) that you need a dog in your life. Next decision….puppy or adult?

For many people this is an easy question to answer…for some, only a puppy will do. For many others, only a rescue dog will do.

There are several misconceptions (in my opinion) about rescue dogs. The first is that they usually come with problems that are hard or impossible to resolve. In my experience this is far from the truth. Even worse, many people who have had a fantastic rescue dog go on to buy a puppy because they think that the lovely companion they got from rescue was “an exception” to the rule! Most rescue dogs will settle into a home with few problems. If the rescue has assessed the dog correctly they can tell the prospective owners whether the dog is likely to suit their lifestyle…for example….if the prospective owner is out for long periods, then a young dog would be likely to develop separation anxiety… may not have shown this in it’s last home as the dog may not have been left for long periods.

If a dog has lived with children happily, then it may suit a prospective home with children better than a puppy would. Why? Because a two or three year old dog is not as demanding as a puppy that needs housetraining, training classes and lots of play time. Usually the training/housetraining falls to the lady of the house…who already has plenty to do!

Some “senior” prospective owners will go out and buy a puppy as they feel it will be their last dog. Usually that dog needs to come into rescue within a few months of them buying it….many older people have forgotten that they no longer have the strength/patience/health to look after a high maintenance pup.

Puppies are “cute” but do not feel that you have any guarantee of the temperament of the dog as an adult. It’s adult temperament will depend on so many things….it’s genetic makeup, any negative experiences it has as a young dog, and how much training and socialisation it gets at the right time. I have seen many lovely pups turn into reactive/aggressive dogs when they reach adolescence. I have also seen many absolutely lovely dogs come into rescue and give their new owners years and years of love, loyalty and pleasure.

So, you pays your money and you takes your choice!


But I know where I will always get my dogs from.