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Had a phone call today fom an older lady. her grandson of 32 has a six year old uncastrated male, a large rott. The grandson lives in a council property. The lady explained that the dog has attacked a couple of small dogs. it has had a control order put on it, which means that the dog has to be muzzled and on a lead when out, and also that it had to be castrated within six months. in the lady's words..."The council has bent over backwards to help my grandson and this dog". The grandson has had the dog out, unmuzzled, off lead and it has still not been castrated. The council have now given him 7 days to remove the dog from the premises. There are some people YOU JUST CANNOT HELP! but it is the dog who will ultimately reputable rescue will take a dog with a control order on it as it would be impossible to rehome.

January 2014 
So, it's been brought to my attention that I may have missed my last hair cut or so, and that it is probably about time I get it sorted out. To this end, I would like to make a request to all my friends, family and colleagues, and those reading this website to possibly donate the cost of their next visit to the barber, salon or pedicure bar to a good cause. My intention is to raise as much money as possible to donate to the good work being done by the Rottweiler Rescue Trust, as well as donate the actual hair to the Little Princess Trust. The RRT is a local rescue that saves and rehomes abandoned and or otherwise homeless rotties. It is a completely non-profit organisation and as such, survives off donations and fund raising. The Little Princess Trust provides real-hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment. Also a bunch of great stories on their website. It's well worth a look. ( The original idea was to only cut it off if I reached a specific target, but unfortunately, then the LPT may lose out. So I have decided to do it no matter what total. I am still toying with the idea of 'highest donation chooses the cut', but keep in mind that the idea is that the LPT get as much hair as possible, so mohawks are pretty much out of the question. If you would like to take part and donate, please use the paypal donate button , and to make it easier to track, if you get the option to add comments to your donation, put either 'haircut', the style / colour you would request or 'Gareth is a clown' will also work. Once again, I would just like to reiterate that 100 % of donations are going to the rescue. (That's the reason I'm not using justgiving - they take a cut). It's a great cause and every penny is appreciated. In parting, I've decided to add a few pictures of how long it's got... Thanks again, Gareth *(If you are a UK taxpayer, I would really appreciate if you completed the gift aid form (you can get a copy off the RRT link above), as we get an extra 25%!
  Gareth will only cut his hair when the target of £1,000 has been reached!