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At our recent Trustee's meeting it has been decided to increase the required donation for one of our adult dogs to £150, from 1st September 2014. We have not increased our prices for two years, but vet bills have increased, as have dogs coming in needing far more veterinary work than ever before.

Also from 1st September 2014, we will be charging £250 for pups under 6 months old. On vets advice, it may well be that the pup will already have been neutered. However, even if the pup is not neutered, there will no longer be a refund once the pup is neutered. New owners will still be asked to sign a neutering agreement, and it will be followed up on.




Rosie and her reverse sneezing.
Picked up Rosie from Peter at RRT almost seven years ago now, not an easy girl at first, but we get along just fine,
earlier on in the year she started reverse sneezing, googled it and nothing to worry about, perhaps some fluff up her nose. 
A few weeks later she sneezed up some blood so off to the vets and a course of antibiotics prescribed, seemed to do the 
trick until a couple of weeks later when she sneezes up some more blood, so back to the vet and a rhinoscopy advised, 
but need to run some tests first to eliminate worm infestation, so urine and stool samples collected... all clear.
 The referral vet suspects a nasal tumour from the start and the rhinoscopy confirms it.
Referred for radiotherapy, a course of four sessions, one each week, it all goes well, almost three months now since the 
treatment finished and Rosie is on and off antibiotics, her nose is trashed so she picks up infections easily, the hair
on her nose fell out but is growing back, but now white.
Perhaps my smoking caused her cancer, pollution or maybe a virus.
Rosie has been given the standard 6-18 months to live, she`s about ten now, still enjoys her food and seeing off cats.
So if your dog starts to reverse sneeze, see a vet, the sooner the better.



We rehomed Hetty a couple of months ago and have just had these photos through from her new Mum! She is such a happy girl and is now very good with other dogs she meets.