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         CHEAP DOGS

When people buy a pup from a breeder, the dog costs them several hundred pounds, and represents a couple of weeks wages to the average person. The dog may or may not be vaccinated, wormed and flea treated and microchipped. They may or may not receive after care calls and a follow up visit. It will not have been neutered as it would be too young.


We rehome a dog with a donation of £100.

Our costs for each dog are

£56 a week for a kennel space – and most dogs will be with us for at least 4 weeks – most much longer.

£40 for a complete vaccination course (most dogs that come into rescue are not up to date with their vaccinations)

£15 worming and flea treatment

£30 microchipping

£150 approximately for neutering

These figures do not include all the little “extras” such as sausages, gentle leaders, half check collars etc.

But we are still taking calls and doing home checks where people want a “perfect” dog for their money. The dog has to be

Good with kids – even if the potential owner does not have any.

Good with other dogs – all sizes, both sexes.

Not be destructive.

Good with cats/livestock/Auntie Flo’s Chihuahua that visits once every year!

Have some basic training. 

Many of our dogs are most of these things – but not all of these things. Many of the pups bought from breeders are most of these things, but not all of these things – but with work these dogs could be all of these things.

However, it does seem to me that people’s expectations of dogs are unrealistic – whether they are buying a pup or an older dog. 

Perhaps the people interested in taking a rescue dog should remember


It started life with a breeder and it was a puppy!




Some breeders (the minority) take their dogs back if the dog is in trouble. Can any breeder tell me how they follow up on their pups? I am asking because we have had several pups back within a year or so, despite a home check, follow up visit, help and advice by phone or in person.


One of  the people to whom we rehomed a dog, said the photos we put on the website do not do our dogs justice. We are not here to sell good looking dogs. What would we do with the ugly ones who have fabulous temperaments?


Whilst in the waiting room of our veterinary surgery last week with Fred, a lady started to talk to us. She had two young children and a labrador who had had a cruciate ligament operation. She sat and watched Fred, waiting patiently for some time, and asked what was wrong with him. We explained his problem (lungworm) and mentioned that he is a rescue dog. She replied "Oh, isn't he good for a rescue dog?" One day, her lovely labrador could become a statistic - a rescue dog - would he suddenly become a bad dog?





Although rescuing rottweilers and finding them new homes has never been easy, the last few months have really impacted on all the Rottweiler rescues in the country.

With many people’s finances being affected by the credit crunch we are being offered so many dogs that I can no longer find the time to put them all on the site individually under the Reasons for Rescue page.

We are seeing many people having to go into rented accommodation, who are finding it impossible to find a landlord willing to allow dogs on the property. We are also seeing many owners who are working longer hours to try and make ends meet.

Of course, not all these dogs need our help because of financial problems. As usual, we have the many “I have just had a baby” calls. I am starting to think that I was the only woman in the country who had rottweilers and babies in the same house! Many dogs we are offered have behaviour issues – dog to dog aggression, over protectiveness, or are generally under socialised and most have had no training, are not neutered and not up to date with vaccinations. The owners of these dogs always give the old excuse “ I want to do what is best for the dog”. It is a shame they didn’t do what was best for the dog in the first place – NOT BUY IT.

For those of us at the end of the ever ringing phone it becomes very depressing. We love and respect this brilliant breed and struggle to understand those who have done nothing to ensure that the dog that they bought has been given training, socialisation or a stable home for life.

I wonder how many parents have considered giving up one of their children due to the credit crunch, working long hours or because their children have behaviour problems. I really am not being flippant – I simply do not understand how many of the people who ring can live with themselves.

Many of the people who phone us take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the dog that they bought and FAILED.

Rottweiler Rescues all over the country are under so much pressure. I take my hat off to them all for their damned hard work, with very little or no thanks at the end of it.





Ron Cotton, our good friend and staunch supporter of the Rottweiler Rescue Trust passed away very suddenly last week. Ron adored his dogs – Brucie Baby and little Charm and always promoted the rescue whenever he could. He had endless patience with difficult dogs and understood that training does not happen overnight.


Our condolences and thoughts are with his family and friends, who will all miss him so much.


Bruce and Charm have come back into rescue, where we are all looking after them. In fact, Bruce has already gone to his new home, and we have now placed Charm on the In Our Care page.






  Ron Cotton’s RRT dog Bruce (known to his friends as Brucie Baby) has once again given blood to help save the life of another dog.

Bruce is so good natured and placid and enjoys his trips to the vet.


The other dog’s owner was so pleased and grateful that she bought Brucie a large bag of treats and the vet has put the photos up in the surgery to let everyone know how lovely rotts can be.







The B.B.C. (broken bones club) is for

the elite few who have had one or

more bones broken by one of the



Our Lorraine has broken her wrist with the help of the

irrepressible Rhino. He was playing with another dog and

simply forgot that Lorraine was in the way! When Rhino saw

Lorraine lying on the ground he went and licked her.


We hope it is not too long before Lorraine is out of plaster

the dogs think she is great fun to throw around!


She now joins the small group in rescue who have been

battered, bruised and broken to ensure the dogs get a good

walk and some fun. The walking (just about) are Peter,

who broke his ankle when felled by two playing rotties, and

Shelley, who fell over her own dog and dislocated her arm!


Does anyone want to join us?

Please let us know we will add your name to the list!



Thank you to everyone who came to the sponsored walk.


The photo show from this year’s walk is on our

Sponsored Walks page 





See Kaiser's Page




Thanks to everyone from Bullie Rescue

we had a great time at the Summer Funday!




Foal Farm Country Festival Day - 19th July,

Another great day, lots of "dog" talk and the rain kept away





A big thank you to everyone who came to see us.

The day was a great success, everyone had a great time,

and we raised some much needed funds to help the dogs.







As many of you know, the last few weeks have been very hard for RRT. The amount of dogs we are being offered is phenomenal, and the good homes coming forward are few and far between. We have been very fortunate in the amount of help we have been given with the dogs - walking, fostering, doing home checks. As Peter has not been able to walk the dogs we would have struggled to cope without this amazing support. Thank you to everyone who has helped so willingly and cheerfully, even when the weather was foul and freezing and we were all tired and cold.

 "Well, that's the housework done," said Shelley cheerfully.

(This card was sent to me by my ever loving son for Mother's Day - he obviously remembers how much I love housework!)

Our two top doggie models - Kaiser and Lady did a photo shoot for Dogs Today magazine last week. Both dog and owners had a great day, and we can't wait to see them in the magazine when it comes out. The article will be in the September Issue, but is out in August. See the sneak previews on Page 6 of the Photo Gallery......but here is one to whet your appetite!



Copyright Tim Rose of Dogs Today


Come on folks - join the Kaiser Therot Facebook family!

It gets quite addictive, as Kaiser's Dad, Peter, updates it

very regularly and puts on little videos of the dogs at the

kennels and other bits and pieces...We would like Kaiser

to have loads of friends... so come on, join the fun!

Now Lady, Kaiser's friend has gone and got herself a

Facebook account too! It really is catching on!




I am sorry that the site has not been updated very much in the last couple of weeks, but Peter has had an accident and has broken his ankle.

We were walking the dogs in the field and two of them were playing, not looking where they were going, and they caught Peter in the back of the legs. He flew up in the air and landed awkwardly.

He was in a lot of pain, so I ran back with the two guilty dogs and asked the kennel manager to go and help Peter. We had to call an ambulance - which could not get into the field, so a friend got his landrover and Peter was stretchered to the landrover, taken across the field in that, and then placed in the ambulance.

His ankle has been very badly fractured - he has had an operation to put plates and pins in it, and will be in plaster for at least 12 weeks.

Peter is now at home and using a zimmer frame or crutches (depending on how lively the dogs are) to get around but this obviously means that we cannot take in as many dogs as usual.

Peter is going to do a sponsored Zimmer frame/crutches walk around the field when the weather is a bit better - if you would like to watch please let us know - he does need a few of us to cheer him on! If you would like to sponsor Peter, then please e mail me. It would be really nice if something positive could come out of this and he could raise some money for the dogs in rescue.


Peter and Shelley would like to thank

everyone for their help in the last

couple of weeks - without our regular

helpers putting even more effort into

the dogs we would have been in

trouble. Thanks to them, the dogs

have been walked every day,

homechecks have been done and it

has really eased the pressure.


Thanks Guys!


It just goes to show - you can't trust anything you read in the papers! 



























 As some of you will know, I have recently been to Australia for a couple of weeks as my son was getting married.

It was a very strange experience to be away from the dogs and the phone for so long! I found myself looking at any emails that came in almost obsessively, and itching to update the website!

However, the wedding was great, as was the time spent with my son and his new wife and their little boy, Harrison.

I also spent time catching up with some very close friends who live close to my son, and on trying to get a suntan. The weather was scorching – 43 degrees, which meant that time in the sun had to be very strictly limited.

As usual, I have managed to avoid having any photos taken of me – but thought you would all like to see the spider in the living room, and Lizzie, the blue tongued lizard that lives under the barbecue! My son has made friends with Lizzie by putting her out saucers of orange juice – which is apparently what they like best. They are great at keeping spiders, insects and snakes away – she was obviously napping when the Huntsman spider got in!



Lorraine took a call from a guy a few days ago who was unable to keep his rottweiler. The gentleman had not contacted the breeder, but on talking to Lorraine agreed to contact the breeder first. The breeder has already taken the dog back into her care for rehoming, and is very grateful to Lorraine for making the gentleman aware that she takes her progeny back. So, our thanks to Sue of Cameus Rottweilers, for taking her dog back.



Although 2008 was a tough year for rescues nationwide, we received so much support and help from you all that we really have to thank you. The biggest thank you comes from our dogs, who all had toys and presents to open on Xmas Day, thanks to your generosity. They also had roast turkey that we took them on Boxing Day. All the dogs remain happy and well cared for, thanks to your support.