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We met up at the kennels to give the dogs a walk, some turkey and roast potatoes, and some presents. Peter Reynolds brought Kaiser and Rob (Rob is the one with two legs!).Debbie and Mark brought Lady, Baloo and the kids! Judith brought Taz, Amber and Jocelyn (also called The Queen Mother) and Lorraine brought Dennis. All the dogs enjoyed their dinner, but only Jack was clever enough to open presents - but they all enjoyed playing once the presents were out of the paper. Their dessert was liver cake made by Debbie - in fact the dogs loved it so much we are trying to get her to make it every day for them! All the dogs behaved very well, as did the kids. Thank you to all those who sent money or toys and treats.....everyone enjoyed themselves so much.

















































































































































2009 UPS






 We started January 2009 with 8 dogs in our care. Little Ted was being fostered with Judith and Edward,  Kaiser was being fostered by Frances and Peter, Lorraine was fostering Alice and we had Jake with us. In kennels were Tally, a long stay dog, and Kai, who many of you will remember had had some “issues”, and Lady and Mary.

We were all congratulating ourselves on a good 2008, with 65 dogs rehomed, but were concerned by the amount of puppies that we had had to take into care. Jake was slowly recovering from a cruciate ligament operation, and I was preparing to go off to Australia for my son’s wedding.

By the end of January we had rehomed Little Ted, Mary and Kai, and Peter and Frances had decided that Kaiser was a permanent fixture in their home. Within days of this  decision, Kaiser had his own Facebook account, and was starting to build a famous reputation, and make lots of friends! I flew off to Melbourne on 27th January, leaving a slightly chilly London behind me, and into a heatwave even by Oz standards – 43 degrees – fabulous! Whilst I was away I was kept up to date with regular phone calls and emails regarding the dogs, and Alice and Noo Noo were happy in their new homes by the time I came back to find a foot of snow covering the whole of the south east of England!

 I had been back for about a week, and was happily tramping round the field with Pete on a bright cold February day, when he was felled by two rotts – Lady and Alfie, breaking his ankle. I got the two dogs back into kennels, and we called an ambulance, but they could not get it into the field, so we had to borrow a landrover and stretcher Pete into it, then transfer him to the ambulance. Pete was operated on two days later, and came home on  his birthday, complete with Zimmer frame, crutches and his leg in plaster! The next 6 weeks were a total credit to all our supporters, without whom we could not have continued to run the rescue. Peter, Frances and Lorraine all mucked in tirelessly, doing extra “walk” shifts. The kennel staff were all marvellous, helping transport dogs if they needed to go to the vets, and generally making sure our dogs were all O.K.

4 dogs were rehomed in March, including Sadie, an old girl we had taken in as her owner was very ill. Unfortunately, Sadie had a tumour, which we had removed, but her prognosis was not good. Diane and Michael took Sadie into their home and gave her a last few weeks of comfort and love. She sadly passed away a couple of months later. Our thanks to them for their support.

April was a quiet month, other than Peter having his plaster removed, much to his relief. He was instantly back at the kennels, doing too much and getting impatient with himself, but back with the dogs.

May was busy – lots of dogs in rescue and so many phone calls. We rehomed several dogs, and started to build up a larger network of helpers. Kaiser and Lady did a fabulous photo shoot for Dogs Today magazine, helping to promote rescue rottweilers. One of the photos from this was the picture on our first Rottweiler Trust Xmas Card.


 June saw us do our first stand at a show – Lingfield Lodge, our veterinary clinic, held a fun day and asked us to attend. We had a great time, and raised over £400 for the rescue.

July was very busy – we rehomed 7 dogs. July saw the stand out again – this time at Foal Farm, a local all breeds rescue. We raised about £100, and met Denzil. Denzil was a six year old rott who had been in Foal Farm’s care for almost 4 years. We arranged to go and meet him properly a few days later, and put him directly onto our site to try and help find him a home. Within about 6 weeks we had found Denzil his home. He is now settled with Jim and Agnes, and a very much loved part of their family.

August saw Tally finally find her home.  Tally was so loved by everyone who knew her and worked with her, there were some happy tears shed the day she went off with Margaret and Ted, who understood the need for time and patience with our Tally.

We were also approached about a couple of dogs in Ireland. We said we would take them if they could be got over to England. What we did not realise was that this was not an individual who knew of a couple of dogs needing help, it was an organisation which basically charges rescues for bringing dogs over from Ireland. Erin and Gypsy did come over from Ireland, but we were very upset to have been misled. We did not pay the £150 for their transportation from Ireland. Erin and Gypsy have both now found homes. We also held a stall at the Bullie Rescue summer show, and really enjoyed ourselves.

September – the Annual Sponsored Walk in Greenwich Park. Last year I was very upset at the lack of support, but this year was absolutely AMAZING! We had about 70 dogs and 150 people there – all the dogs behaved well, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It really was quite a sight to see! Only in the last couple of days have we received the last of the sponsorship money – and it was worth waiting for! Given the current financial situation, we did not expect to raise as much money as last year, but you have all excelled yourselves for the dogs – the total amount raised is a staggering £7,481.00.

 We took in three dogs that had been kept in a shed for two years, after their owner had died. Grace, Red and Fred came to join the merry throng in the kennels.

They are still with us, as they are in need of quiet homes where they will be given time to settle. Lorraine was “felled” by Rhino, and broke her wrist – but she still kept working with us!

October was a very sad time for us. Our good friend Ron Cotton passed away suddenly, and Bruce and Charm had to come back into rescue. They have both been rehomed and are now settled, but we will miss Ron’s sense of fun and love of life.

November was busy – with 13 dogs in rescue. However, our fosterers were very good, taking on a couple of puppies a few weeks before Xmas, and giving them the socialisation and attention they needed until we found them homes.

December has seen several dogs being rehomed, and we are now down to four in kennels, and one in foster care. Boxing Day will be spent up at the kennels, giving the dogs their Xmas turkey and presents, and getting together with the regular walkers and fosterers.



Over 900 dogs offered to us this year.

48 dogs rehomed this year, of which   


                           7 were over 7 years old                            3 were under six months old    

                           7 "difficult to rehome" dogs