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It is with great sadness that we have to report that Gordon has been euthanised.

This lovely, happy go lucky young dog came into our care back in May, from a Dog Warden who saw how lovely he was and wanted him to have a second chance of a loving home.

Everyone who met Gordon loved him - he had such character, with his little blobs of white on his ears and feet, and his white flash across the back of his neck.

About a fortnight ago, we noticed that Gordon appeared off colour. There was nothing really to "put your finger on" - he just wasn't himself. Within a couple of days he had a bit of diarrhoea - nothing to severe, and had gone off his food a little. So, last Tuesday we asked our vet to take a look at him.

Our vet noticed immediately that Gordon was very pale. He took blood, urine and faecal samples for testing. Within hours we knew that there was something very seriously wrong with Gordon. The next day more results came back. These ascertained that Gordon was in kidney failure. There was no treatment. Gordon was deteriorating rapidly - he had odema (a build up of fluid) in both his legs and his penis. His appetite had decreased and he was starting to be extremely lethargic. Our vet gave Gordon medication to ease the very worst of the symptoms, but explained that Gordon was terminally ill, and that he would deteriorate rapidly. We brought him home. Gordon spent the next few days with us - in a loving home. When it became obvious that he was in pain, we held him in our arms whilst he was euthanised.We will remember him for his sunny temperament, and immense character - he was known as "the mugger" as he loved his treats, and would trip you over to get one! This has been a very emotional time for all of our volunteers - they all worked very hard with Gordon and we will all miss him very much. 


Juliet and Boss, both owned by Rose and John Atkinson. Both RRT dogs, they passed away within a week of each other. Our thoughts are with Rose and John.