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Photo Gallery 2011 - page 6

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Some of the rescue dogs come back for training every week....we are all progressing, and enjoying owning dogs that behave!


Lorraine doing a demonstration with Teresa.



 Carly doing a sit stay with Buzz.



 Brett doing a sit - he

looks a bit bored with it all!




Molly waiting for instructions



  Sam making Archie sit and stay.





 Sandy trying to get Bailey to pay attention


  Pat praising Bella - she is really improving!





 Sam doing a recall with Archie



  Lorraine showing Debbie how to improve Barney's recall.



Big ted looking everywhere except where he was supposed to be looking!


  Pay attention class! 





 The spectators, watching their dogs improve.



We are very pleased with each and every dog and their progress...this is an informal class to help owners get better control of their dogfs, and to help with the dog's socialisation. After each class, the group goes for a short socialisation walk - and then coffee and a chat! Lorraine has been teaching the following basics to these dogs...sit, down, recall, touch, watch, heel and present. More pictures will follow as the dogs improve.


Now that is what you call an orderly queue! They have obviously been trained by our Lorraine!