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 Judith's Bella and Taz, unwrapping their Xmas presents - also Jocelyn, - known as The Queen Mother as she is so very regal and uses facial expression to show her displeasure!


 Noo Noo enjoying a cuddle - and she gets lots of those!








Cassie was rehomed in December 2007 to Alison and Jon. She has been unwell, but is still a happy, loving dog who enjoys her sleep at the top of the stairs!


 Dudley was the first dog we rehomed last year (2008) and was the dog who had literally fallen off the back of a lorry. He underwent a couple of operations to mend his broken leg, and went through such a lot in his young life - but look at him now! At almost 2 years old - he really is a handsome lad!



 Derek was one of my dogs some years ago, and whilst not a rott, had a rott personality. He was an extremely good agility dog. He was a rescue from Battersea who came in as a stray from Barking - and he never stopped barking until the day he died!