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 Dear Shelley, 

 We are writing following the recent loss of Max at the grand old age of 11.  When our remaining Rottie Elsa was 14 months old she looked like she could do with some “doggie company” so we decided to give a home to a rescue rottie.  In March 2000 we contacted yourself and explained our desire and you had a Rottie who had been admitted to Battersea, for some reason this one disappears but Max an 8 month old big boy had been gifted into Battersea, following the staff at Battersea intercepting Max’s previous owners attempting to sell him in the courtyard at Battersea.  We came up to Battersea with Elsa on a Saturday afternoon and waited in the meeting room for Max to arrive, the meeting went to plan and we left with Max.  We got Max home and thought that we could have made a huge mistake as Elsa seemed so put out, after having coaxed Max into the living room that evening Elsa decided that he was here to stay, tapped him on his head with her paw and they went running round the garden, they have been best mates ever since. We got Max home and within 48 hours he went down with Parvo and spent the 1st week with us in the vets. 

 During this illness it became apparent that Max had been beaten for making a mess during his early life as during his 1st day in with the vet he held onto his

diarrhoea for the whole day only relieving himself when he was taken outside.  Max went on to make a full recovery from this horrible illness.   In 2005 he went lame and following investigations at the vets was diagnosed with a fused spine due to arthritis and a ruptured cruciate ligament, he underwent tplo surgery on his cruciate ligament and during his recovery slipped and fractured his fibia, but that was Max, no illness was straight forward as he was accident prone and clumsy we have had more visits to the emergency vet than I can remember, splitting stitches, having a ball stuck on his jaw, you name it he did it. Max enjoyed several lovely holidays with us and Elsa. Max was such a huge personality, he talked all the time, the hole he has left in our lives in enormous.  Whether he was bringing sticks into the house or attacking the wheel barrow as it was wheeled down the garden, or playing football with a huge indestructible ball and smashing flower pots when it went out of control, or playing with his road cone and smashing it round the back of your legs, or barking at vapour trails of the airplanes flying overhead, or howling in unison with Elsa, or laying in the open backdoor when it is freezing outside and refusing to budge, or attempting to catch snowballs and not quite working out where they have gone when they hit the snow, or thinking the Renault advert with the rear wiper blade mimicking a dogs tail was really a dog, that was Max. Unfortunately his arthritis took a turn for the worse in the spring of 2010 and despite medication massage and care it became too much for him and we had to make the awful decision to let him go.  We really want to thank you and your colleagues for giving us the wonderful opportunity of giving Max a kind and loving home, it was an enormous honour to be able to give Max the quality of life he deserved. Max made a huge impact on everyone who met him and will be missed by a lot of people, we have been blessed by being given the opportunity to have known him, cared for him and loved him. Thank you Nicki and Mike Outlaw and Elsa




 Tracy and Paul Thirlwell have been in touch to let us know that they have lost Sasha to a spleen tumour.

Dear Pete and Shelley,                                                                                              
 I would just like to say that maybe our experience with Sash may be of interest.
  Sasha had a few teething problems with the cats but had already stolen our hearts on day one. Not the youngest dog when we had her from you, each day we learnt something new about her. She smiled when we came home or when friends arrived, a first in 22 years of owning Rotties for me, she didn't like drunk people, she loved her chair, did everything the parrot told her but was very stubborn for us.  Most of all she grew to love the cats and cuddled with them every night even letting her favourite sleep on her.
     Last year I was seriously ill and spent 4 months virtually bed ridden after a month in hospital and that girl only left my side to relieve herself and to eat, and boy did she like to eat.
    She loved people most of all and changed a lot of people's perception of rotties once they had met her.
     Sadly Sash became very ill a few days ago and had to be put to sleep, oh boy has she left us a hole, a great Rottie shaped one in both our lives and our hearts.
     We loved her very much and are so grateful to have known such a kind and trusting soul.
      Thank you Pete, Shelley and Lorraine for giving us the chance to have known her.

Tracey and Paul Thirlwall


 Chris Burton has been in touch to let us know that his fabulous girl Rosie had to be put to sleep last week. Rosie had a bone tumour, and was in a great deal of pain. Rosie was fostered by me for a few weeks, and she was an absolute poppet - she loved everyone and everything that came her way. the photo shows her playing "Mum" to Freddie, another RRT dog owned by Chris. Rosie will be very much missed, especially on our walks - she never missed a single one.





 We have recieved this note from Judith Walker, one of our supporters and owner of Taz..

 To have lost two of our beloved Cavalier Spaniels within 6 weeks of each other has been very hard. We are also just approaching a year since Whiskey, our Collie/Staffie x left us aged 14 . He was another special character in his own right – a nightmare when he “rescued” us at the age of 10 months or so, but he mellowed into a loving and devoted family member

They were all sea dogs, and regarded the beaches around Bembridge on the Isle of Wight as their second home.

Jaunty joined us when he was 2 years old having had a difficult start in life – he blossomed with love and affection and even in his 16th year, despite his frailty, he enjoyed a potter in the garden, as Edward’s shadow. 

Jocelyn my beautiful tri colour girl, died very suddenly on the 13th March.  Although she was 11, she appeared so fit until that very day.   She was 12 weeks old when she came to us, and we understood we saved from a puppy farm in Dubai.  She was a true personality, and Shelley nicknamed her the “Queen Mother” because she could freeze a human, canine or feline on the spot with one of her looks!  

She was wonderful with the foster dogs, and, like the others, has left a very big hole in our hearts.  To borrow Lorraine’s lovely phrase – may they “run free” and be happy.

I feel I must add a few words about the lovely Queen Mother. She stole my heart - being such a huge personality in such a dainty little body - we all miss you, sweetheart. (Shelley)



Sandy Alders rescued Belle from Beached Rottweilers about nine years ago. We are very sorry to hear that she has passed away, and send our condolences to Sandy and her husband. She has sent us this tribute to her girl, and these lovely photos.

 Belle came into my life in May 2001, she was 10 months old and settled in quickly.  We met and overcame several challenges but she only ever wanted to please me and be loved.  Her biggest issue was travelling in the car which took 4 months to perfect!  Time, patience and lots of love was always the answer. 
She passed her Good Citizens Dog Scheme Bronze Award having only been with me for 7 weeks!  She went on to gain her Silver and Gold.  A great achievement for both us and the name of the breed.  We introduced Belle to camping and we had many great times in our caravan with her.  Such a hard life being a camping girl, all those lovely new walks and places to explore!  She loved her walks and we are very lucky to live on the edge of a huge forest. 
Belle proved what a wonderful breed the Rottweiler is, so loyal, loving and always wanting to please.  She is greatly missed but I know that the almost 9 years she had with me were the best she could have wished for.  Run free my beautiful girl.


 Our darling Penny was put to sleep last Saturday. Not always the easiest of dogs (that's why we took her - no one else would!) she was very much loved by Peter and myself. She remained frightened of strangers until the day she died, having been very badly treated for the first four years of her life. She got on well with other dogs, provided she was given due respect - and all the other dogs we have had here, either our own or fostered, treated her with great respect without us ever having to step in. We miss her very much - the house is too quiet without her, despite having two other dogs here.

 Lorraine has written 
2009 was a tough year for me losing my two boys within 3 months of each other followed by my "godson" dog 3 months later.   Here they are together THE THREE AMIGOS as I called them. 
Nico was my little working dog that I had from a puppy and he did obedience and heelwork to music and just loved it all.   He was such a good boy allowing all the boarders and fosters through the door including Ollie my godson dog, whose owner left him with me for weeks at a time to go abroad, and then Marley who was at least 9 yrs old when he got to me after his owner had died. 
Run free my boys and I hope Nico has been doing a bit of doggy dancing up there with you all.


 We have just heard from Diane and Michael who took Sadie from us in April. Sadie was 10 and a half, and had cancer but that did not stop this lovely family from taking Sadie home and giving her the love and care she so deserved for the last few months of her life. Sadie was put to sleep on Saturday as the cancer had grown so much that her quality of life was affected. She will be very much missed for her funny little ways. Diane reports that Sadie was full of spirit right to the end.


 Today is a very sad day as we have had to put Dazzie  our old dog down. She was in a lot of pain and  was so sad I had to let her go....C-C has noticed already but Tommy just sits by the door waiting for her to come in........we are all broken hearted and wanted  everyone to know that she was a very special friend who looked after us all in many ways.
Sharon Saunders



Our lovely Remi, who was put to sleep about three years ago at the grand old age of 14. Despite all the other dogs in the house, she is still so very much missed. She loved to lay on the patio and watch Peter mowing the lawn.


 All at RRT would like to let Judith and Edward know that we are thinking of them at this time. Their beloved dog Whiskey was put to sleep last week. He was 14 years old, and had been such a huge part of their lives for so long. Whiskey was not a rottie, but a staffie x collie, but he helped to teach our rotties to behave when they were being fostered by Judith and Edward. He was a lovely old chap who will be very much missed by all who met him.


 Lily - a great character who lived happily with rotts, cats, pugs and anything else I threw her way - just as long as she could have the sofa! Unless you have been owned by a bulldog it is very difficult to understand what great characters they are - full of fun and with the loudest snore in the world!