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Photo Gallery - page 5

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 Bertie loves a swim in the pond. Karl and Sue, his owners, are very proud of their little boy.









Christine Smith's Fletcher - known as "Billy"when he was in our care. Fletcher has obviously seen something very, very interesting. He has grown into a handsome lad with his big bushy wagger!




 Tony and Pat's Jed, playing in the snow. Jed is about five years old, and enjoys his life with Tony and Pat and Esme, the miniature schnauzer - who keeps him in line!





 Jackie Earl's dear little Nelson, experiencing snow for the first time. Nelson was one of last year's happily rehomed dogs. He really has grown into a handsome young lad.




 Izzy - looking very regal in January's little flurry!








 Kaiser with a large snow drop on his nose. You can see more of Kaiser on Facebook, as he has his own page. You just need to look under





Snoop, showing how to make snow turn yellow!





 Sometimes, a dog can be having so much fun that he forgets Mum has a camera handy. I bet he will be embarrassed when he finds out we have all seen what a plonker he is! Kizzy obviously has more sense than snowman Ted.