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                THINK BEFORE YOU BUY A DOG




If you are buying a puppy from a breeder, please ask that breeder whether they take their dogs back if you are unable to keep it whatever the age of the dog. Please remember that people's circumstances change and it is all too easy to ask a rescue to help. The breeder bears responsibility for the dog they bred. Please get this assurance in writing. If the breeder does not agree to this, then buy a puppy from someone who does care about the welfare of the dogs they breed, and guarantees to take a dog back if needed.  Rescues are being totally overwhelmed with dogs that need help - owners and breeders need to take more responsibility for their actions. Do not tell rescues that "the person I got my dog from was not a breeder" - if they bred a litter then they are a breeder, and as such, should take responsibility for their actions.


From time to time a puppy up to approx 5 months may become available for homing/rehoming through rescue, and if you would like to be considered for our puppy waiting list then please contactLorraine on   01252 835 826


Please Note - We do not take in puppies unless there is a very good reason - and it may be that an older dog would suit your lifestyle just as well, or maybe even better!


Before considering a puppy please do appreciate the amount of work and commitment needed to achieve a well rounded dog.  Training and socialisation has to be ongoing, especially through the adolescent stage, and it could well be on reflection that you might consider an older dog who has already gone through these stages, and in general is far more of an open book in that what you see is what you get.  Although puppies are all different and their characters vary, the nurturing of such characters is very time consuming. However if you have that time and patience and would like to help rescue by taking on a puppy then by our careful homing of them we hope to alleviate those puppies being rescue statistics in months/years to come.


As a rescue we also require that all puppies are neutered by nine months of age and we have brought in a policy whereby the donation for a pup too young to be spayed/castrated prior to homing will be £200 with the return of £100 to your vet towards the cost of neutering when neutered by the agreed date.


Please remember that pups can be very destructive and will also need housetraining and proper training classes – it is not enough to teach the puppy to sit on command yourself! If you do not wish to spend many months going to training classes, and ensuring that your adult dog will be a sociable, pleasure to own dog, then do not consider a puppy.


Please consider how long you will be leaving a puppy, and what arrangements you will need to make for its wellbeing.

Just look what can be achieved by training and socialisation - a happy, well rounded dog who can take life in his stride, and be a credit to the breed.

 We are pleased to announce that this lovely boy, Fletcher, one of our rescue dogs, has just been accepted as a Pets As Therapy dog. This can only help to promote our breed in a positive light - and these are the kind of homes we are looking for.






























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