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Rehomed 2007 - 1

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 Rory came to us from the local dog warden, who had found him wandering around Sevenoaks. A lovely young lad of about 7 months, we had him castrated and he then went to live with Marc and Debbie. They have recently had a grandchild, a Rory is very loving and gentle around it. However, Debbie's parrot is not so popular with Rory. If the parrot annoys him, he had a wee up its cage!




 Our lovely Pippa has gone to live with Vic and Lil. Pippa had had cruciate ligament surgery as she had had a ruptured cruciate for probably a couple of years, and this had been left untreated by her previous owners. Vic and Lil adore their little girl, who is a calm and loving companion, who adores their grandchildren.









 Snoop is now happily settled with Caz. This lovely big lad has only one eye - but it really gives him character! Snoop loves other dogs and adores his new Mum. He does like to steal things and take them to the bottom of the garden. This is fine, but Caz is fast running out of tea towels!







 Charlie came into our care as he was found by a young lad being beaten with a stick by some other kids. The young lad bought Charlie from them, then got in touch with us for help. Charlie came in with a terrible flea allergy, and very bad entropion. We had all the veterinary treatment done, and he has now gone to live with Simon and Renata and their lovely English Bull Terrier Lucky. He won their hearts immediately with his soft, loving nature and they were absolutely delighted with him when he saved a little girl who was visiting them from going too near a stream. Well done, Charlie


 Bruce has gone to live with Kay and Peter and their menagerie of other animals. While with us, Bruce has various vet treatments as he was so very underweight. The vet could find nothing wrong at all, but Bruce simply didn't put on any weight, and looked about 5 months old. Within a couple of months of living with Kay and Peter they had to put him on a diet!







 Fletcher came to us as he had been left in a house that had been vacated. A really lovely boy, Fletcher was quite a chaser of small furry animals. Fletcher has gone to live with Pete and Julie and their kids. He did not settle quickly, but is now enjoying family life to the full - and yes, he still likes to chase rabbits!











 Mia has gone off to live with Sue and Andrew and their other two rotts. She has settled well and loves her new big brothers! She has also learnt to climb the open plan spiral staircase - clever little minx!





 Roxy is now happily settled with Michelle and her family. They have moved back in with Michelle's Mum, and she is very impressed by how lovely Roxy is - and even lets her sleep on the sofa!





 Guy has gone to live in Cornwall with Penny and Martin. He is a big laid back baby, very affectionate and quite lazy. He follows Penny around and loves his little Jack Russel mate.








 Tiny has gone to live with Norma and her other rescue rottie, Cassie. Norma is a very experienced rott owner, and is very happy to have this handsome, clever and obedient dog as part of the family. He has however been known to steal the odd danish pastry!



 Fred, another of the puppies we took in just after Xmas, has gone to live with Olive on her smallholding. He is getting on fine with everyone - except he did chase one of the chickens, which promptly died of a heart attack - even though he didn't actually touch it.




 Murray has gone to live with Lee and Leigh and their family. A lovely pup, this chap has settled very well into his loving new home. He is growing at a rate of knots - actually they all are - they are a really "big" litter.








 Lennie, who was in foster care for some time has found his forever home with Tim, an experienced rott owner. Lennie is a dog who needs lots of exercise to keep him out of mischief, and as he is very good with horses, he gets plenty of exercise when Tim takes Lennie out with the horses.