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Dog 2007 - 2

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 Obi has gone to live with George and Jackie. Jackie calls him her "little poppet". George was quite scathing about this at first, but now Obi is George's little poppet too! George loves taking Obi out on long walks, and says Obi is so well behaved that George could walk him all day.


Obi is getting better at travelling now and really loved the snow we had recently. He enjoyed the kids throwing snowballs and tried to catch them - but could not work out why he was getting a mouthful of nothing!









 Xena came back to us as her owner lost his job. Xena is such a loving girl. She is now living with Anna, who had owned a rott before. Xena is enjoying being the centre of attention and has settled down very happily








 Our darling Cassie has gone to live with John and Alison. They have never owned a rott before and are amazed at how easy going and loving she is. At 9 years old, Cassie came to us as her owners felt that their younger dogs were driving her mad. (To be fair, they had rescued her a couple of years before) Cassie likes a walk, and is happy to curl up on her bed after and not bother anyone.



 Tatum is now living with Julie and Nick, who have always owned rotts. Tatum is a quiet, gentle and loving dog who is happy to go on long walks and loves company. Tatum came in with Rueben, who has also been rehomed. Splitting them up has meant that each dog gets far more individual love and attention, and has really brought our their personalities.






 Chloe is now with Stephanie and her husband. Chloe is being very spoilt by her new Mum and Dad, and has settled very well. Chloe had a bad time when she came to us, as we rehomed her, but she had a scuffle with another dog (her new owner had put titbits/chews on the floor for both the dogs) and so Chloe came back. She then spent some time with us in kennels, which she found very stressful. We are very pleased that she is now so happy in her new home


 Sophie came into our care at 11 years old. An absolute sweetheart, Sophie was fostered by Shelley. Sophie loves cats, other dogs and is happy just to have a cuddle. She has been rehomed to Diane and Michael and their two children. Diane runs a rabbit and guinea pig rescue so Sophie has plenty to keep her amused. At 11 years old, Sophie has a few health problems which Diane and Michael are keeping an eye on. They are very special people - they know that they may not have this lovely lady for very long, but wanted to give her her last months in a loving, caring home. Thank you both.



 Nellie was brought into us by the local dog warden, who had found her wandering in Epping Forest. A lovely, bright, happy dog, Nellie has gone to live with Ivan and Jenny. Look at the lovely "bling" collar she is wearing! She loves going to work with Ivan in the van, and has lots of attention from everyone in the family.



 Rosie has gone to live with Richard. After a long time in kennels, we were starting to wonder whether anyone would ever give our girl a home. Rosie is not the easiest of rotts. She is not good with other dogs, and had also had a cruciate ligament operation whilst in our care. Richard has very kindly taken Rosie to hydrotherapy to ensure that her leg is as stable and strong as possible. She has calmed down and loves Richard to tickle her tummy!




 Polly, now known as Eva, has settled very well with Dawn and David, their other two rotts, and the two cats. Dawn says that Eva is a star at training classes, and having done a follow up visit, I can agree that all their hard work is paying off with this little girl. She is sociable, lively, but very obedient - a pleasure to own. Dawn and David have owed rotts for over twenty years, so know the benefits of socialising and training.




  Mary is now living with Mel and Kevin, and their Newfoundland Fritz. When Fritz and Mary met, it was a bit of a non event, as Fritz decided that although Mary was quite nice, he really wanted to take Peter home!