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  Our lovely old Max has found his new home! Max came into us as his owners had taken him to the vet to be euthanaesed, as they did not have enough time for him anymore. Their vet refused to destroy a healthy dog, and called us. Max originally went into kennels, but developed an infection in his leg, so we decided to bring him home for some T.L.C. Max settled beautifully here, and was absolutely no trouble, but, before you all start guessing that Max is staying here with us, you are all WRONG! A lady called Sam has been helping us with dog walking, and had met Max a couple of times. She gave us a call and offered to foster Max - this made our lives a bit easier, in terms of being able to do home checks and take in any dog that needed to come in as an emergency. So, we went and home checked Sam, and Max went to stay with her for a few weeks. Last week, Sam bought Max back to our vet for his check up and second vaccination, and neither Max nor Sam took their eyes off each other - they obviously were very closely bonded in just a week! That evening Sam confessed to wanting to keep Max, and both Pete and I had a tear in our eye when we accepted the offer of a kind, loving home for our old fella. Sam must really love him, as she takes him for a swim in the sea some mornings, and even goes in with him as he loves her being with him!

UPDATE Sam and Max go swimming regularly now - that will help with his extra pounds - and all the family and friends already love this placid, easy going dog.









  Yogi, or Google Bear as our kennel manager Alison always called him, has been rehomed with Jackie and Reg, and their very laid back little staffie, Dave. Yogi and Dave hiti it off immediately. Dave was used to being bullied by Reg and Jackie's last dog - who was much loved, but not the easiest of rotts! The day Jackie took Yogi home she phoned me to let us know that the window cleaner had been round, and she had not had to " batten down the hatches" as she did with George!

Yogi is still on his diet, and is fast learning that Mum is not quite the pushover that Dad is!


9.9.08 Yogi is a loving boy, and Jackie and Reg feel very lucky to have him around. Their last dog was a bit of a handful, so they are very pleased that Yogi loves the world. Jackie says that the other dog he and Dave the staffie went for a walk with Reg and decided (without permission) to go for a swim in the duckpond the other day and came out covered in thick, slimy mud. Jackie writes that she suddenly had a sprained wrist, so Reg had to bath them!


  Emerald has gone to live with Vanessa and her son Liam. Vanessa has owned dogs all her life, but not had a rottweiler before. She is looking forward to the challenge. Vanessa breeds cats (beautiful British Shorthairs). Fortunately, Emerald had been fostered in a home with four cats, so is well used to being told off if she gets too playful. Vanessa says that Emerald, who is now known as Roxi, goes through the cat flap, steals the cat food and then cries when she can't get back in!


  Diamond, or Madam as she was known, has gone to live with Michelle and Pat. She is now called Roxy, and Michelle says she is a wonderful little puppy. Roxy is fascinated with the carp in the pond and will sit and watch them for ages, but Michelle has to keep an eye on her as she thinks that Roxy will go in with them, given half a chance!


 Well, it has finally happened for our rather special girl. Lulu has joined Diane, Michael, their children and our lovely old Sophie dog, their other rott Burly, two cats and lots of rabbits! Lulu has had her fair share of trials and tribulations health wise - ear operations, allergies and a couple of elbow hygromas (these are harmless swellings - but do need to be drained off). Peter was convinced that she was going for the record in what our rescue has spent on one dog in veterinary treatment! Diane and Michael, who are staunch supporters of our rescue, phoned to ask if they could give her a permenant, loving home. When we took her to their home, she just walked right in and made herself at home. She adores Burly, as they both love to play all day, and Sophie likes her as Burly leaves Sophie to sleep now! P.S. Our lovely old lady Sophie, although grey, is still enjoying life to the full - as you can see from the photo of her trying to keep in the shade so that she doesn't spoil her complexion! Lulu's allergies are now under control, her ears have healed and hopefully she will enjoy a long and happy life with her new family.


Have got got these lovely photos of the gang from Michael and Diane - everything is going very well and all the dogs get on together. Lulu and Michael are besotted with each other - typical bitch!













  Onyx has gone to live with Karen and Shaun and their girl rottie Maisy. A sweet little dog, Onyx is settling in very well and keeping Karen on her toes! As you can see, he looks to his big sister to give him directions on what to do next! Karen says she is leading him into mischief! Maisy loves him to bits and mothers him, insisting that he lays still and has his ears washed.


  Paddy has gone to live in Wiltshire, with Steve and his wife. Paddy is settling in well, and is being thoroughly socialised with people and other dogs. He has had a bit of an ear infection, but is on the mend now, and was a big hit with the vet staff as he was so well behaved in the surgery. Paddy has also managed to persuade Steve that the slipper belongs to Paddy, not Steve!


  Rolo has been rehomed to Peter and Lisa, an experienced rescue home, who have a cat and a little girl of 6. Rolo has settled in very well, and despite his lively temperament is very gentle with Abbey, and has not even attempted to chase the cat! Lisa and Peter say Rolo is very loving and has calmed down very quickly in his new home.


Rolo has made a couple of new friends, and enjoys going on long walks and getting thoroughly dirty!







 Nothing like a good upside down sleep after a hard days play!






  Baloo and Leah have gone to live with Sarah and Ian, who are estate managers. They have fifteen fully fenced acres to play in, and Ian and Sarah say they are a happy pair of dogs. Baloo is a lot more laid back than Leah, having had a much better start in life, but Leah is learning to trust her new people and enjoy her new life. Sarah and Ian make sure they spend time individually with both dogs, so that their training is not neglected.










Leah and Baloo looked fabulous when we did our follow up visit - both have put on weight and got more muscle from all the chasing rabbits that they do! Leah is the more energetic of the two, and never seems to stop, while Baloo is happy to plod around the estate saying "hello" to anyone he meets. As Leah had been locked in a room for months, this must seem like heaven to her.













 Carl has bee rehomed to Rob and Jenny. Carl is getting on very well with their rescued Westie, who gets very dirty when playing with Carl. They both have a revolting habit in common - they both love rolling in fox poo! Good luck Jenny, you'll be spending a fortune on doggie shampoo!


Carl is responding well to training and socialisation, but is a bit travel sick. In Rob's words - there is a long road ahead of us with this! We have just received some more pics of Carl, now Harry, with his new mates!


 Harry is now living in Devon and is growing fast. He has started agility as he loves to be active, but he is not too keen on the see saw. Jenny, his owner, has contacted some local charities and is working to prove that Rottweilers are a loving, kind breed and is trying to change public perception of them











 Rob and Jenny have sent us this lovely photo of Harry on the beach - he gets more handsome every day!  They say that he quite enjoys the sand and running around with Lucy the westie, but if the waves come too close, he jumps backwards. WHAT A WIMP!