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 Puppy Violet has gone to live with Suzanne, who owns a livery stables. Suzanne has recently lost her rottie bitch and wanted a little girl to complete her home. As Violet has been fostered with Julie and Kim, Violet was very used to other dogs and cats and was well on the way to being housetrained. Violet will be out and about with her new Mum during the day, and tucked up indoors with her nice new bed at night!


Tia, as she is now known has settled in well and has learned very quickly not to annoy the horses! One tap from the foot of one of them was enough for Tia to learn this very important lesson! Tia travels well in the car, and has been attending puppy classes, which have been very useful for Suzanne, as she has been able to talk with the trainer and other owners about any little worries she had. Tia is starting adult classes in July. Suzanne says she is an absolute joy to own.


  Lexi has been rehomed to Christine and Sean, who recently lost their rottie. They were unsure whether they wanted a girl or a boy until they saw Lexi, who won them over with her nice manners and loving ways.


Lexi has been to the beach - and found it a bit strange to be walking on sand. She has made a couple of friends at the park and is still a very loving girl. When we did the follow up visit on Lexi, we found her to still be the same friendly, exuberant and loving little dog as ever! She was very pleased to see both of us, but Pete in particular, and showed him her tummy for most of the visit!!


 Fletcher, as he is now known, has gone to live with Christine and her husband. Christine runs puppy training and obedience classes, and also agility classes, so this little man is going to have to shape up pretty quickly! Christine is very pleased with him. He is geting on well with the other dogs, and is now far too heavy to carry around. Lorraine, who fostered Fletcher, was smitten with his happy good nature and laid back attitude to life.











Christine has sent us these photos of Fletcher, to mark his six months old birthday!









 Lorraine has done a follow up visit and is very pleased with Fletcher's behaviour and training. A lovely, good natured boy, Fletcher is a firm favourite with all the people who meet him. Fletcher has recently undergone an operation for O.C.D. but is recovering slowly.He is absolutely kept in his place by an 18 year old Yorkie bitch, who is going deaf and blind, but still commands the respect of all the dogs in the house!






 Tony was fostered by Michael and Diane, and so was very well socialised with cats, dogs and rabbits. He has gone to live with Shirley and Alan and their cat and a staffie called Milly. Alan says he calls him William when he's naughty - but he's only called him William twice! Either they are very patient, or the puppy is exceptionally good!

We have received these pics from Shirley - it looks like Bill is living the life of luxury!


Bill is growing at a rate of knots, and when Pete did the home check was greeted by a very handsome young man!

Shirley and Alan have booked him in for castration, and have started puppy classes.

Apparently Shirley is going to stop Alan from reading the website, as when he gets on our "Reasons for Rescue" page, he gets irate and swears loudly! Thanks Alan, we're with you!


 Rosa came in to us badly needing an entropion operation. Her eye was badly ulcerated and she was totally uncared for by her previous owners. We had the operation done, and Matt and Lisa, who had just lost their elderly rott bitch, took her to live with them and their Dogue De Bordeaux, Bruno, and their male Rott, Chuck. Although the smallest of the bunch - she rules the roost!




 Cleo came into us as her owners relationship had broken down. Fabulous with children, other dogs and cats, Cleo struggled to be happy in kennels. She was taken home by Barbara and Wayne, who have recently lost their old male rott (Bubba) Cleo,Wayne and Barbara are all now really enjoying themselves. Cleo has settled very well and loves everyone.


We went to see Cleo, who was still the same little tart she has always been - she didn't leave Peter's side for the hour we were there! Apparently, there are a lot of foxes in the area, and when Barbara takes Cleo for a walk they try to follow her. Cleo is a bit frightened of them, so Barbara has to take an umbrella with her, and chase them away as Cleo is too much of a wuss to do it herself!







  Hilary came in with her litter mates, and is a real sweetie. She has gone to live with Jane and her family, who adore her, but cannot believe just how quickly she is growing. The phrase "like a weed" springs to mind!

 Bella has settled in very well with Peter and Diane and their German Shepherd, Toby. The two dogs play all day, and have helped Diane to start to come to terms with the loss of her last rott.




 Gordon has settled well with Tracy and Jim, who sadly had just lost their old rott. He is a lovely bundle of fun and when they met him their hearts melted. Although Gordon can never take the place of their old rott, hopefully he will help to ease the pain

Gordon is now known as Diesel, and is a real "Mummy's boy". James and Tracy love him to bits and have really worked hard on his training. He plays happily with other dogs, loves people and is generally very laid back and obedient. And look how much he has grown!



UPDATE 9.9.08
Deisel is now the proud owner of two "girls" - Bella and Tia. He has been castrated, so there is no chance of any accidents. When we saw him a couple of weeks ago, he was very placid and easy going - and looks set to be thoroughly hen pecked!