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 Sasha came to us as she had been abandoned in kennels. This lovely bitch, about 7 years old, is a real sweetheart. She has been rehomed with Tracy and Paul and their male rottweiler, 3 cats and a parrot. The parrot is already taking the mickey out of Sasha. She is not getting lots of walks and attention, which at her time of life, she really deserves


Sasha did not immediately get on with the cats, but has improved to the point that Tracey and Paul have taken 4 abandoned kittens into their care and Sasha has been fine with them. She has lost a little weight, but still has a little more to go. She is so very loved, and is very happy as you can see from the photos Lorraine took when doing the follow up visit.







 Cherie has gone to live with Dominic and Christine and their little girl. Cherie has settled in and loves all the attention. It is just as well that Cherie is a girl, as their daughter was determined to call their new dog Jade, whatever its sex!





Dudley came into us as his owners felt that he did not love them. His new owner, Virginia cannot believe that she has such a good natured loving dog. He gets on very well with the other two rotts, Tasha and Jonty, and his only real "naughty" behaviour has been to eat one of Virginia's budgies. A new member of the family has come to join Dudley, Jonty and Tasha - a little girl called Amber whom Virginia rescued. She is settling in very nicely, and Dudley has taken the new girl in his stride!















  Monty has settled in well with Christine and Bernie, and loves

their grandchildren to bits! Experienced rottweiler owners, Bernie was not too happy about Monty's waggy trail before he met him, but now loves him and his tail to bits!


Monty is really special to his new family and adores the children.He is a typical puppy - into everything!


 Rueben has gone to live with October, Andrew, their son Max, and a little terrier called Milly. Rueben is a very happy old lad - does not mind his little "pest" wanting to play all day and adores Max. He cries at the door when Max goes off to school!




 Bruce has gone off to live with Ron, an experienced rott owner who can't believe his luck at having such an easy dog! Bruce is very friendlt to everyone he meets - other than when Ron's son comes round and forgets to take off his motorcycle helmet first!

UPDATE 9.9.08

Bruce is very much loved by Ron. He made us laugh, telling us how he puts saucepans on the sofa to stop Bruce from making his way up there! Bruce goes into the vets every week for a weekly weigh in  - the staff all love him to bits


 Our wonderful Byron is at home with us! He had been in kennels for some time, and with his hip problems the cold weather was not doing him much good. We had brought him home over Xmas, and he was so good and so happy we decided to make it a permanent arrangement. We love him to bits, and he loves the radiator in the kitchen



Macey has been rehomed to Tracy and Bob. She came into us as she has been living with a young couple whose relationship had broken down. With two young children, "Mum" could not exercise or give Macey very much time and so her owner reluctantly handed her to us. A lovely young girl, she is enjoying very long walks with Tracy and Bob.