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  Teddy has gone to his new home in Kent! His new owners have had two rottweilers before, and know just what a handful young Teddy can be! Teddy had had a terrible time, having had his tail illegally docked at the age of 1 year. Despite this causing him so much pain, he has remained a trusting, loving friendly dog who adores being around people and having fun! His new owners love to watch his antics, and say he is a real fun dog to have around!


Teddy's family are so pleased with the way he has settled. They have sent us this photo of Teddy being a nosey neighbour! 


 Dora has now been rehomed to a family who already have a  lovely male rottweiler that was rescued from a pub. She is settling in to her new life, and already knows how to walk to heel. Avery sociable little pup, I know that Lorraine (who fostered her for some 2 months) is missing her terribly. Never mind Lorraine, we'll find you another dog to look after very soon!

UPDATE 9.9.08

Dora is still A"Dora"ble!  Joanne and her family are very pleased with how quickly she has settled, and how calm and loving she is. She is learning even more good manners from their big boy.


  Fifi is now called Jala, which means "special one" in Swahili. She has gone to live with Nadine and Duncan and their rott x lab who is called Shetani (Swahili for little devil). Both dogs enjoy playing tug, and Jala has settled very quickly into her new life. Nadine and Duncan are hoping that her good training will rub off on their little devil!


 Jala is now settling down and has stopped trying to rule the roost! Nadine has had to be quite firm with her, as she was trying to bully poor Shetani. She now knows that there is enough love and attention to go round! The photo speaks for itself - she is now happy to share even a really good stick!



 Freddie is now living with Chris and Rosie. Chris rescued Rosie 2 years ago and both Rosie and Chris love little Freddie to bits! Last week, Rosie was not very well and was kept in overnight at the vets. Freddie pined for her, so Chris took Freddie to visit her! Rosie is quite a feisty lady, so Freddie will be kept firmly in his place. He is learning about children and being socialised every day.



 Maisy has gone to live with Yvonne and John and their male rott Zeus. Yvonne and John are experienced rott owners who are around all day to ensure that Maisy gets lots of attention and the cuddles she loves so much. Maisy has a couple of acres to play in and explore, and Zeus will soon be teaching her to chase bunnies!


Yvonne tells me that Maisy is a bit of a thief, and is very quick to steal food from the work surface if it is left out - but she then looks as if to say "it wasn't me"!


Maisie has lost a little weight, as she was rather plump when she arrived at her new home. She now weighs 49 kilos, rather than the 54 kilos she was a couple of months ago - I wish I could lose weight that quickly! Yvonne says Maisy is very obedient, loves the grandchildren and her tennis ball!


 Major has gone to live with Shelley and Tony and their rescued rott bitch, Roxi. Although only about half the size of Major, Roxi is firmly in control, and Major has resigned himself to being a "henpecked husband"!





  Bertie has been rehomed to Gabrielle and Martin, who have had rescued rotts in the past. They lost their last boy, William about 10 months ago. They also have a very lively, intelligent Dobermann, Lizzie, who is really going to have her work cut out trying to control Bertie! They play endlessly, and Gabrielle has to be very firm to make them have a rest.


  Ruby has gone to live with Celia and her husband John. Experienced dog owners, Celia is at home all day, and John likes nothing better than a long walk. Ruby has made herself at home, and has met the grandchildren whom she was very good with. It was a joy to see how Ruby has grown into a confident, happy dog, from the very frightened girl who came into our care such a short time ago.


Celia says that Ruby is a very good girl, and goes for walks with Dave every day. She plays with other dogs in the park and is fabulous with the grandchildren.


 Flora, or Tia as she is now called is living with Tracey and James and their two other rescue rotts, Deisel and Bella. A real little livewire, she is having great fun in her new home, and is well on the way to being completely housetrained.




 Dave has gone to live with Keith and Vicky, who are experienced rott owners. Dave is very good with the children, and is learning his manners very quickly. Keith lost his last rott some years ago, but has always wanted another. As he is often at home, he will have lots of time to train and socialise Dave, so that he becomes a nice dog to know!


Vicky has e mailed to say how lovely Dave is with the children.  Vicky says he is happy to be with the kids and loves them. Vicky and Keith have owned a rottweiler before, but now that they have children, Vicky had some reservations. She initially wanted a smaller dog, and preferably one that was already housetrained. Then she came to see Dave! Vicky says Dave has only wee'd in the house once and has not chewed anything. He sleeps through the night unless one of the children gets up and then he cries until they are downstairs with him. He sits, waits and comes back when he is called, even by their little boy. If the weather is hot, he enjoys lolloping in the stream in the local park, and has made some good "doggy" mates already. Vicky says he is a joy to own


 Denzil has been rehomed to James and Angie and their family. They have a rottie called Ellie, who is a real sweetie, but decided to let Denzil know from the start that girls rule! Denzil took it all in his stride, and decided that Ellie could be the boss as long as he got his dinner!

UPDATE 15.11.08

Davinia and Fred, our reps in Northamptonshire, did a follow up
visit on Denzil last weekend. He has dropped a lot of the excess weight he was carrying when he left our care, and has settled very well into his new life. However, there is a story that when he was told off and put outside the living room a couple of weeks ago, (just for a couple of minutes) when he was let back in he calmly went a peed in James's shoe in protest! James still oves him though!


  Tina has gone to live with Barry and Jane and their dear little

yorkie, Murphy. Tina has settled very well, and Barry and Jane love her to bits! They take her and Murphy for walks by the river, and have enrolled Tina in some training classes.

26.8.08 UPDATE

When we did a follow up visit this week, Tina was in lovely condition, and very pleased with life in general! Jane and Barry say she is a real pleasure to have around. She does like to tease Murphy the yorkie, grabbing his ball and not letting him have it back!

  Tommy has now been rehomed with Sharon and her family. This lovely little pup is now having to learn his manners from a rottie bitch and a bullmastiff x staffie bitch, who are both going to ensure that Tommy doesn't get too big for his paws

UPDATE 17.10.08

 Sharon adores her "little Tommy Tinkle" as he is affectionately known. He is getting rather too big to get on your lap for a cuddle now though Sharon! Lorraine did the follow up visit and was very impressed by how well behaved and loving he is.