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 Lily is a four year old spayed bitch who came in as her owner had a spine condition and was struggling to walk her.Lily has gone to live in Sussex with Alison and Iain and their two children. She will get lots of long walks and will also be able to play on the beach! She has settled very well and gets on very well with their male rottie - who thinks he has died and gone to heaven with this lively girl to play with!

update 15.11.08 We have just received these lovely photos of Lily with Taz, her new best buddy. They are apparently inseperable,   and even share a bed! Lily is a talker, but Iain and Alison are used to that, as Taz talks too - so they are constantly being "nagged" by their dogs!



 Roo, our old lady of about 8, has finally found her new sofa to sit on! Ruth and her husband are retired, and had recently lost their old boy. As they are not youngsters, they did not want a dog that required lots and lots of exercise, and they fell for the charms of this lovely old lady. Roo is being thoroughly spoilt - as she deserves.

16.10.08 UPDATE

We have had a letter from Ruth and Mac, Roo's new owners. They have written that she is a joy to have around. The other day they took her for a walk and threw a ball for her. She fetched it twice, but the third time they threw it she looked at them as if to say "You get it"! So they all went home and had a bacon butty!

UPDATE 5.12.08

 We went to see our lovely old lass Roo today. She has settled as though she has always been with Mr and Mrs Mac, and knows she is very much loved. She in turn adores them, and sits as close to them as she can. She is trying to dig her way to Australia, but Mr and Mrs Mac like to see her enjoying herself. Our lovely girl is looking forward to her turkey dinner on Xmas Day (and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets some Xmas pudding as well).As you can see, she is really enjoying her new, loving home.


 Lily came to us as her owner took her to a vet to be destroyed as she mouthed her owner (there was no mark) and was destructive when left. We do not usually take x breeds, but as Lily is so young we felt she needed to be found the right home NOW or her behaviour would not improve, and she would end up another sad statistic. A lady working in the vets called us, and we assessed Lily. We found her to be the usual - an untrained 6 month old pup with boundless enthusiasm, no manners and lots to learn! The vet agreed to spay Lily free of charge and we put her on our website under Dogs in other Rescues. However, within hours we had a call from an experienced owner who lived close to one of our reps. So, we did the home check, and took her to her new home. Paula and her family are delighted with their little minx, and realise that they have some hard work ahead of them. As they had experience of a very difficult dog, they have the time and patience to work with her.

24.09.08  UPDATE

  Lily is settling in very well. Paula says she loves her toys (always a way of limiting destructiveness) and is enjoying her new life. She is friendly to everyone she meets - waiting patiently for a fuss, not jumping up. The only time Lily mouthes is when she gets over excited, but a firm "no" soon stops the behaviour. Paula and her family are delighted to have her.


  Missy, the two year old bitch who was in a foster home, has struck gold and is now a permenant fixture in the home of Zoe and Spencer. She is such a loving, sweet girl - she is truly a pleasure to have around. Missy was a joy to walk and socialise when she was in kennels - one day she saw a cat (she had never lived with cats) and she simply went up to it and said hello nicely, although the cat looked a bit surprised!

30.10.08 UPDATE

Missy has been out socialising in the park, and is now playing happily with other dogs. Spencer and Zoe adore her, as does everyone who meets her. She has settled very well into her new life.  When out in the park, Missy feels that she needs to show the world just how lovely rotts can be, by saying hello politely to everyone, going up to them and sitting nicely, waiting for a stroke.


 Our lovely Pippa has found her new home. Pippa is 4 years old, and had been in rescue before. She has gone to live with Eve and Tony, and their dog and cat. Pippa has now lost most of the weight she needed to lose, as she was rather tubby, to say the least! Pippa is very much loved by her new owners.




08.09.08 UPDATE

 Pippa is now very settled in her new home, and Eve and Tony are delighted with her. She has not put a paw out of place since she has been with them, and is getting on very well with the other animals. She is shiny and has lost her excess weight.



 As you may remember, Hippo came to us at 5 weeks old. He had been found joyriding with his 16 year old owner. Although not a pure rottweiler, Hippo quickly endeared himself to all who met him - such spirit and determination for such a small pup. He mixed well and quickly with the much older litter pf pups we had here, and also made his presence felt with our own adult dogs - inviting them to play, and jumping all over poor Byron's head! He has gone to live with Brian and Caroline, who have owned a large dog before. They saw his photo and fell for his charms, without even meeting him!

08 09 08 UPDATE

 Hippo is still known as Hippo! He has become quite a favourite both at the vets and locally, as he is so friendly and good natured. He is only a puppy though, and does like to chew up the remote controls (a real favourite with lots of dogs, as they smell so strongly of the owners, and also the owners attention is taken away from the dog when they are using it ) and also sticks in the garden.



 Timmy has found his new home. He came into us at 10 weeks old, along with his brothers and sisters. As we are very careful about where our dogs are placed, we did not find it easy to find homes with enough time and commitment to cope with puppies. So, Timmy was 20 weeks old by the time he found Martin and Wendy, who are experienced rottie owners. They already have a samoyed x rott, who is happy to keep Timmy in his place and help to teach him some manners! Timmy can look forward to some lovely walks, asthe property backs onto woodland - great for a nosey rott pup to explore in.

Lorraine went to see Timmy, now Storm a couple of weeks ago - and we are amazed, as always, at how much he has grown!


 Dennis is now happy in his new family, living five minutes from the beach. His new family say he is not a menace at all - and has been really good with them. Justin and Kerryanne, who took Dennis, are eager to go to training classes with Dennis as they know that this is the best way to have a fabulous dog in a few months time - there are no short cuts. When they told me that he is not a menace I told them that he must have been swapped with another dog on the way home!

UPDATE 25.09.08

Dennis has really calmed down! He very obviously adores his
new Mum, and the whole time I was there he just sat gazing at her! Kerryanne is just as besotted with Dennis - although the family now do not have a pair of socks without holes in them between them! Dennis nicks them and takes them down the garden - he wouldn't if he smelt Peters!








  Our lovely boys have gone to a new home. Robbie and Roy, who had had such a rotten start to their lives have gone to live as part of Ann and Danny's family. Ann and Danny have owned rotts before, and are very aware that they have taken on quite a challenge with these two lads, as they have never lived in a house before. They are settling slowly, but Ann is a very patient lady, and is giving them lots of time and space to adjust. Her patience has already been rewarded - they rarely make mistakes in the  house, and have been very friendly and eager to please. They do get spooked by their reflection in the glass, though! Roy is suffering a little separation anxiety, but Robbie is in his element (he was always the cuddly one!) On the day they left the kennels, these two dogs had more people crying than I have ever seen before - they were real favourites with all the staff, and I must confess, with me. Just look at them playing football for the first time in their lives!


Ann tells me that the boys are a real pleasure - they have settled very well and even had their first bark in the garden the other day - this was when someone went too close to the back fence! 

08 09 08 UPDATE

 Val went to do a follow up visit a couple of weeks ago and was totally in love with the boys by the end of her visit. Val had never met them before, and was impressed with their calm loving natures. Ann has emailed to let us know that they continue to settle better every day. Robbie is still very sweet and loving, and has put on quite a bit of weight (which he really needed) Roy is gaining weight, but at a slower rate - he is the less settled of the two, but he is getting there! The boys are also improving with other dogs, and do not want to bark at every dog they see anymore. The photo shows them doing what they always did - moving in unison - or, more accurately, looking in unison!