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 Our lovely Porsche has finally found her new home! Porsche came in with Tally, and had been with us for some 5 months. A lively, confident girl, Porsche just went with the flow and played with every dog we took her out with, gave us a cuddle and was quite happy. However, Porsche needed a home. She has now gone to live with Debbie and John and their two adult children. Debbie will be taking Porsche to work with her. Debbie has a keen interest in training, and Porsche does need some training! Debbie has told us that when she puts Porsches dinner down in the kitchen, Porsche carefully brings the full bowl into the living room and eats it in there!


 Saffy has been rehomed to Gerhard and Nettie, who are experienced rott owners. They thought long and hard before deciding to get another dog - feeling, quite rightly, that it is a big commitment. Saffy  has settled in well, and is getting used to her new family.






 Annie is now living happily with Mary and Alan and their two daughters. She is behaving very well, and has been an absolute star with the family cat - who decided to attack Annie! Annie has done everything in her power to make friends with the cat - but it is going to be a long job!.




 Drake, a ten week old puppy whom the breeder could not sell, has gone to live by the sea with Belinda, Phil, their two kids and Wilma, who is a loopy rescued x breed! Belinda and Phil had had a rottie before, and decided their home was simply not complete without one! Drake is now known as Barney, so they have Barney and Wilma. I pointed out to Phil that Fred would be a more appropriate name (The Flintstones) but he laughed and said "My friends all call me Fred, due to my resemblance to Fred Flintstone, so it will have to be Barney"! Barney is settling well, and is much loved by all the family.Out thanks to Kerrie and her family ,who fostered this little man.

UPDATE 29.11.08

  Barney Rubble is very much loved by his new family, and they are very happy to have this dear little boy. Wilma mothers him at every opportunity and makes sure his ears are clean at all times.

Barney is going to puppy socialisation classes - but may end up with an identity crisis, as the family's parrot keeps calling him Daisy, after their last rottie!


 Ben is now about 2. He came into our care as he was not getting on with one of the other dogs in the house. He has always lived with children.Ben has gone to live in Surrey with Hannah. Hannah works from home, so Ben keeps her company while she is working. They enjoy long walks in the woods together, and he has met Hannah's nephews and been very gentle with them.




 Marc was taken in by us as he was found abandoned in a stairwell of a block of flats. A very loving and sweet little rottie x  of about 5 months, Marc has now gone to live with Karl and Sue, who have owned two rottweilers in the past, but also a rottie x. Karl says Marc is very like their last rottie x, and so has called Marc Bertie, after the rottie x they have recently lost. Marc is settling very well and is eager to please.



 Raleigh has been rehomed to Ben and Tamaryn and their Dogue de Bordeaux, Lila. Raleigh, now known as Rio, has made himself at home and enjoys playing with Lila. He will be starting training classes in the next few weeks. Ben says he is still tiddling everywhere, but they are working on it! Rio is a real sweetie, and enjoys a cuddle and lots of attention.Our thanks also to Jackie and Callum, who fostered little Raleigh for us until his forever home came along.





  Nelson has found his dream home too! Nelson is now happily living with Jackie and Andy and their other two dogs. Their little terrier thinks all his Christmas's have come at once as he loves to play with little Nelson. Nelson was fostered for some weeks with Judith and Edward, and their tribe of dogs and cats (not to mention Guinea pigs) and Jackie is busy carrying on Judith's habit of sending me lots of photos. In fact, Judith and I discussed starting a "Nelson's Column" for the website!

 Nelson has settled in very well, as you can see from the photo of him with his new best mates - It seems that they all have their Mum wrapped around their paws!





 Mia has now been happily rehomed with David and Lorinda, who came and met Mia when she was recovering from her OCD operation, and fell in love with her happy and gentle nature. David is eager to start training classes with Mia, and Lorinda is eager to have a dog to cuddle and spoil! Mia really is a lucky girl.

David and Lorinda will make sure that Mia gets the gentle steady exercise she needs to recover fully, and will also continue with her socialisation skills - she is getting on very well with the cat, so she is obviously a nicely behaved little girl.