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  Teddy has now gone to live with Lois and Graham and their two children. Lois and Graham are experienced rott owners, but have never had a rescue dog. The family have been very impressed by how problem free the experience has been for them. Ted has simply settled as though he has always lived with them. He gets on well with the cats, loves the children and had great pleasure in greeting Lois at the front door with a banana! Ted obviously settled very quickly - asleep in his basket on the first night.


 Kai has finally found his new home! Regular readers of the site will remember that Kai had bitten someone whilst in his new home. We took him back, but found that he did have an "edge" to him. Whilst we were overwhelmed by the letters and phone calls supporting our decision to give Kai another home, no one came forward who was in a position to give Kai the kind of home he needed. Our trainer Caz worked with him, as did all our regular walkers and reps, and we all felt that Kai would be good in a security environment - providing it was the right kind of security environment.

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a nice guy who runs his own security business. He has had a male rottweiler before, and felt he could work with Kai. We did a home check, and Shaun came to see Kai. Kai and he got on together straight away. Shaun was gentle but firm, and Kai likes to learn something new all the time. Shaun took Kai home, and is happy that Kai is learning all the time, and very trainable. Kai works only with Shaun as his handler, and then goes home to a play in the garden and a heated kennel for night time. Good luck in your new job, Kai!


 Kaiser has gone to live with Frances and Peter and their two children, Izzy the rottweiler and a cat and a house rabbit! Kaiser is settling in very well and goes to work with Peter sometimes. Frances and Peter got to know Kaiser as they walk the rescue dogs every week, and he won their hearts with his good humour and smiling face. 

 If you are on Facebook, you can be friends with Kaiser and see what he has been up to, by going to Kaisertherot



 Mary has been rehomed to Sharon and Paul, who have had a rottweiler from us before. Mary is now called Macey, and is settling into her new home as though she has always been there. Although Macey is 5, Paul is taking her to training classes to kep her well socialised. Macey had very bad arthritis in her elbows when she came to us, so we had a course of Cartrophen injections for her, which has really helped her movement. She has also been on a strict diet, and has lost some weight which has also helped her mobility.Macey is getting on well with everyone she meets, and loves Sharon's grandchildren.



  Noo Noo came back into rescue as her owner had had to change her work pattern and Noo Noo was being left for too long each day. A lovely 4 year old bitch, Noo Noo is now living happily with Carol and Martin and their son. Noo Noo has settled in as though she has always been there. She sneaks upstairs with Carol and loves long walks with Martin.


  Alice has gone to live with Susan and her family, who already have another rottweiler.  Alice is enjoying long walks in the forest with her new family.

Alice and Charlie are very playful - this photo is one of the rare moments of calm!