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 Our lovely Lady has gone to her new home. Debbie and Mark are experienced rott owners, who sadly lost a young rott to kidney failure. Debbie and Mark have three children who are all very gentle and kind with animals. When Lady met the family, she was in her element! She adores attention and fuss, and there is plenty of it, along with a game of football in the garden with Mark and the children. Debbie and Mark say she has not put a foot out of place, and it already feels as though she has been with them for years




 Sadie, the ten year old whose owner was seriously ill, has now gone to live with Diane and Michael and their two children. Regular followers of the site will remember that this lovely family took old Sophie and gave her her last few months of life in a loving home. Although Sadie has been through the mill a bit - what with her "lumps and bumps" and an operation to remove one, we are all amazed by her spirit and character. She still enjoys life to the full - a good walk at a steady pace, a cuddle and the odd grumble if things are not going her way! Diane and Michael love dogs with a bit of "spark" and they have certainly got that with Sadie!



  The shaggy Molly has gone to live with Homer, a very handsome rescued German Shepherd, and Henry, a very vocal Bassett Hound, and their owners Brian and Lara. Molly is settling in well.  Molly came into us as a stray and we estimate her to be about 2 to 3 years old. How could anyone part with this lovely girl?

Brian brought Molly back to see us last week - she looks lovely and is now very settled with Homer and Henry.



 Amy has gone to her new home with Trevor and Laura and their family.Amy was fostered by Judith and Edward, who were very sorry to see her go but felt that this was the right home for her. Judith is very lucky that the home is very close to where they live, so she can keep in touch very easily! Amy is being spoilt rotten, and enjoying every minute of it! Laura has very sensibly already started to do training with Amy, and has enlisted the help of our trainer, Caz.




 The irrepressible Duke has gone to live with Diane and Michael, Sadie and Lulu, their two cats and the thirty odd rescue rabbits and guinea pigs that Diane looks after. This big handsome lad has simply fitted in as though he has always been there - but he does get a bit hen pecked by Sadie! He and Lulu are inseparable, and they play mad games for hours.






 Lovely "lump" Max has gone off to live by the sea with Eddie and Linda, who are very experienced rottweiler owners. Eddie is at home all day, so Max gets plenty of walks along the beach - but he hasn't been in for a dip yet!