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 Bruce came in as his owner was divorcing and moving to a flat. This lovely lad has now gone to live with Dee and Jeff and their daughter Jade. Bruce has not put a paw out of place, and loves his new family.






 Baloo has joined the madhouse! He's gone to live with Debbie and Mark and their 3 kids, and the lively Lady. Lady and Baloo are already good mates - Baloo accepts that she is in charge - he is used to being "hen pecked" by the girls at the kennels.







 Chloe has gone to live with Rob and Wendy. They have had large dogs before, but not a rottie. Chloe has met the family and taken all the new experiences in her stride. She loves a cuddle and a nice long walk.






 Bentley has been rehomed to Tracy and Tony and their family. They already have quite a menagerie - a Victorian Bulldog, a Cavalier King Charles, a cat and a house duck! Bentley is settling in very well - he has learned already not to annoy the bulldog bitch (there is nothing quite as funny as a bulldog with the hump!) and is gradually realising that duck is not on the menu. 

We have just got these fabulous pics of Betley with the duck and Hettie - what a good boy he is being!










 Roxy has been re named Tilly, and has settled well in her new home with Elaine and David. They are keen walkers, and there is nothing Tilly likes better than a long walk.






 Shadow, also known as Alfie, has been rehomed to Anthony and Alison. Anthony is a dog behaviour counsellor and dog trainer, and will be training Alfie to be his demonstration dog. Hopefully this will show the public that rotts really can be fabulous pets, with the correct imput, time and patience. So far Alfie has been introduced to some of the other dogs, and is learning his place in the pack. Lets hope he continues to develop into a super companion dog that can help to show our breed in it's best light.