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  Jacob, known as Jake, has now been homed to Gini and Jeff and their family. He is settling in very well and his cruciate ligament is now on the mend. Gini has taken Jake to hydrotherapy to help his leg, and is very impressed with Jake's good temperament and waggy outlook on life.


 Gypsy is now living with Nick and his teenage son. She is settling in well and learning about life in a house. Poor Gypsy had never been in a house before - so our thanks to Nick for giving Gypsy the chance to have a good life as a family pet.







Leah has been rehomed to Andrea and Simon, who already have a large male rottweiler. Andrea is very keen on training her dogs and is pleased with the way Leah responds to commands. The two dogs are getting on together very well and enjoy a game of chase!


 Maddie has been rehomed to Anthony, who took Alfie a few weeks ago. Anthony trains dogs for a living, and is looking forward to being able to walk his two well trained dogs, as a brace. Maddie and Alfie are both getting lots of exercise and have now started their training.







 Polly came into our care as she had been swapped for a staffie, and within a couple of days her new owner went out and bought a couple of Schnauzers and Polly did not get on with them. Polly has been on the site before - and was taken off about 8 weeks ago. A few of our regular readers have phoned to ask what has happened to her, as she is not on our Happily Rehomed page. 

Polly hated being in kennels. She was losing weight and her behaviour was causing us some serious concern. She was becoming "kennel crazy" and we felt she was likely to make a serious mistake unless we took some action to try and stabilise her. We brought her home.

 In the 8 weeks she has been here we have had some ups and downs! She was very unsettled and confused, knew nothing about living life in a house, and needed (and still needs) a lot of patience.

We have now got her housetrained, walking fairly well to heel, and she is fairly relaxed around us. The biggest step forward is that she is now happy in Byron's company - 8 weeks ago she would have attacked any dog that came near her, simply through fear. Her recall is perfect, and she has put on weight. She will now allow us to take her toys away as she knows that she can have them back.








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 taz    taz

 Taz is being kept by Judith and Edward, who have been fostering him. This lovely old dog had a couple of set backs, in that he suddenly went very lame one day and was in a lot of pain. We took him straight to the vet, who x rayed him and said that  there was no obvious cause (such as cancer or severe arthritis)and that Taz had probably banged himself whilst in kennels. He has been on painkillers for a week or so now, and is continuing to improve every day. He is a bit intolerant with the little dogs now and again, but with firm voice control he responds very well. Judith and Edward have fallen for this lovely old boy - despite his being a bit on the grumpy side!