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 Rover has gone to live with Mike and Rachel. Rover is settling in very well and enjoying nice long walks (mainly in the rain as the weather has been awful in the last week or so). He is proving to be the "perfect dog" - always happy and friendly.


  Denzil is now happy in his new home with Jim and Agnes and their son, Ben. Denzil is a happy older lad, who has known his hard times, but has settled very well into his new life. Jim and Agnes recently lost their lovely bitch Sasha, and Denzil is helping them to get over their loss.


Denzil has now been in his home for some time, and when I went to see him I have never seen such a change in a dog. He is relaxed, happy and totally at ease with his family. It just goes to show what time, patience and love can do for a dog.


Our special little girl, Charm, has gone to her new home! Charm had had such a horrible life - starved and with a litter of puppies, taken by the RSPCA, and with lots of veterinary treatment needed to get her back to health. We fostered her for a couple of months, and we were amazed at her superb temperament and loving ways. She has gone to live with Ron and Brucie Baby, one of our RRT dogs. Ron says she has made herself at home very quickly - and even sent in the photo above to prove it!



Dear little Erin has gone to live with Amanda and Nick. They are experienced rottweiler owners, and realise that patience will be the key with this little girl. She has already learnt her housetraining, and is getting better on the lead, but is still very easily spooked by things she has not seen before. 



Murdoch has been rehomed to Tony and Debbie and their family. He is settling in well and has made himself at home very quickly. He has now been re named Rodney or Rodders!


At long last, our hopes of finding our Tally a loving home have been realised. As anyone who reads the site regularly will know, Tally had been with us for over a year. She was a firm favourite with everyone who knew her, but she did need an experienced home who would be calm and take things slowly with her.  Tally has gone to live with Margaret and Ted, experienced rott owners who understand what real rescue is all about. They did not expect Tally to be perfect, and expected a few hiccups along the way. Tally has settled in very well - and so far there have been no hiccups. They say that Tally is very loving and calm and enjoys gentle strolls and a cuddle. 


 Dennis, who recently came back into rescue due to a relationship breakdown, has found his new home with Lorraine, who was fostering him. Lorraine fell for his calm and friendly ways - but she is going to have to teach him to walk nicely on a lead or learn to run faster!