For information contact Peter or Shelley on 01689 855 334 between 9am and 5pm






 Katy has really settled into her new life with Rod, Louise and their family. Katy had come into us as she was a little over protective with her family, but Rod and Louise adore her and she is behaving very well.







 Dexter is now living with Sharon, Kevin and their family, and his big sister Aleyla. Dexter came into care as his owner had changed jobs and could not give Dexter the time and training he needed. Dexter is now part of his new family - getting into mischief on a regular basis and making everyone laugh.






 Astra, a 12 week old puppy, came into ur care as her owner was suffering from mental health problems. She was brilliantly fostered by Jackie, and has now been rehomed into an experienced rottie home. Astra also has a new name - Mystique - very fancy!



 Cecily went off to her new home on Boxing Day. This lovely old girl has really fallen on her paws - she is the much loved friend of Ian and Mary, who took her on without any expectations of her. However, she is so lovely that they cannot believe their luck!







 Carol has gone to live with Kerry and Danny and their son Kane. She has settled in very well and loves being around them, and being thoroughly spoilt!











We were originally looking for a security home for Kim, as he was undersocialised, and quite a dominant male who tried to test everyone he met. However, he has gone to a pet home with an experienced rottweiler owner, who is used to having a "less than perfect" dog! Malcolm, Kim's new owner says he is much better now that he is out of the kennel environment, and loves attention. He is starting to socialise Kim with other dogs and people, and all is going well.



George has been homed to Tina and Richard, who already have a rottweiler bitch. George has settled in well and is enjoying long walks in the country. Tina works from home so George has his new "Mum" around most of the day.


Boris has gone to live with Freda and her two bitches, Tia and Sadie. Sadie (known affectionately as Maggot, due to her habit of finding anything disgusting she can to eat!) loves to play and Boris, now Bosley, is learning that Tia rules, OK?! 


 Charm has been rehomed to Pam and George, very experienced rott owners. Charm is getting on very well with their old GSD but is rather wary of the cat. I'm not surprised - the cat is called Muscles!







 Big Bo has found his new home with Christine and Dave and their family. Bo has settled in as though he has always been there - and loves a cuddle - from anyone who will give him one. He has really made a hit with his new family - they love him to bits.





 Our darling Brucie, who came back into our care as Ron, his owner and our good friend, passed away suddenly, has been rehomed with Tina. Tina had a rescue rottie from us several years ago, and always wanted another. Her last dog from us was quite a challenge, and Tina cannot believe how super Brucie is! She says he has settled in as though he has always been there. He gets on very well with her two old girls, Milly, a 14 year old staffie, and her old whippet bitch. He is such a gentleman! Ron would be very proud of him!


  Sailor has gone to live with Cheryl and her husband. He is settling in very well, and is getting on with the cat. Sailor is now known as Bob, and is learning all about his new routine very quickly. He is eager to please, and Cheryl is very pleased with him. Bob is having long walks with several other dogs, and getting along very well with them.


When Lorraine visited Bob she was delighted with how happy and settled he is in his new life




 Ellie is now living happily with Charlie, a 5 year old RRT dog we rehomed in 2007, to Simon and Renata. She is loving her new life. Simon and Renata wrote

She's such a lovely little dog. Charlie thinks she's great; Ellie follows him around on his 'garden patrols'!
Ellie has settled in very well indeed; she is a credit to her former owner and has obviously been immaculately brought up. It's like we've had her for years - she is such a friendly, loving, soft and well balanced dog. Everyone who has seen her can't believe what a super girl she really is; it's lovely to get such a warm welcome from her when I come home from work! Please thank her former owner for us; rest assured that she will be very well looked after.
Best regards
Simon and Ren x




Rhino is now known as Reggie, and is living happily with Gavin and Annie and their little staffie x, Nellie. Nellie and Reggie love each other's company and don't seem to get tired of playing.


 Went to see Rhino today. He is now Reggie. He and Nellie get on very well, and he has had some "manners" training, which has done him the world of good! He enjoys his long walks and plays with lots of other dogs. His best mate is a male Labradoodle, who starts out white but does not go home white after playing with Reggie!




 China has settled into her new home with Mike and Sally, their male rottie and two whippets. She loves chasing around after the whippets but can't work out why she can never catch them! She is also learning that there are ravens in an aviary in the garden, and sometimes one of them sounds just like her new Dad!





Betty, now known as Sky, has been rehomed with Chris and Diane, and their rottweiler male Blue Bear. I can just imagine the looks they will get when they are calling out Blue, Sky to get them to come back when on a walk! Chris and Diane say that Sky has settled very well and gets on famously with Blue - she is part of the family already



This lovely little boy has been rehomed to Tim and Frances, who have owned rottweilers for several years. They have already got him to walk very well on the lead, and say he has settled in and made himself at home very quickly. Tim and Frances have two cats - the ginger one is fine with Barney but the grey one is rather timid and at the moment Barney thinks it is great fun to chase her - so he is being taught not to!


   Jerry came into care at 6 weeks old. He had been left in a box on a railway station and taken to the local stray kennels, who in turn contacted us to see if we could help. Jerry did not go on the rehoming page as we have a puppy waiting list. After being wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and having put on some weight, Jerry has now gone to live with Diane and Colin and their children. He has grown quite a bit since this picture was taken!

02.01.10. Lorraine did a spot of "baby sitting over Xmas, and she is very impressed by how much Jerry has learned in his time in his new home. Lorraine took a few photos of Jerry to show us how much he has grown!