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ROXY (February 2010) 19 months old.

 Roxy came in as her owner lived in a flat and was expecting another child. A loving, fun dog, Roxy has gone to Jason and Anita and their family. They already have a lovely young male rottie named Eddie. Anita says they play a lot, and they are now barred from playing in the house! Training classes are needed, and Jason has already started with them.




DEL BOY(February 2010) 21 months old.

 Del came into care as his owners were struggling financially and had to move to a flat. This extremely loving, huge boy just loves the whole world!During his stay with us, Del loved every dog he met, and every cat. He loved playing with toys, but would happily give them to you if you wanted them, in return for a cuddle! This extra large softie has gone to share the home of Pam and George, Charm (rottie bitch from RRT) an elderly GSD and Muscles the cat!


KELLY (February 2010) 4 years old.

 Kelly came back into our care as her owner was seriously ill. She was not back with us for very long before finding her home - with Kelly and Daniel. As Kelly has the same name as her owner, she is now called Ellie. I still think Kelly the person should have changed her name, not the dog's! Ellie is very happy with her new friend Deisel, and enjoys life very much.





Hello Peter and Shelley
Just thought it would be nice to give you an update on Ellie (aka Kelly)

She is doing really well and has settled in great.
Diesel Loves her to pieces and kisses her constantly, I dont think she likes it too much but she puts up with it anyway :)
She loves going out for walks and swimming in the lake and she is doing a lot better now on the lead as she pulled a lot at first.
Look forward to visiting you soon.
Daniel, Kelly, Diesel and Ellie


JACOB (February 2010) 5 years old.

 Jacob came into care as his owners were evicted from their home. Jacob was rehomed by them, but was picked up a couple of days later by the dog warden. Someone who knew the family then contacted us and offered her help if we would take Jacob into our care. This lovely lad is so sociable, and won everyone's heart. He has now been rehomed to Nick and Kim, who are experienced rottweiler owners. Jacob can now often be seen in our locality, riding on the passenger seat of his new Dad's truck, and thoroughly enjoying his new life!


GRACE (February 2010) 8 years old.

 Grace has finally got a sofa to call her own! Grace came into rescue as her owner had died. This lovely old lady was fostered for the last five months by ourselves, as she had arthritis and we felt it would be too cold and uncomfortable for her in the kennels. She is a loving old dog, very happy to just sit and cuddle, or to go for a walk. Jane and Andy have taken her into their home, along with their old rott male Riley - a lovely old gentleman who is making Grace feel at home.



JACK (February 2010) 5 years old.

 Jack has been rehomed to Mark, Maria, Georgia and Rebecca. Jack came into care with Kelly, as his owners had had their house repossessed. He is settling in well, although Maria has had to put her pots and pans on the sofa to stop Jack from sleeping on it! Mark and Maria have not owned a rott before - so it is a sharp learning curve for them, but Mark says if he had had a wish list, Jack has fulfilled every wish!



FRED (January 2010) 4 years old.

 Well, it has finally happened! Our gorgeous boy Fred, who was with us for such a long time, has finally found his new home. Fred was being fostered by Lorraine, and this helped to bring Fred out of his shell, as he had started to go downhill in kennels. Within a couple of weeks of fostering Fred, his true loving personality came out. He has gone to live with Alex and Suzanne and their family. Fred now loves to play, is excited to see his family, and also watches The Dog Whisperer! Perhaps he is trying to pick up some tips! Fred came to us along with Grace and Red as his owner had died.



 Angel was brought to the kennels we use by one of the kennel staff, Debbie, who had found her wandering. Even for a whippet she was very thin and in poor condition. Debbie tried very hard to find her owners, contacting local dog wardens etc. but no one came forward for her. So, we all started to look for a home for this friedly, loving young dog. Our Lorraine came up with a home, did the home check and we met Louise at the kennels. Angel is about 6 - 9 months old, gets on very well with Louise's children and cats, and is fast learning about life with a loving family.

ROGER (January 2010) About 18 months old.

 Roger, who came into us as he had been tied up and abandoned outside the PDSA in London, has been rehomed to John. John has owned both Rotts and GSDs in the past, so has plenty of experience. Roger is going to work with John, who is a landscape gardener, and is having some great times and long walks.





DYLAN (January 2010) 7 months old.

 Dylan came into rescue due to a marriage break up. As he was rather nervous we fostered him at home to socialise him. A very loving youngster of 6 months, he has now been rehomed with Rosie and Simon who lost their rottie last year. He is settling in very well, and Rosie and Simon are starting to remember what hard work a puppy can be!




I spoke to Rosie this evening, and she told me how very proud she is of Dillon. Apparently, last night she was dozing on the sofa (about 4 a.m.). She was downstairs keeping Dillon company as he had been castrated and was rather upset by having to wear an Elizabethan collar. She woke up to find a stranger standing over her. She shouted, and dear little Dillon came running. Unfortunately his head got stuck in the doorway due to the collar, but he tried  desperately to get to Rosie and managed to frighten the intruder out of the house. The intruder has been caught. Rosie is rightly proud of her boy - he deserves a special cuddle. Dillon is also appearing in the local paper, as the vet is so impressed by how good he is, and has used him for an advert in the local paper - Rosie has sent us this photo taken at the vets.