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BO BO (April) 3 years old

 Bo Bo came into us as her owner was suffering from clinical depression. Bo Bo was very unsure of herself at first, and needed time and patience from any owner willing to take her. She has gone to live with Claire and Russell and their son. Bo Bo has settled far more quickly than anyone expected. She adores being cuddled, loves the whole family and is much loved in return.




DEXTER (April) 8 months old

Dexter came into care as his owner was working long hours. At only 9 months, this was not good for Dexter's ongoing socialisation and training. Dexter has been rehomed to John and Annette, and their two children. Annette's Mum already adores him, and no longer rings to ask after the grandchildren, she asks after the dog! Dexter has met the rabbit and the cat, and is not too sure what to make of either.

We have recieved this email from Annette, Dexter's new and very proud owner....

Yep, Dexter is doing well.  He has really settled in well and is loved by us all, well that is apart from the cat!  Squash still hisses.  Abby's bed has always been somewhere that he has always found extremely comfortable.  Since Dex's arrival, Squash has decided that the living room is where he prefers to be and hasn't ventured upstairs once!  If we are stroking or making a fuss of him, Dex gets quite jealous and trys to get as close as he can to you, as if to say "yeah, wha bout me?"
He loves playing the pouncing game with the rabbits and trys to copy their bunny hops.   
He is quite partial to Bleeding Hearts, the mud inbetween the paving slabs, oh and carrots.  Not fully grown carrots, the little baby shoots.  
He loves Samuel and Abby.  They take it in turns brushing him which he loves and is often called a tart by John as he lays there loving every minute.
They enjoy running up and down the garden and playing hide and seek in the woods.  Dex has made some great mates, his favourite is a little terrier (Frank) who play around for ages.  Dylan, a retriever, is our regular Sunday morning walking buddy. Bless, they play "who's got the biggest stick" and when walking to the woods on the lead are constantly trying to see who's the winner!!
He has had a visit to the vet.  He had infected anal glads, bless him, but after a few days on the antibiotics he was absolutely fine.  We have finished the course now, so will be going back to the vet next week, so that this experience will be more of a pleasant one!!
Shelley, we would like to thank you so much for making the experience of rescuing a dog so wonderful.  Just to think, if we hadn't have called to go on the puppy list and spoke to you and Lorraine.  And if we hadn't have got on so well with Peter, we would have missed out on a wonderful 10 month old BIG puppy dog.  He is a really good boy, he does his pee's n poo's outside and hasn't once had any accidents. He sits at the kerb, comes when he is called, sits and waits for you to tell him he can have his food and doesn't eat the cat food or the cat!  (Well he is a Rottweiler!!)    He is fabulous and has such a lovely personality.  Yes, we have our moments when he wants to eat a stone or something he has found on our walks and wont give it up, or decides that we wants to see if he is taller than you. But this happens rarely and we are all learning.  It's great to know that you are at the end of the phone if needed or not!!



SCOOBY (April) 4 years old

  Scooby has been rehomed to Barney, Nicky and family and their RRT dog Teddy (who was called dog X) Scooby has settled very well and is still an irrepressible character, full of life and fun. Between the two dogs, they are keeping the family on their toes! Scooby came into care as her owner was very ill. She did not kennel well, as she loves lots of attention and fun.




DONUT (March 2010) 8months old

 Donut has been rehomed to Karen and Joanne, who also have a super 8 year old bitch, Diva, whom they rescued a year ago. Donut came into our care as his owners were working long hours, and their relationship was breaking down. This lovely, friendly little lad is now called Ottley. Karen has already started training classes with him, and we look forward to seeing Ottley and his newly found manners very soon!




BRUNO (March 2010) 6 years old


 Bruno has been rehomed to Charlotte, who is one of the kennel staff at the boarding kennels where we keep our rescue dogs. Charlotte and Bruno are fiirm friends, and Bruno is enjoying being spoilt by his new Mum. Our thanks to Juliet, who rescued Bruno from awful circumstances, and gave him this chance of a very happy life - and even better, one where we can still see him nearly every day!


RONNIE (March 2010) 2 years old
 Ronnie has been rehomed to Mike and Fiona and their two kids, Finlay and Erin. He has settled in like a little star. Mike and Fiona are keeping him strictly on his diet, but I think Finlay and Erin may be sneaking him a few little extras! Ronnie has met their cat with no problems, and has also met several other dogs and been his usual amiable, bumbling buffoon of a self!





Hi Shelley & Peter,

Firstly thank you again for all of your help and support. As you know we haven't rescued a dog before and you have made it a stress free and wonderful experience. It is obvious you enjoy and excel at what you do. Ok enough of that (I don't want it going to your heads).

Just a quick email to update you on Ronnie, our fantastic new addition to our family.
Brief background: We had, as a family, been walking dogs at our local dog rescue for some time, mainly Rottweilers as they didn't get walked too often as most people seemed to be intimidated by them.  Maybe it was because they generally had come from the local pound, or in one case left in a yard when the owners had returned to Cyprus. Fiona and I have always loved Rottweilers and I have had a German Shepherd in the past, so am quite aware of the responsibility of owning a dog that is a"large powerful breed". Our kids, like most I guess, were in love with the idea of having our own dog.

After many hours of surfing the internet researching Rott ownership, we found that most of the advice (as we have young children) was to get a puppy. It made sense as we wanted to be sure that the kids would be safe.  Then we read the Rottweiler Rescue Trust web site (all of it!).  The information on the dogs in care and the way the Trust was presented really attracted us to looking further into getting a rescue dog. Because the history was known for the dogs it was easy to rule out dogs that were not suitable for homes with young children and indeed cats.  After a conversation with Shelley I was hooked. Those of you who have been lucky enough to rescue a rott from the Rottweiler Rescue Trust will know what I mean!
So all I had to do was convince my wife Fiona. As it turned out I didn't have much to do there as when she met Ronnie, he worked his charm and did the convincing himself!

So here we are, it will be 3 weeks on Friday since we welcomed Ronnie the Rott
 into our home. After picking him up from Shelley & Peter we headed home. About an hour later we arrived (Ronnie was pleased to get out of the car).  We gave him the guided tour of downstairs and showed him his new bed (next to a radiator in the dinning room).  We walked him to the bottom of the stairs and told him "no" to going up the stairs.  Here we are, nearly 3 weeks on and hasn't made any attempts at heading upstairs (did I mention he's fantastic?).  He has loved his bed and can often be found on his back, legs in the air and leaning on the warm radiator when the heating is on (a happy boy).

Ronnie has settled in beautifully and has adapted to life in his new home with no problems at all.  The kids, Fin & Erin (9yrs & 6yrs) are thrilled to have Ronnie here too, they both have enjoyed long walks and training sessions with "Ronnie Bear" (a name that has been adopted by Fiona & now the kids). Fiona and I have really bonded well with our boy and we enjoy his company and the wonderful greeting we get when coming downstairs in the morning and getting home from work too. Ronnie's little stump wags so much that his whole back end wags too! He doesn't jump up although he is so pleased to see us we have had bare feet trodden on and nearly knocked off balance a few times!

We are pleased to say that Ronnie walks well on the lead (an understatement, he's fantastic).  We've taken him on some lovely walks at the weekends, through woodland and around lakes - 90% of which is off lead! His diet is going well and his general fitness is improving everyday.  He trots along with a real spring in his step and looks amazing.  Walks take longer than they should however, because we are constantly stopped by people & dogs wishing to say hello. Everyone is surprised to hear that he is from a rescue and that we have had him such a short time because of the way he is with us.  When walking he has a very distinctive swagger and looks every bit the confident Rottweiler.  We have been told by our local dog trainer (a Rott enthusiast) that we are in the honeymoon period so things may change, although after meeting Ronnie, he also said that Ronnie is so good and has obviously bonded with me that he doesn't think he will change much (I guess only time will tell). Ronnie is very quick to learn, after only short time he has learnt to go to toilet on command! I won't bore you with all the other things he has learnt.  Training will be hotting up over the next few weeks as we progress through his classes and the many wonderful training sessions with his family. I'll keep you posted on his progress and look forward to showing you how he is doing when we see you on the walk in September.

Thank you again for your help and introducing Ronnie to us.  We feel like he has always been with us, he is truly an exceptional boy and a real credit to his breed.  I'm sure he will continue to be a great ambassador for Rottweilers.

Hope to talk to you soon.

All the best

Mike, Fiona, Fin,Erin & Ronnie


JENNY (March 2010) 2 years old.

 Jenny came into rescue as her owner was very ill and unable to cope with two very lively dogs (our Scooby came in with Jenny) Jenny has gone to live with Nick, Tracey and their two teenagers. They have not owned a rott before, so they are having a great time learning what a lovely breed this can be. Jenny has settled very well, enjoys walks and cuddles, gets on with the cats, and hasn't even attempted to chase the chickens!



Dear Peter and Shelley   

Jenny has fitted herself right in to the family. She has a wonderful and gentle nature, I would have found hard to believe if I had not witnessed firsthand. Always ready for a cuddle, she seems un-phased by the chickens even when they are loose in the garden she pays them scant regard, only interested in having a good sniff around the shrubs. We have attached a photo of the cats and Jenny. She wags her tail and day by day the cats get closer until this Sunday Mo sniffed noses with jenny, and although a little more cautious Pernod now shares the rug in front of the fire, although at a safe distance. They have been quite brave although at no time has Jenny given them any real cause for concern.

We took Jenny to the vets to register her and to check the spay scar, all is good but she was very pleased to leave the vets.

She has now got her appetite back eating everything up. She is so good around us with food having never begged or troubled us while we eat, choosing to sleep under the table. Jenny is happy all the time she is around one of us.

Walks are an absolute pleasure in the local fields. She has a friend in a local retriever who swims out to fetch the stick, Jenny stands ankle deep tail wagging, almost in the pose of a pointer, waiting for Kizzy to return, just as Kizzy reaches the edge Jenny jumps forward to steal the stick and run it back to take the glory! She is off the lead for much of the time and always stays close. When on the lead she walks to heel. She is quite good at sit and stay commands, 2 out of 5 times she brings back the ball unless she starts to flag, in which case she wanders past the ball with no interest.

After all the stresses we were not going to bath her for a few weeks but her nature was such that it felt right and even this did not phase her, in fact she enjoyed all the attention and warm water.

She has been out and about, to work and to relatives etc and she has behaved in a gentle and calm manner, she has a growing fan base and is a marvellous ambassador to the breed.

We are all absolutely smitten with her and when any one of us gets home we look forward to a wonderful warm welcome.   

Thanks again for allowing us to look after Jenny.  We will be in touch, and look forward to the sponsored walk in September. 

Nick, Tracie, Danny & Kellie.


RED (February 2010) 5 years old.

 Red came in with Grace and Fred as his owner had passed away. This super dog is now happily living with Ann and Rob and their elderly German Shepherd bitch. Red is very calm with her, which is exactly what they were hoping for. However, our Red has jumped six foot fences to chase cats! Ann and Rob are getting the fencing raised again to stop him. Our thanks to Lorraine, who worked her "foster magic" with Red, and also to Val, who did the homecheck on these lovely people.