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Chester came in as a stray from a Dog Warden. Chester is about 2 years old and very lively. He has gone to live with Barry and Karen, who have owned a rottweiler before. 



Spikey, a four year old cross from Greece, has gone to live with Robin and Sharon and three Cavalier King Charles spaniels. This lovely boy has settled in extremely well, and adores playing with the little dogs - although they sometimes get fed up with him!

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Billy, a six month old male, came into our care as he had been bought by a young lad who then left home and left the dog with his parents, who both worked. He has gone to live with Sandy and Nick and their two terriers and four cats. Sandy and Nick had a dog from us several years ago, and she sadly passed away earlier in the year. They are having to get used to having a livewire pup in the house again, but are looking forward to training classes.

Hi Shelley,
Attached are 2 photos of Bailey for you.  He's settled in very well and just started testing the boundaries - without any luck!  He's a good boy, so loving and such a happy dog.  He's learning to respect the terriers who definitely keep him in his place!  We started training classes on Wednesday and I think he is going to be quite a bright spark where obedience is concerned.  Although he has the attention span of a gnat, he did a perfect puppy recall and, when I could hold his attention, some decent heelwork for one so young.

LADY (June) 5 years old

 Lady came into our care due to a marriage break up. At first she was very stressed but soon became a very loving dog. She has been rehomed to Wayne and Kerrie, who have owned a rottweiler before. They are very pleased with how good she is with the children, and say she is starting to settle nicely.





HOOCH (May) 3 years old


Hooch came into our care as his owner went to work abroad and left poor Hooch "home alone" for over six months. In that time Hooch did not destroy anything or mess in the house. Hooch has been rehomed to Phil and Nichola and their family, who are very experienced rottweiler owners. Hooch is now also living with Scooby, and eight year old mastiff bitch, who is firmly in charge! He is also getting used to the family's cat - which is taking a bit longer!

ZEUS (May)15 months old 


Zeus has been rehomed to Sarah and Lee, who have had two rescue rottweilers before. He has settled down very quickly, and loves his big bed in the kitchen. He enjoys long walks with Lee, and cries when Lee goes off to work! Big wuss!