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FLOELLA (August)

 Flo, as she is affectionately known, came into care as she was being offered for sale in the middle of a park, to anyone who would buy her. We did not pay for her - someone who knew of us talked the man into letting the rescue have her. At only 10 weeks old, Flo was put into a foster home. Our Jackie, who was fostering her has asked to keep her, as all the family have fallen in love with her super little character. Flo is already attending training classes, and is doing very well. You can see  photos of Flo on Kaiser's Facebbok page, as Flo comes up to the kennels every week to see us all and play with some of the dogs we have in.

TIA (August)


Tia has finally found her new home! She has gone to live with Steve and Anna and their two sons. Tia came into us as her owner abandoned her in kennels. At only two years old, this must have been very traumatic for Tia.  She has settled very well, and is amusing the family with the tricks she was taught whilst in our care. She has developed a trick of her own - "singing" whenever she hears a siren!



Cleo was left at a boarding kennels when the owners moved out a year ago. She had been used as a breeding machine, and has lived in a kennel for the last four or five years. She is 8 years old. Cleo has gone to live by the sea side with Ray and Zena, who are experienced rottweiler owners who recently lost their 12 year old bitch, Bessie, and wanted to honour her memory by taking in an older dog who needed some help and a sofa to lay on. Cleo has settled in well with Butch and Dixie, their two male rotts, and adores the whole family.



Brittany has gone to live with Valerie and Harry, who have owned rotts for some years. This lovely 18 month old girl was left alone in a house that was being repossessed, so we had very little history with her. She is a sweet girl, who has settled in very well into her new life.

OBI (August)

 Obi has gone to live with Ann and George, who have owned rotts for many years. Obi is a real live wire,even though he is 2, but George is working very hard to continue his training and socialisation. Obi came into care having been found wandering in a village. Despite attempts to locate his owner no one came forward for him. Obi has fallen on his paws in this home!




BRETT (August)


Brett came into rescue as he was found wandering in Brighton. He is estimated to be between one year and 18 months. Brett had to have a large wart removed from his foot, hence he needed to stay with us rathr longer than we expected. He has now been rehomed to Nicky and Mike, who are experienced rott owners. They have a super old rott bitch who puts Brett in his place without batting an eyelid! Nicky says Brett is settling very well, and we can't have him back!

BROO (July)

Broo came into rescue as his owner had brought him over from Africa, but due to personal circumstances was unable to give him the care, training and time he needed. This lovely young boy has gone to live with Lynn and Martin, who have owned rotts for many years and have two bitches for Broo to play with. He has settled in very well and is much loved by everyone he meets.


Barney has been rehomed to Debbie and Ali, who also own Bella, a six year old bitch. Debbie and Ali help walk the dogs every week, and fell in love with Barney and his endearing little ways. Debbie's lie - ins have gone out of the window for the foreseeable future! More updates will follow I'm sure! We see Barney every week as Debbie and Ali come up to the kennels to help with the dogs, and boy is he growing fast. Bella mothers him, and he is a very happy little boy, who is attending puppy classes and doing very well.