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ALFIE (October)


Our lovely 3 year old lad Alfie, now known as Murphy, has gone to live with Vicky and Paul, who have had two of our rescue dogs before. He is settling well, and the lovely old Tess is keeping him firmly in his place. Vicky and Paul are taking things slowly with Murphy, knowing that he is still unsettled, and appreciating that he is still learning to trust them. This is how all rescue dogs should be treated - give time and patience to gain the trust of the dog before starting to expect anything of the dog. Well done Vicky and Paul.


We have just got these photos through from Vicky and Paul. Murphy is settling in and is in love with Tess - who keeps him firmly in line!









LADY (October)


Lady, a five year old btich who came into rescue as her owner was working long hours, then came back in as the new owner's child was allergic to her has been rehomed with Levi and Rebecca. She has settled in very well, adores the three children, and is a much loved part of the family already.

HECTOR  (October)


Hector, a 2 year old male who came back to us as his owners felt he was unpredictable with other dogs, has gone to live with Claire and Karl and their two teenage daughters. Claire writes :

Just to let you guys know,
My friend who lives about five doors up and is an experienced dog owner suggested we meet and monitor the reaction. They have a chocolate lab and a golden retriever.
This afternoon she and her husband knocked and said "we are walking round the park lets all go". It was agreed we would keep a distance at first.
As soon as Hector came out all three dogs apeared to be happy and excited and eager to say hello. We crossed to the park where all three dogs met sniffed and interacted beautifully. There was absolutely no tension and all three dogs spent the duration on lead and walking as a threesome around the lake.
I am so proud of Hector he was a very chilled pleasant boy.

On our final part of the walk we met my immediate neighbours both of whom have dogs although much smaller Jack Russell cross breeds. Hector greeted them excitedly but happily and although one neighbour "doesnt do" big dogs and didnt hang around, the rest of us stood and chatted with all dogs laying at our respective feet.
It has been a monumental day - for me at least - Hec thinks he just made new friends!
There is a rather unflattering pic on facebook.
I cannot tell you how much you wonderful ladies (oops and Pete ) have given us in allowing us to welcome Hector home.
Thank You.
Until the next time...

REMI (October)



Remi, a two year old bitch came into rescue from a local authority. She had severe entropion, which required an operation, and she then went into foster with Freda and the four legged "gang". She has now gone to live with Sheila and Bruce. Remi is their fourth rottweiler, and she is already very much part of the family. She has been introduced to the grandchildren, and enjoys lots of cuddles.


AMBER (October)

 Amber came into our care as her owner's landlord had not been paying the mortgage on the property and so her owner was evicted from the property.A very sweet puppy of 6 months old, Amber has gone to live with Stuart and Rachel and their teenage children, plus their lovely neutered male rottie. Rachel is like a proud new Mum!




WALLACE (October)

 Wallace, a six month old male, came into rescue as his owner's landlord suddenly refused to let the family have pets any more. A super little boy, he has gone to live with Paul, Tamsin and their children. He is enjoying the company of their other dog (a whippet) and is quickly learning that "Dad" is the soft touch but "Mum" makes the rules!



Lila, 5 years old, has gone to live with Chris and Jill. Lila came into rescue as her owner was undergoing chemotherapy. Chris works from home and is enjoying Lila's company during the day. Jill is enjoying the walks when she gets home. Lila came into our care as her owner was undergoing chemotherapy. Lila is such a sweet girl, that everyone who meets her loves her. The diet continues!


Odie, our lov ely "fatboy" has been rehomed to Tracy and Ashley. Odie underwent an entropion operation and they kindly agreed to foster him while he was recovering.(Odie came into us at 4 years old, as his owners were emigrating.) He has never come back! Tracy and Ashley are making sure our fattie is getting less food and plenty of exercise, so he is losing weight. He has been back to see us a couple of times and looks very well and is very much loved.






 Pink came into rescue as her owner was going back to South Africa after a relationship breakdown. At just 6 months old, Pink went straight into one of our foster homes. Pink is a very loving and laid back puppy, who has now been rehomed with Heidi and her family, and is "sister" to Freda, a wire haired daschund. Heidi says Pink, now called Rose, is every bit as wonderful as our foster home did!



LOU (September)









Lou, a 3 year old bitch, came into rescue as her owner had tragically been killed in a road traffic accident. We had little history with Lou, as her original owner was something of a recluse. Lou is a real character who won the hearts of everyone in the rescue. She has now been rehomed with Jon, who has owned a rottweiler before, and works from home. He saw Lou on our website and looked no further - he just knew she was the one for him! Lou has settled in with Jon and is already charming him with her funny little ways - no piece of wood is safe with Lou around! She is getting over a cruciate ligament operation, so Jon is taking things slowly with her.