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JACK (December)

Jack came into care as his owners abandoned him at a vet surgery and asked for him to be destryed, as they were going abroad and could not afford to take Jack with them. At 5 years old, and very stiff with arthritis, Jack really was at the mercy of fate. The vet contacted us, and although we were really full, we agreed to take Jack. We put an urgnt appeal for help on the website and we were (and still are) totally overwhelmed and grateful for the fabulous offers of help - both financial and foster homes that came forward. We placed Jack very quickly into a foster home with David and Dawn, who have had several rotts from us over the years. They very quickly decided that they could not let Jack go, and have decided he is their boy forever. They have had to change his name as they have a son called Jack who still lives at home, and both dog and son were getting confused! Jack is now Teddy. They have sent this lovely email to let us know how he is doing.

Hello Shelley and Peter,
Happy New Year to you both from all of us.  Thought I would give you an update about Ted, he is just the loveliest dog, and has settled down so well it's like he has always been here.  After a very traumatic start with the wet eczema on his tail ( almost surely from a flea bite from a rouge flea from one of the cats) he is much better now, but you can imagine how guilty we felt that it was something from our home that caused him such a rough time. Christmas was quite traumatic never knowing if his huge lampshade collar was going to knock my sherry off the coffee table (ha ha).
I was looking on your site, so pleased you have got charity status now, you deserve it and hopefully it will enable you to keep up the good work that you do.
Thanks for the fab Christmas card, loved it, its still on the fridge held on by a tastefully placed rottweiller fridge magnet ( why do people buy me this sort of thing?).
To be honest Ted walks very slowly, but i don't think he is terrible pain at all, I have his medication on repeat prescription so its easy to just kep it coming, I think he has improved so much since being here, but you know what I'm like, I'm willing him to be ok.  But really, he is  ok  he loves a little chase of a ball, and every day we see a bit more of his personality. Two slow walks a day and he is more than happy.  He manages to get upstairs to sleep without too much effort so that's a bonus for him and us.  Eva acted like a very spoiled child for a week or two when he first arrived, (how we laughed), and of course, he is dominant over her, however she is so more relaxed when she walks with him as she is such a baby on the lead and scared of just about everything, it has done her the world of good to have a mate again.
Once again, many thanks for my lovely Teddy dog.
Keep in touch,
Love David and Dawn. xx

HERBIE (December)

 Herbie came into care with Juliet, his Mum and his litter brother Hamish. Herbie has been rehomed to Sarah and Simon. herbie is playing happily with Duchess, their 4 year old rottweiler, and enjoys chasing the five cats! He is learning how to avoid being scratched though! Herbie is starting training clesses very soon, as Sarah and Simon know the imortance of socialisation and training.

MANGO (December)









Mango, who came into care at 4 years old as his owner had tired of him, has been rehomed to Georgina, who has owned rotts for many years. Georgina is pleased to report that Mango has settled in exceptionally well. She says he is perfect - but then, most of them are with kindness and love.



 Daisy Dumpling, who came in to care having been abandoned, and in need of an eye operation, has been rehomed. Daisy was fostered by Ashley and Tracy, and kept Odie on his toes!. She had her eye operation, and learned some house rules. She is now living happily with Deborah and Terry and having a great time. She has been playing in the snow - she thinks it is great, and Deborah says she has made their family complete again, after the loss of their last dog.








RAISIN (December)

Raisin came into care as the baby she was living with was very allergic to her. Our Raisin was not doing very well in kennels, and so our trainer Freda offered to foster her. Raisin has had an operation for OCD and is now recovered. However, Freda and the gang have fallen totally in love with little Raisin, so Freda is keeping her! 

CLEO (December)

Cleo, our lovely old lady whom we rehomed in the summer has come back to live with us. Due to my getting old and senile, I forgot to put her on the website in the summer, when she came back! She was rehomed to a super family who really loved her, but stubborn old Cleo refused to settle and tried to dig her way back home to us! We are so sorry that she didn't settle, as the home was super - but she made her choice, so she is now STUCK WITH US! We adore her, as she does us, and Byron. We call Cleo and Byron Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, as they really do seem to love each other, sharing the sofa all night, and wandering the garden together. Sweet.