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Oscar, an 18 month old male who came into rescue because his owners had 7 children and no time for Oscar, has been rehomed to Simon and Lucy. Oscar is settling himself in well, and enjoying long walks with Simon and the mastiff bitch. He is also learning some manners - these did leave a bit to be desired, bless him!



Hamish came into rescue along with his mum Juliet, and his brother Herbie. Hamish was very kindly fostered by Jackie and her family, and learned some manners, but with kindness and love. Hamish is now rehomed with Elly and Danny and their children, and is settling very well. He is starting training classes in the next couple of weeks....updates will follow!


  Grizzly came into care as his owner was ill and had three children. Grizzly wasn't getting the walks and attention he needed. A lovely natured 6 year old castrated male, he was very quickly rehomed with Darren and Claire and their children. Grizzly has settled  very well into his new home. Unfortunately, when we took Grizzly to our vet to get him a vaccination, he advised us that Grizzly has long term entropion - a painful eye condition.  He needs an operation to correct this as it is very uncomfortable for him. We have arranged for this to be done, at our vet, but we felt it was better to settle Grizzly into a home before putting him through an operation. Our thanks to Darren and Claire for their support in settling him in first.


ELLIE (January)


Ellie is a 3 to 4 year old bitch who came into care from the Celia Hammond Trust. She had been found seriously injured after a road traffic accident, and had a badly fractured back leg. She spent five months with an external fixator on her leg, but is now fit and healthy. Ellie was with us for 11 months, and was getting depressed in kennels, but has now found her new home with Fred and Davinia, who have had two rotties from RRT before. Sadly, they both passed away last month. Ellie is settling in very well, is a bit wary of the old feisty cat, and has even had a few walks round in the enclosure with the chickens.

Here is the email that Davinia sent us

Hello Peter, Shelley and the gang,
Update further to our conversation this morning, we have had a good cat to dog introduction this evening, the cat hissed spit and growled as he does, Ellie decided that the settee was a good place and a safe distance away from the feisty little so and so.
Ellie has been paddling in the stream with Fred this afternoon, not quite sure who is the one that needs help him or her!!!!!!!
We still have 15 chickens left, these are just as feisty as the cat.
Ellie is a lovely girl and I cannot understand why some one else didn't want her before now, but we are glad we have got her, even though she is slightly nutty.
She can be placed in the happily rehomed section.
She is helping to mend  the hearts of two heartbroken Rottie owners.
Love Fred, Davinia and Miss Ellie.

JULIET (January)

Juliet, a three year old bitch came into care as her owner had mental health issues and was unable to look after her or her two puppies. A loving, happy girl, we placed Juliet into a foster home with Tracey and Ashley, and their RRT dog Odie. At first, Odie was rather put out and had a massive sulk about sharing his "Mum and Dad", but he soon learned that Juliet could be fun. After much thought, Tracey and Ashley have decided to keep our Juliet, as they all love her so much.

HENRY (January)

Henry came back into rescue after 5 years, due to a marriage break up. This lovely six year old dog completely won the hearts of Sharon, John and their daughter Georgia. He bowled them over with his loving, kind and gentle nature, wanting only to please and fuss everyone.  Sharon and John originally thought about fostering for us, and may do in the future, but for now our Henry has really landed on his paws!



JESTER (January)

 Jester, who came into us as his owner was scared of him, has been rehomed to Annette and John, who sadly lost their RRT dog Dexter, at a very young age. Dexter had a very aggressive tumour. The whole family were devastated, but Jester is helping to fill the gap.



We have received this email from Annette


Shelley and Peter,
I have attached some photos of our Jester for you to show you that the "no on the sofa" rule is still in place!!!.
The last photo is the only one of him in his bed, every other photo we have taken is either on a lap or taking up the whole sofa.
He is absolutely wonderful, so loving and cuddly. Always up for a lap, I am sure he thinks he is a baby!  The kids love him to bits and John cant get over what a sweetheart he is.  We can't believe someone gave him up!  He is settling in well, he knows that he shares his house with a cat, his garden with a rabbit and his mum has enough cuddles for everyone!!!  We have learnt that you cant ignore him, he won't have it!  He puts his face in yours and just looks at you, if you still ignore him, he will then start talking to you which has us all giggling.  He has a wonderful sweet character and we all absolutely adore him.  As mentioned on the phone, he doesn't like to be on his own, so going to work on Monday is going to be a stress, probably more on me!!!!
On Peter's advice he has only gone on short daily walks until this morning when John and Abby took him for a run in the orchard.  They all came home wrecked, sign of a great time I suppose!.  We are off to the woods tomorrow, which we are all looking forward to.  As you know, the last time we all took Dexter out was before Bonfire night, so am really looking forward to our family walk with our new boy. 

We never wanted to replace Dex and never will.  Jess is a beautiful boy who after less than a week has gone a long way in mending our hearts.
I know you have heard all this before, but must say again that both you and Peter have seriously done so much for us.  We knew you loved the dogs, lets face it, if you didn't, you wouldn't do what you do. But we cannot sing your praises enough.  A few weeks ago, when I called you with our sad news, you were both so caring and honest with us.  I knew I would get answers and support from you but didn't realise just how much.  I am so glad we contacted you.  You recommended and allowed us to rehome Dexter who we all adored and you have been spot on with our Jess.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate all you have done.  I wish I had the money to support the trust, but unfortunately don't.  I do have some fund raising ideas, perhaps we can talk about them when you come and do your follow up.
Anyway, have probably bored you to tears and am needing a "Jessy cuddle" !!
My love to you and Peter and please thank Lynn, Peter (Kaiser's dad), Debbie and Hamish' foster mum for their kind words and support on Sunday.
Look forward to seeing you all soon
Annette x x x x