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IZZY (April)


Izzy was found as a stray. A long coated girl, she may be a cross breed, but is essentially a rottie. We think Izzy is about 3 years old. Izzy has been rehomed to Pam and her husband, who have owned several rescue dogs in the past. She won their hearts with her little beard and loving ways. She is now enjoying walks along the beach, and is very much loved.


 Bentley came into our care via a dog warden. He is about 5 months old. Bentley has been rehomed to Stefanie and Marvin, who understand the needs of a young puppy, and are prepared to work to socialise and train him properly. Bentley is getting on very well with the couples children, who all love Bentley very much.




28.04.11. We have just received this email from Bentley's Dad

Hello Shelley

                    Just an  email to let you know how Bentley (Marmite) is getting on. He has settled in really well and has already made himself a big part of the family. It feels like he’s been here a lot longer than he has. He’s now just like having another child - even waking us in the night by whining to go out for a piddle - if its not the dog its the kids,,,!

                    His temperament is excellent and he has a great way with the children. He has the odd accident of knocking our youngest on his bum a few times when playing but nothing drastic, most of the time our little boy is laughing his head off, watching Bentley having his funny five bombing around the garden. He has another jab in the morning and I understand Freda is awaiting for the date for his coconuts (as our youngest daughter calls them) to be snipped..!

                   He is enjoying his walks everyday, but I still haven’t let him off the leash yet, as he is very excited by other dogs. I  can see that he only wants to play but am afraid that he may get too side tracked to return when called. I have arranged to go out with Freda and one of her clan so we can work on this, as I do feel cruel keeping him on his leash, but feel at present it is the safest thing to do.

                  The last thing is a big thank you to yourself and Pete for allowing us to have him -  as I said earlier he is now a part of the Gillard family,  once again thank you and all the best.

                                                                                        Marvin Gillard



 Duke, a four year old male who came in with Duchess due to a marriage breakdown, has been rehomed to Sue and Martin. Duke is getting on with their 8 year old rottie bitch, Missy, and is really enjoying his new life.






RIO (April)

 Rio came back into care as his owners had had a baby, and Rio was anxious and focused on the baby, refusing to settle at all. Ben and Tamaryn, his owners, phoned us every couple of days to see how he was doing. One day Tamaryn asked if we could all try and work together to get Rio to accept the baby so that they could have Rio home again. So, Peter and I worked with a pushchair and a crying dolly for a few days to get Rio used to the noises etc. We used reward based training with Rio. We made sure he was being trained even during his walks - several times he would be called back, put into a down or a sit, or would be taught some heelwork. Ben, Tamaryn and baby Savannah came to visit Rio six times, and each time Rio behaved impeccably. Ben and Tamaryn learned how to be firmer with Rio, and give him commands and praise in the right way. I then took Rio back to his house for a visit, and this too went very well. So, knowing that the whole family is happy and relaxed, Rio has gone back home. Ben and Tamaryn have had him home for a week now, and say they think he is a different dog! This was made possible by having owers who were committed to trying, and also by Ben and Tamaryn's family - who gave them lots of support and even came with them to see Rio.. 


MABEL (March)



Mabel was abandoned in a house when her owners were evicted. She was left in squalor. When the bailiffs went round to secure the property they found a very bewildered, sad dog. The Housing Officer from the Housing Association contacted us, but when she went round to get her, Mabel was not in the garden where she had been left. Two days later she turned up at a neighbour's house.

Mabel has now gone to live with Alison and David, who recently lost their rottie with cancer. This lovely couple have taken Mabel knowing that she has a thyroid problem which will require tablets for the rest of her life, and also regular blood tests to check her thyroid levels. Alison says that Mabel just sponges up every bit of love she can get, and is slowly becoming more confident about getting in the car. The photos below show Mabel enjoying her new life - she will be going to Portugal to the fruit farm that David and Alison own for several months each year - she really has gone from rags to riches - perhaps her name should have been Cinderella!









 GUNNER (March)

 Gunner came into Rescue aged 3 years. He was a security  dog who was no longer wanted as he had a shoulder strain. It transpired that he had a spinal problem from birth, but thankfully it is not degenerative.  Gunner is now living very happily with Danny. Gunner goes to work with him most days -Danny owns his own carpentry firm, and Gunner enjoys going in the van and sitting in the office. He is getting on well with the greyhound owned by Danny's Mum, and loves all the fuss and attention he gets. This loving boy is really enjoying his new home.



 Fergie, now known as Mizzy Mac, has gone to live with Verna and her son Damon. They are very experienced Rottweiler owners who know what a challenge a young dog can be. Mizzy is already getting to know the house rules - no stealing off the work top is the main one! Verna is very happy with Mizzy, and says she is intelligent and quick to learn - just like most rotts.