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RUBY (June)

Ruby, aged 3 years, came into rescue as her owners were moving to a flat.  She has been rehomed to Mick and Val, who have owned Rotts for several years and have has three rescue rotts. Val is over the moon with how fantastic Ruby is with her grandchildren. Mick loves her too, but wishes she wouldn't keep going to the toilet behind his cement mixer!



 Rodney came into rescue at 7 moths old. His family were going abroad for some time, and felt that their retired parents could not give him the time and exercise he needed. Rodney is a sweet young lad who has gone to live with Carolyn and Paul, who have owned a rottweiler before. They say he is a super dog, and love him to bits.







Sonny is an 18 month old male. Sonny's story is, for me, a reflection of life in Britain today. A very nice young woman (who rescued Sonny) went out with a friend to an acquaintances flat. Sonny's owner had five children - aged between 3 and 16 - all boys. The young lady saw Sonny being punched in the face by the youngest child. When she commented on this, the mother of the children explained that he was doing that because his elder brothers do it. The young lady was then asked if she wanted the dog. She took Sonny for his own protection. Sonny has now been rehomed to Alison and David, who also have Mabel, another RRT dog. Alison says Sonny Jim is doing very well, playing with Mabel and making himself very much at home.




Our Darling Duchess is staying with us. Duchess, who is nearly 5, came in due to a relationship breakdown. Blind from birth, and with severe hip dysplacia, we have had no interest from any prospective homes for Duchess. She has been fostered by us for some weeks now, and has settled so well we feel it would be very unfair to move her again now. Duchess is quite a character, adores people and other dogs and is such a happy girl.





Diane and Michael, who were fostering Audrey, have asked to keep her. They have worked very hard with Audrey and their other dogs to make sure that all get along well together. Audrey came into rescue aged 4 years; she was totally out of control and was considered to have an asbo. She has now learned her boundaries (something she always needed to do) knows the house rules,  and abides by them. Diane says she is a very loving dog, who gets on really well with the other dogs and loves a cuddle from her "Mum". Our thanks to Di for working so very hard to make Audrey a good ambassador for the breed.


Gypsy, who came into rescue as her owner has sadly passed away, is staying in her foster home. At nearly 9 years old, Gypsy has had her fair share of ear and arthritis problems whilst in our care, and we all feel it is better to keep her where she is so settled. Judith and Edward are very pleased to have her, as she has fitted in with their tribe so well.




MAX (May)


Max came into rescue at the age of 14 months because his owner was moving abroad due to ill health, and felt unable to take him as well.  Max has been rehomed to Gary and Beverley, who are experienced Rottweiler owners. He is settling in very well - despite needing a trip to the vet. Gary noticed a lump on Max's leg - which turned out to be an old fracture from some months ago, which has healed itself. Our thanks to Gary and Beverley for noticing that there was a lump - we at the rescue didn't notice it.


Raffles  arrived with us at the age of 12 weeks.  He has now been rehomed with Claire and her family. Claire already has a six year old bitch, who will help to keep this young man in his place. Claire is a dog trainer, and is looking forward to making her new boy another real ambassador for our breed.