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ROLO (August)

 Rolo, a 5 month old pup, came into rescue as he was displaying very challenging behaviour to his owners. The young couple tried - they took him to training classes, had him neutered at a very young age, but they could not cope with him. We took him in, fostered him at Lorraine's house - and even Lorraine found him a challenge at first. However, Rolo is very quick and eager to learn, and Lorraine found the right way to stop his challenging behaviour. Rolo had now been rehomed to Anna and Steve and family. Rolo is doing very well and is enjoying living with 7 cats! - or maybe it is the cats that have calmed him down!


ELLA (August)

Ella, the 3 year old bitch who had been a yard dog has been rehomed to Sue and Tim. They already have a lovely 9 year old rott called Kuba. Ella and Kuba got on well from the first moment they met. Tim says Ella has not put a paw out of place since she has been there. She is already adored by everyoe who has met her, and she is making more and more doggy friends by the day.

GINA (August)


Gina has been rehomed to Christine and Andrew and their adult children. Gina, a 2 year old bitch, came into rescue as she was not getting on with the staffie bitch she lived with. Gina has settled in very well and is now called Dolly. She is enjoying her new squeaky toys and her long walks in the woods.

TRUFFLE (August)

Truffle, a 14 month old spayed bitch who came into our care as her owners were emigrating, has been returned to them. They rang and said that the gentleman who trained her, who is a friend of the family wants Truffle. He was on holiday when Truffle came into us, so did not know that she needed a home. We hope Truffle will be happy with her new family. Good luck little girl!




SAM (July)

 Sam, a twelve week old puppy came into rescue as his owners were not allowed dogs in their rented property, but they bought him anyway. They were then told the pup had to go or they would be evicted. Sam has now been rehomed to Lorna and Clive, who have several other dogs to keep Sam company - his favourite is the old lady Ridgeback with whom he shares a cuddle at night!



EMMA (July)


Emma came into rescue as a stray aged between 5 and 6 years.  She had a ruptured cruciate ligament, needed spaying, and was generally in poor condition. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, Emma has had an operation to repair her cruciate ligament, and our Lorraine did a grand job with her aftercare, nursing her back to good health. Emma has gone to live with Laurence, who recently lost his old rottie, also called Emma. Laurence says Emma has settled in well, and is a very good girl.


BUZZ (July)

Buzz, who came back into rescue due to his food possessiveness, has been rehomed to Tim and Lisa, who are experienced rott owners. He is now 14 months old, is settling in very well, and showing no signs of food possession. Tim and Lisa say he has a super temperament, and they love him already!








After a long time with us, Annabelle has found her forever home. Freda has decided to keep Anna, as she has settled in well with Freda's other dogs and is responding so well to intensive training. Anna came into rescue as she had been a street dog, so had had absolutely no boundaries and no experience of a normal life. She is 18 months old, a real character and will keep Freda on her toes, I'm sure.





Ritchie aged 9 months has been rehomed to Julie. This super little boy came into rescue as his owner was epileptic and could not afford to look after him. Ritchie has had to have an operation for OCD but as Julie is a veterinary nurse, she knows how to do the aftercare necessary to ensure that his leg heals properly. Our thanks also to Fugen and her family, who fostered Ritchie after his operation. Julie has sent us the following email:

Hi Shelley & Peter
Just thought I'd give you an up-date on Ritchie.  I will send you some photos very soon, I just need some help putting them on the computer as I'm a bit techno-phobic!

Ritchie is doing so well.  No more chewing up my house!!  He loves all my friends and family, including the kids but not so keen on cats but we will deal with this in time.
We have joined a training club & are working towards the Kennel Club Bronze good citizen award.  Ritchie loves training although we have to sit-out of some exercises as it's too much for his healing elbow. 
Ritchie loves coming to work and meeting all the clients.  He is spreading the word for rotties everywhere as everyone loves him.  Even people who claimed that they don't like rotties or were scared of them have changed their views after meeting my boy.
He loves nothing more than trying to please and getting lots of cuddles.  I'm so proud of him as he is coping very well with very limited exercise.  Also he loves his kongs and toys, not as much as chewing (& occasionally swallowing) stones though!!  We are working on his stone fetish, before he ends up back on the operating table!!
I will see you soon when I take Ritchie to your vet for a check-up.
Many thanks for allowing me to provide a forever home to this amazing dog.
Best wishes