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ROSE (October)


Rose came into care due to a marriage breakdown. Rose is 4 years old. Rose's owner, a young man, had been left to look after three children under five and could not give Rose the care she needed. Rose has now gone to live with Robert and Julie, who actually came to RRT to look at another dog, but fell in love with Rose's sweet ways and couldn't wait to take her home! Rose has settled in very well - even getting on with the rather spoiled and regal housecat!



DONK (October)

 Donk, a 4 year old male who came into our care as his owner was moving to flat, has been rehomed to Elaine and Steve, who have owned Dobermanns. They live a couple of doors away from Noodles, so these two dogs are seeing a lot of each other now! Donk has settled in very well, and Elaine and Steve are very happy with him. What a lovely boy!









CASSIE (September)

 Cassie came back into rescue as her owners were returning to the United States, and felt it would be too stressful for Cassie to travel. At 10 years old, Cassie came back into rescue very overweight(54 kilos - she should weigh about 38), and hardly able to walk due to untreated arthritis. We took her to the vet immediately, and started her on a weight loss programme and arthritis treatment. Cassie has now been rehomed to Joy and Steve, who love Cassie to bits. Cassie gets on well with their male rott, Sonny and keeps him in his place! Cassie is losing weight - she is under 50 kilos in just 4 weeks, and is moving around much better - she even has a bit of a trot now and again!


NOODLES (September)

 Noodles, a 7 month old bitch, came into care as her owner had a young child, a horse and another dog and found Noodles too much to cope with. A very loving young dog, Noodles, now known as Xena, has gone to live with Gary and his family. His up date on her progress follows:

Hi Shelley,

Just thought I would drop you a quick email to keep you up to date.

Xena is an amazing dog, she is so intelligent and is doing really well with her training. She can now sit, lay down, go to her bed and fetch her ball when asked. I am starting to work with her to come to me off her lead and to stop pulling when she is on her lead.

We have been going to puppy training regularly and the lady who runs the group said she was very pleased with her progress in the short time that we have had her. The lady knows you from Battersea....her name is Ann Challis...not sure if that rings any bells with you? (Sure does - have known her for years!)

Anyway, Xena has fitted in really well here and is a already a much loved member of the family, its like she has been with us for years and I couldn’t imagine life without her now. She has adapted well to spending a bit of time on her own when I have to work days and has been a sweetheart with Michelle and the kids, even Victoria, who as you know was a little apprehensive now plays quite happily with her and enjoys making a fuss of her.

Xena loves going to the country park for her walks and playing with her toys in the garden. We’re really looking forward to Donk moving in at the weekend a couple of doors away.

Have attached a pic for you of Xena relaxing with one of her toys in the garden.

Hope you're well




 Tootsie came into rescue as her owners were moving and the landlord refused to allow Tootsie to go into the rented accommodation with her family. A very sweet, loving 5 year old bitch, Tootsie has been rehomed to Michael and Katherine, who absolutely adore her. She has really landed on her soft little paws!