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HONEY 2 (December)

Dear little Honey, who came into rescue at the tender age of 8 months, has been rehomed to Mike, Nicky and Brett. Honey came into rescue as her owners had emigrated, and didn't really care where she ended up. Nicky and Mike have recently lost Elsa, at 13 years old. She was a huge part of all the RRT events, laying on her blanket surveying the scenery and generally being a fabulous ambassador for the breed. We thank them for choosing to have another dog, in memory of Elsa. We will all miss her, but know that Nicky, Mike and most of all Brett will have a lot of fun with Honey, now called Holly.

ARCHIE (December)

 Archie, who came into rescue as his owners had 4 children and could not cope, has gone to live with Lee and Amanda, who have had three rottweilers before. He has settled in nicely, and loves his cuddles and walks.



 Honey, who along with Womble her brother, came into rescue as their owner had a long term illness, has been rehomed to Steph and Marvin and family, who took Marmite at the start of the year. Honey is getting on very well with Marmite, but like most bitches it seems likely that she will eventually be the boss. She adores the kids, and loves her new family.

WOMBLE (December) Now Ted 

 Womble(Ted)  the 9 month old boy who came in with his sister, Honey, has been rehomed to James and Diana. He has settled in very well with their lab x Lola, who I am sure will keep him in his place. Ted enjoys walks on the beach, and being the centre of attention. He will hopefully fill the gap in Diana and James's life after the sad departure of their old rott male.

Update 30.12.11.  Ted and Lola are now great pals, although she of course rules the roost!  Despite his puppy antics, everyone who visits - young and old -  loves Ted, and he has become a real member of the family.  



Little Dennis, who came back into care as his recall was not good, at the age of 8 months, has been rehomed to Nicky and her daughter Amy. Dennis also lives with a cat. Nicky is so in love with this little lad, who is so full of character and fun. She is attending our training classes, and has called him Hugo - because he is the boss! 

BUZZ (December)


Our lovely Buzz, who came into rescue almost a year ago, has finally been rehomed after some false starts. Not the easiest dog in the world, this young lad has really fallen on his feet with his experienced owners. Buzz originally came into rescue as his owner was moving back in with her Mum, and could not keep Buzz. At that time he was 7 months old - easy to rehome, you would think. We rehomed Buzz and he came back into care after two months due to shadow chasing and food aggression (neither of which we had seen whilst he was in kennels) He was then rehomed, but was found straying twice, so we got him back. He is now with Mac and Ruth, who are extremely experienced rott owners, and who have the time and patience to work with this affectionate buffoon of a dog. Although he is shadow chasing, he shows no sign of food aggression and is completely clean in the house. He loves a cuddle, and enjoys his crafty nap on the sofa. Mac and Ruth adore him. At last, a happy ending for Buzz.

VISA (November)


Visa, who came into rescue, aged 14 months, due to a relationship breakdown, has been rehomed to Pat and Michelle. Not an easy dog, Visa was extremely nervous when she came into rescue, and was still very nervous when she went to Pat and Michelle on foster. However, they have worked very hard with her, and she is now settled and very happy. Visa is now Bella, and she comes to our training class, where she is making really good progress. Michelle and Pat had recently lost their RRT bitch Roxy from cancer, and we do hope that Bella/Visa has helped to fill the gap in their home.



Ken has been rehomed to Joanne and John, who have Dora, a rottie bitch who was from RRT about three years ago. They also have 6 cats, and Ken is very good with them. Ken was a stray of about 18 months old, and so there was no real history with him, but boy, has he been a super dog to know. Joanne and John are very pleased with their new boy.

 Update December 2011  -

We have just received this email from Joanne:

Merry Christmas to you all,

We wanted to email you with updates about the stunning Henry, known as Kenny.

At the beginning of November we lost our beloved Barney, quite suddenly.  It left the entire household quite wretched.  Dora, previously RRT dog, refused to eat and had no interest in life unless when out for walks and meeting other dogs.  Just to add that walking Barney occured at 3am when no other dogs would upset him, (didnt like any other dogs).  In a way it became a new lease of life for A Dora Ble but she needed company.  Although we were so very sad that Barney had gone we decided we needed to consider looking into finding a friend for Dora.  We contacted RRT and Shelley said that as we had 6 cats there wasnt any rottie that could come to us at the time.  We thought this meant we would have to wait til the New Year, which was fine.  We left our info with Shelley.  A couple of days later we were driving up to RRT with Dora in our rottie mobile.  Kenny was a possiblity although Shelley wasn't sure how he would be with cats.  An hour later we were driving back with Kenny, now Henry with Dora and it was a pleasant drive, he was curious at everything and behaved very well. 

When we arrived home we braced ourselves for hair to fly and hissing from all 6 cats.  As it was, 2 cats were lounging on the sofa and gave Henry a sideways glance and went back to sleep, they have never known a home with no Rotties, so they were not bothered.  Henry, gave them a sniff and moved on.  About an hour later it was dinner time and then it all kicked off, Henry reacted to 6 squeaky fluffy 'toys'.  We had already put up a gate so the cats were able to escape but they all looked horrified that this dog was not behaving as expected, 'respect the cat and keep your nose'.  After a week of 'No!, 'Leave!' and 'Stay' and lots of reassurance and treats, Henry gave up and the cats started to approach him and rub themselves over him.  He looks somewhat shocked but goes with it and has never shown any aggression towards them.  In fact peace reigns and they have got his nose once, looks like it worked. 

So after the cats, we needed to see how Henry would cope with other dogs.  Shelley had said he was fine with bitches.  To cut a long story short, Henry is fantastic with other dogs, in fact he will allow them to take his ball, I guess he knows we wont let the other dog run away with it......he trusts us.  Dora has only refused food once but she did have an upset stomach.  They play well together and walking the pair of them is so relaxing.  We are so used to being ready for other dogs, cattle, horses, (with Barney), that for a week we braced still.  His only thing is food which with time is calming down, he is very trainable and eager to learn.  He loves his squeaky tennis balls and a mini rugby ball we bought on the way home.  He gives in to Dora when it comes to tug of war but that suits Dora, she seems to enjoy being top dog.

We wanted to say thank you for letting us bring Henry home, we have always taken on the unknown and after having 6 rotties in our lives, they have all got something that is workable.  We just give them time and love and some training and go with it and in return we are given heaps of love and loyalty.  Henry has been no different except to say, why oh why did someone let this beautiful, trainable, fun lovng, gentle soul out the door and not want him back.  It has not made any sense but then I guess RRT get that a lot. 

Christmas is coming and we got ours early with Henry and we know that Barney would totally approve.  Barney left a huge void and Henry's paws definitely fit.  He can never replace Barney but he brings new life, new experiences and has definitely made his mark here.  He is up at 8 am for breakfast, loves having the hairdryer after his baths, (not keen on that bit, but suffers silently).  Henry loves his walks and loves to meet others, four leggeds or two leggeds.  An absolute joy in our lives.  Dora approves too.

On that note I will stop waffling and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Woofs and paws from Henry, Dora, Jon and Jo and the 6 cats and 2 teenagers

BIG TED (November)


Big Ted  came into us as a stray. He is a lovely boy of 2 or 3 years old. He came in rather overweight and with an old leg injury. He is no longer lame having received short term treatment. As many of our "regulars" will know, we lost our old boy, Byron last month. Big Ted had been in our care for four months, with no interest in him. Debbie, one of our helpers, started a "free the Big Ted" campaign! She felt he would be right for us.We have brought him home where he is settling in well with the three girls, Polly, Cleo and Duchess - he really is a hen pecked husband with those three! He loves everyone he meets, has a happy smile and is still attending the Sunday training class, where he is learning some manners and basic obedience very quickly. He is such a character! We both love him to bits.



MOLLY (November)


Molly, the 18 month old bitch who came into care as her owner's landlord would not allow dogs in the property, has been rehomed to Mel and Geoff, who are experienced rottweiler owners. She is settling in very well, and is attending training classes with us every Sunday. Mel and Geoff say she is very good, but very energetic!