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SAUSAGE (February)

 Sausage, who was a stray of about 6 months old, has been rehomed to Jon and Heather, who also have a lovely 7 year old rescue rott, Bruno. Jon says Sausage, who is now called Sky, has settled in very well. Bruno is keeping her in her place though!

Below are a couple of photos of Sky and Bruno enjoying their walk.




RITA (February)

The lovely Rita, who at 6 years old was left behind in a yard has found her loving home at last! Jackie and Neville, who are experienced rott owners and who were fostering Rita, have fallen for her charms and have asked to keep her. Neville says his "pumpkin" has such a beautiful temperament, and does nothing wrong at all! However, I understand that Rita does sneak upstairs if she can! Rita's diet is progressing at a steady rate, and Neville joins in the training classes - Rita only comes for the treats she gets whilst training!


BARBIE (February)


Barbie, who was found in an alleyway having had pups, and in terrible condition, has been rehomed to Colin and Paul, who recently lost their old RRT dog. Barbie, at 15 months old, has way more energy than their last dog - so long walks are the order of the day!


ERNIE (January)

3 year old Ernie, who came into care as his owner was moving into a specially converted property and was unable to take Ernie with her, has been rehomed to Val and Norman, who are experienced rottie owners. Ernie comes to training classes every Sunday, so we still have the pleasure of his cheeky face! Norman says that everyone who looked at our site and passed Ernie by really don't know what they missed!


Hi Peter & Shelley.
 Just a few words on Ernie, he has now been with us for a month and has settled in very well, in fact at times it feels as though he has always been with us he is doing so well.  Ernie is a very laid back boy who loves his groceries, going for walks, rides in the car and lots of cuddles. He has made himself completely at home in the house and has not attempted to climb on the sofas or go up stairs even without a stair gate in place. He can be trusted not to steal food left out and is not phased by vacuum cleaners or mops & brooms, in fact I have seen Val vacuum around him!!!
If we were to compile a list of qualities we would like in a dog then Ernie ticks all the boxes and we feel very fortunate to have found him. To anyone thinking of taking on a rescue dog its not all doom & gloom as our experiences with Ernie have shown.
I  have attached some photos as promised.
Thanks Peter & Shelley
Norman & Val.


PHOEBE (January)



Poor little Phoebe came into rescue at the tender age of 6 months, having already had several homes. Phoebe has been rehomed to Marlene and Tony, who are experienced rottie owners. They love her already  (who wouldn't) and say she has already settled in very well. This is what they have written :

We just wanted to let you know that Flo (Phoebe) has settled in really well. She is so eager to please and ready with a wagging tail. When we first got her home she was reluctant to get on the car, but after driving her to a local park twice a day she now knows what walks mean and will even get in and out by herself. She has reduced the amount of times she goes up the stairs. Having been told no constantly she now waits for us at the bottom. She has stopped crying at night( after only two) but will cry outside the toilet when we go in there! She has met all our friends dogs and has got on well without exception. She still won't go to the toilet out so however long her walk is she still poops as soon as she gets back to the garden. I think that will stop once she is left to run off the lead. She walks well on the lead and is quite obedient. The children love her and we are SO pleased with her. Thank you so much for letting us be her mum and dad.

ALBIE (January)




Albie, the 2 year old male who was found wandering and came into our care very underweight and nervous, has now been placed in a loving forever home. He is settling in extremely well. Our thanks to the kind people who took him into their hearts. he is living happily with a couple of cats, too!

This is what Rob and Sharon have written about their new boy!

After a couple of days marking his territory in the house, Albie has settled in really well. He only barked for 5 minutes on the first night, then fell asleep and was soon  snoring! He and our 12 year old black and tan girl, Saffron, are best of friends, they are always together. He gets on well with our 5 cats and is very gentle with them. Albie is such a loving, gentle soul and we feel very blessed that we can give him a forever home. He is gradually putting on weight and today we had to loosen his collar as it was getting a little snug! It’s a real pleasure getting up in the mornings as we always get lots of Albie bear hugs! He has excellent basic commands, but we will not be letting him off his lead until he has been with us a while. We would like to say a massive thank you to Lorraine and Rottweiler Rescue Trust for introducing us to this handsome young man. We love him to bits.

Rob, Sharon & Aislin

SAMSON (January)

 Samson was the subject of a cruelty case. He was signed over to another animal charity, and kept at a boarding kennel. That Charity had decided that due to his general condition and his age, they would not attempt to rehome him and have him put to sleep. One of the kennel maids who had fallen for his loving, sociable personality contacted RRT, and he came to us just prior to Christmas.  Samson aged 9 was not in the best of health when he arrived. He visited the vet and had a thorough check over, and it appeared he had a neurological disorder, although he was not in pain.  Any prospective person considering taking in this lovely boy was warned that he was likely to live maybe a few months rather than years.

Peter and Shelley fostered him over the Christmas period and his general condition and mobility was improving. He even joined in the Boxing Day festivities at the Kennels, meeting lots of people and really enjoying himself. 



Duncan and Sarah who are supporters of RRT saw Samon's story and offered him a home with their dog Budd.

Sam has come on leaps and bounds in his new  surroundings, and he is at last enjoying life.

Duncan and Sarah have written -

Sam is settling in well. He's an amazingly happy dog with so much affection. He's met lots of people and dogs of all sizes and has been  friendly with everyone.
Sam & Budd have bonded well. Budd put him in his place a few times on the first day and since then we've had no problems. Sam doesn't want any trouble, he just doesn't always know the rules. A serious look or little growl from Budd is now enough for Sam to get the hint.
We've been surprised at how much energy Sam has, clearly someone forgot to tell him he's an old dog with wobbly legs! We didn't think we'd have the problem of being pulled out of the front door. The energy has been rubbing off on Budd too. Instead of two sensible senior dogs quietly snoozing in a corner, at times it's more like two overgrown puppies charging about.
We'll let you know how he gets on.

Thank you Duncan, Sarah and Budd for giving this special old gentleman such a caring and loving home.